Curabel Campaign Hexcrawl Rules Cheat Sheet

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Base Chance of Random Encounters

  • The party will have an encounter on a roll of 5-6 on a d6
  • A five indicates an encounter with one of the hexes special features (or clues to its existence if encountering it makes no sense in the situation)
  • A six indicates a wandering monster encounter (use the next table to determine what is encountered)

How Often to Check for Random Encounters


Alternate Method for Determining Random Encounter Type

roll 2d6 (Civilized Area) or 2d4 (Wilderness)# Unique location or feature of the hex (if it makes sense; re-roll if not).

  1. Encounter between two hostile predators (monster fight).
  2. Alpha predator (territorial) (monster; near lair). 
  3. Beta predators (hunting) (monsters; looking for prey). 
  4. Pest (monster[s]; scavenging). 
  5. Landmark or clue pointing toward an adventure location (or toward #2 & #12).
  6. Humanoids travelling toward a settlement (check reaction).
  7. Humanoids busy doing something (check reaction).
  8. Humanoids in refuge, camp or small settlement (check reaction).
  9. Humanoid needing or offering help.
  10. Unique location or feature of the hex (helpful but can be dangerous).

Determining Distance of Random Encounter

  • If applicable, roll for surprise
  • Roll 6d4 for distance in yards (3ft to 1yrd); subtract surprise roll if successful
    • Scrub -1 on all rolled 3s and 4s; Forest/Jungle -1 on all rolls; Marsh -1 on all 2s, 3s, and 4s

When to Roll for Becoming Lost in Hexcrawl

  • Always when in an unknown/explored hex without landmark or road/path
  • Never while following path or major river (small tributary do not count)
  • If landmark obscured when traveling to it in unknown terrain
  • Never in mapped/known territory unless special circumstances (storm, fleeing, etc.)
  • Only in unusual circumstances with knowledgeable guide (storm, fleeing, etc.)
  • Never with knowledgeable ranger

Chance of Becoming Lost in Hexcrawl

  • If moving into area previously mapped, the party will realize their error the next day
  • If moving into a new area, roll again to see if they remain lost the second day