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Magic Systems

Name Description Color
Ancient (Pre-Invasion) Magic The characters have encountered a handful of enchanted items and magical effects that do not seem dependent on the manipulation of trans-spatial energy via DVL intervention. A number of these instances of a more primal magic were associated with human warrior queens known as the "Four Matriarchs"; their memory is kept alive by an order of ascetics living on a mountain in the Mikhel Peaks of Curmidden. No color since it is native.
Blood Moon Magic This Type of magic consists of a few factors:
  1. the cycle of the Moons
  2. The use of sacrificial Blood or Wounding ones self
  3. Wounding ones self with the Glyph of the Magic Spell. || No color since it is native.
Earth Magic This type of Magic Consists of Summoning or Breaking through To the Earth elemental gods. Once contacted a trade can be made:
  1. sacrifice of a living being for a one time spell or choice to imbue an item with the same amount of magic.
  2. Summoning of the Dark Earth elemental Gods that come through to the prim material plane. and closing off the portal to capture part of the God itself ,leaving behind the magic stone of the gods body || It has a grayish color.
Winter King Magic Powered by the Great Storm on the Winter King's home world. The party learned that they can power relearning spells (AD&D magic) when near a portal to another world and draw it to them. Much like they re-charged the god stones at Jager's and then the portal to the Winter King at the center of Lolth's web. Ancient Dwarven batteries also can be re-charged, but it is risky. Two aspects: elemental nature and healing;

transmutation of elements to create fire energy || It has a white color.

Dragon Magic Resides in their blood. These are innately magical creatures. It has a red color.
Portal at Jager's tower This portal goes to the world of Jager's counterpart. It has a bluish color.
DVL Magic DVL magic works by coercing, trapping, or getting a DVL to volunteer (Tik Tok) to effect magic. Spells and items can be powered. It has a blue color.
Name Description Color
Name Description Color

Technological Systems

Name Description
Calendar Tenrilden, Laurilden, Denrilden, Anurilden, Galrilden, Faurilden, Jorilden, Tanrilden, Holiday Week, Masrilden, Onrilden, Senrilden, Nonrilden
Dwarven (Standard) Magic Spells and enchantments are enabled by enslaved extra-dimensional beings called DVLs (devils) who manipulate the trans-spatial energy needed to create magical effects. The Artificial Intelligence that ran the orbital space station XenoTel controlled these enslaved beings, translating the vocalizations and gestures of those on the planet below into commands. Enchanted items gained their power by having DVLs chained to them. Sometimes this system caused DVLs to go insane, with those succumbing to madness being called Daemons (Demons).
Dog Froth Drug sold by the underworld. First encountered in the prior campaign. It is a greenish powder. It was found among the stores of Bogfunk's Mycelian gang in Session 67. The party destroyed it.
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