Log of Campaign Quests (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Major Quests

Description Location Status Notes
Restore Magic to Curabel Curabel In Progress Possible Leads:
  • Hidden Wall Paintings in Matriarch's Tomb (mountain peak north of Old Greybeard; Plateau (Xen'Khel?); Across the Ocean)
  • Blood Magic (Matriarch's Daughters in Montoa; Mine cart facility in Underdark)
  • Stone God (Planar being associated with elementals)
  • DVL Magic (Contract with mysterious patron; Lolth; Asmodeus)
  • Winter King (Undead; Magical traps)
Expel DVL Invasion Curabel In Progress Notable issues:
  • Giant portal to City of Brass in space
  • DVLs roaming the surface world
  • Yellow-hatted DVL propositioning party
  • Lolth in the Underdark; Outsider that helped capture Vikram (Yellow-Hat DVL?)
Recover Infinite Spider Box from Drow Vilgram Success Stolen from Caverns of Dead; back in party's possession

Side Missions

Description Location Status Notes
Inform Em of Aubrey Grotecop's death Crescent Island In Progress Em last seen heading to dwarven stronghold of Dun'Khel on Crescent Island
Rescue Vikram from Jherlana Thule and the Drow Vilgram In Progress Vikram last seen in Vilgram serving Jherlana Thule (bound to her ring)
Investigate attack on Lungmold's village Malgrim Success The village was destroyed by an Aboleth as part of its spawning process
Return Aubrey Grotecop to Em Crescent Island In Progress Aubrey was killed by Remorhaz in the crypt of the Winter King's Seneschal. But he was raised when the Winter King returned. He is now a fugitive/traitor to the Winter King.
Reclaim village of Montoa Montoa, Curmidden Success Party defeated Shemmite warriors and left refugees in village with Bavmorda
Return to Montoa for sacred vessles Montoa, Curmidden Success Shaman Keliha of Montoan Village was going to craft clay vessels for the party that may be able to carry the healing waters of their lake