Session Eighty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 89, April 6 2022



We continue at 6AM on the 11th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party casting off aboard the Jaunty Jade with Captain Vishnik, an orc from Armada who had been waiting to pounce on the party's acquiantances aboard the Bronze Wizard. Druul's connection to the floating pirate city, though, has smoothed out that problem and the group can now continue on their way to the Inquisitorial Library on the mainland. Will there be digressions and distractions? Indubitably.

Larry's Summary

Most of party is in the portal.

Velkin, Jardin (Bobork), Druul, Kauri, & Oskar aboard the *Jaunty Jade*

Those on ship mention the need to stop at Watcher's Island to deliver a message to potential to three Imperial ships. This is accepted and they give a general letter to Captain Vishnik and he suggests presenting to Council of Admirals. Vishnek will have to ransom Druul as a matter of course.

Prixithalma shows up and Khelratha escorts her to the embassy. She tells us to only tell Azrael what she says is OK to share.

Prix looks at the nanocarbon book's copy and will need time to dig into it.

Khelratha waits until the fourth pylon is ready and helps place them. Jax comes out and does not lose his spells. Khelratha suggests that Jax make a circlet to help keep his spells. Jax decides he can coat an automaton with nanocarbon so it can leave the embassy.

Khelratha goes back and tells Lungmold and the others what is going on.

Lungmold finishes his zombie army then he Raynarth and Tyriol go see the Winter King. Lungmold elevates Tyriol to his Seneschal. The Winter King gives Lungmold his snowflake necklace back so he can listen in.

Sir Firthold mentions that the Sizek Jagartha is now preaching against us.

Velkin Scrolls 54 - Session 89

6:00am, Denrilden 11

00.00000.09.20 Apocalypse Clock

A group of us travel aboard the Jaunty Jade (about 60 sailors) towards where Jardin thinks there should be 3 Imperial ships awaiting future orders. Myself as Frank, Jardin as BobOrc, And as Themseleves: Kauri, Oskar and the star of our current act, Druul, the son of an Armadan Admiral. Druul says the ship looks like it’s being run pretty ship shape.

Captain Vishnik and his First Mate Crensh give us one of the cabins, it’s a bit tight, but with the Portal, it isn’t a real issue.

We speak with Captain Vishnik and learn the admirals are concerned about the DVL’s and we ask to be taken to Watchers Isle. We pass on one of are letters to him. We join the sewing circle and sing shanties for a day. I don’t think sailing is part of the makeup of Drow. This ship stuff isn’t that great.

It rains the next morning and while Druul, and Jardin sit under cover sewing, I give my hand at swabbing the deck… might be worse than sewing. Another minus to ship life…

We dine with the Captain and discuss various things, hear of a one eyed lady coming to Armada.

I’m going to help with something called a Spar tomorrow…. Maybe it’ll be better than sewing or swabbing? 8 more days to Watcher’s Isle… Lloth help me...

Second hand notes of the goings on in The Underdark:

Prixithalma , Former Consult to the Dragon Emperor, appears from the Xhen Khel portal in Azreal’s study. She says she’ll filter what we learn through her to Azreal. Advises us not to report to him directly. Khelratha and her commisurate on being the weapons being weilded. They head to the Embassy. She was resurrected by Azreal. Advises that the Winter Elves won’t make good allies, they’re fighting the Silence now.

Embassy: Itherialma, Borthan and Alisceon are there with Philomanthraxis who’s furnishing the dragonfire. They’re creating pylons with runes infused with Itherialma’s blood. They are about to test their effectiveness. Prix is intrigued by the math book and goes into full on research mode.

Dampfoot informs us of a messenger from the Porter’s guild for Lungmold and a lady gnome for Druul.

The experiment with the pylons works and extends the Embassy’s protection. Jax is ecstatic that it works, and Khelratha’s just glad nothing exploded...

Work begins on modifying the system to work on an Automaton.

Back in the Web – Lungmold tends his Fungal Zombie horde… some are missing fingers and Forcas looks all innocent. 36 zombies arise to fungal life. Lungmold, Raynarth and Tryiol go to the Winter King through a 2nd portal in the Citadel that leads to the Front with the Silence.

Draft is in 3 days, the Cizek Jagartha is preaching against us.

Lungmold informs the Winter King of the Embassy’s progress. He’s to recover a copy of the plans for the pylons and a copy of the Math book. But not to let the party know. DVL’s are helping the Silence so things are slow going. Requests that Lungmold kidnaps a dragon to help with working the Nanocarbon. Raynarth and Lungmold get snowflakes. Ears for the Winter King.