Session Eighty-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 81, February 9 2022



We continue at 12:20AM on the 4th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party split in two groups: on the surface of Curmidden, Velkin and Jardin have stopped to explore a mysterious cottage by a lake where there was once an imperial outpost; meanwhile, in Malgrim, the rest of the party works to defuse the unrest amongst the deep gnomes and secure Lungmold's stronghold/embassy ...

Larry's Summary

We drop off the kittens at the embassy. We go to Sir Firthold and Maggot was there. Maggot is on board with Firthold. We learn from Firthold that the Silence collected all those magic items for veneration and the freed DVLs did not try to destroy them and are helping them with the Winter King. Thus the draft in Malgrim is about to start. Khelratha wants to Kill the Sizek Ygna Villems who is responsible for the death of Thorfus Ironhand. Kehlratha also wants to kill the Sizek Jgartha who he thinks is responsible for the death of the alchemist. We go to the giant automaton which is the temple and come upon a service on the bridge outside the door into the body of the automaton, already in progress and wait until it is over. Lungmold asks the priest for an audience with the Sizek Jagartha and the priest asks if we are the ones present at the meeting with the clan leaders. When Lungmold says yes, he leads us in and asks the Sizek Jagartha to come down. The Sizek Jagarthat comes down and says that he can get a message to the resistance and talks about trouble and not believing the DVLs are a threat. Lungmold attempts to use hallucinogenic spores on him, but he saves. The head priest and his assistant win initiative, but there were enough of us to block the door. Ozkar and Tyrial tried to subdue the assistant priest, Jagartha Taman but he gets the door open and yells assassins! The Sizek Jagartha tries to run up the stairs and Khelratha charges and grapples him yelling that we are protecting him from the assassins. Jagartha Taman is subdued and the door closed, and people on the bridge scream when they see it.

Velkin Scrolls 48 - Session 81

12am, Denrilden 4

00.00000.09.27 Apocalypse Clock

Aboveground: We surmise that only smaller animals are affected by the wards around the cemetery. The Cemetery is from the Imperial Invasion, an Imperial cemetery. It’s an important location here at the site of the tunnel underground.

I turn visible and introduce myself to the lady of the hut and keep the door open so Jardin can enter and observe. She’s a very, very, very old elven woman. Solanna. I introduce myself as Harris. She keeps an eye on the villagers and keeps them from disturbing the Sky Serpents of Ixchat Lake and watches the old cemetery.

She ‘worked’ for the empire, I don’t push that subject as I don’t really want to know what she had to do for them. She decided to stay after they were repelled. She warns against disturbing the wards and talks of a ‘Flesh Undead’ writing runes and things all over the inside of the large mausoleum. He’s crazy she says.

I partake of her hospitality and the stew is good. She’s wary, but not unfriendly.

The feathered serpents are friendly, a couple months ago, there is an evil that awakened inside the old Imperial fortress there. She warns us away from them as they’ve got baby feathered serpents they’re protecting and will probably try and get someone to go into the fortress to get rid of the evil so there’s no problems for their offspring. She says they can be persuasive, best not to bother them.

Malgrim Billi’s Aunts: Primila Nanchak – Undermarket Aunt Sybille Nanchak – Embassy Aunt

Lucifer begrudgingly accepts the kittens with some prodding by Lungmold.

Lungmold talks with Sir Ferthold discussing the Czik’s. Maggot is there and is on board with supporting the occupation.

The Silence front isn’t going great. The Winter King’s pulled a lot of Ferthold’s manpower from Malgrim. The Silence has DVL’s on their side, when they were released, many stayed as the creepy creatures worshiped them and the DVL’s are working together with them.

Ferthold says he’s barely got enough manpower to control the city, relying more and more on the Higeki guards and we must be careful not to provoke any further insurrection. Lungmold will talk to the Czik Jagartha.

The party heads towards the Czik Jagartha’s automaton and demands an audience. Things go poorly and Lungmold goes to spore the Czik, not being successful creates a panic in Taman, his assistant who opens the doors shouting Assassins! They both are grappled….