Session Eighty-Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 87, March 23 2022



We continue at 8:30AM on the 8th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with Velkin and Jardin traveling over the ocean towards Serpent's Tooth Island; after the ambush by sahaugin, they intend to fly straight through for two days until they reach the next island with a settlement. Meanwhile, the rest of the party prepares for Itherialma's arrival and the Dragon Emperor's check-in -- except for Ranarth, who volunteers for a trip to Malgrim to ask Sir Ferthold for help and to check in at the embassy to see if Bogfunk has delivered any healing potions ingredients ...

Larry's Summary

Khelratha & Lambertus wait at the portal for the Dragon Emperor.

Forcas waits for Ithirialma at the Malgrim portal and checks out Lungmold's fungal army and takes a small sample.

Ithirialma removes the book and they have a copy. Gives Kauri the original book & gestures for Forcas to lead on.

2nd in command, Bili, came back with some success. Not as much nanocarbon as you did and the creature that helped them do it. Penned, it eats metal. It is in a wooden cage. The rust monster was needed to recover nanocarbon.

Ithirialma goes down the tunnel, and says, "Hello?" Khelratha gruffly says, "Yeah, he's not here yet."

She is OK to wait.

Asks Kehlratha ever found Villems.


Druul & Ceres are waiting for Raynarth to come back.

Around Noon, there is finally an unraveling at the end of the tunnel where Khelratha, Lambrertus, Forcas, and Ithirialma are waiting. It is Philomanthraxis.

Khelratha asks where's the boss? Philomanthraxis motions to his ear & like is it save to come through. Lord Azrael is occupied at the moment.

Khelratha gives a simple explanation that we need a dragon to shape the nanocarbon.

Ithirialma explains it in detail.

Khelratha complains about fish lizards (sahuagin).

Good news on their end. Lady Prixithalma is back.

Great! Khelratha says that she needs to come look at this math.

Pris and Azrael are working out "issues."

She blames Lord Azrael for her centuries of imprisonment.

Devil Fish told us of a prophet of Lysander speaking across the darkness.

Portal closed and can't relay more information back to Azrael.

Kehlratha offers to go with them to the embassy to explain things more succinctly.

Druul comes along.

Lambertus stays behind to keep an eye on the injured.

Druul, Forcas, Khelrathat, Ithirialma, & Philomanthraxis go to the embassy.

Druul asks Ceres to watch over Lungmold.

Ithirialma asks for an escort to the embassy.

Khelratha makes a sad attempt to teach Druul the "Ballad of Xenilum Khel."

A voice in the plaza shouts out, "Hear year 500 gnomes to present at the Higeki citadel..."

Most people appear to ignore the announcement.

Arrive at the citadel, Higeki guards on duty.

Mycelian guards lower a rope.

Terrace is crowded with nanocarbon machines, rails, & a wooden cage with a rust monster.

Khelratha asks, "What is that thing? That's the weirdest thing I ever saw."

Dragons mention need for a blind to obscure what they are doing.

Khelratha stomps into the embassy shouting for Bili and also saying Dedicated Virtual Lifeform.

Bili to get cloth or leather or something to do the job.

Visitor dropped off supplies Lungmold requested.

That other fella's here, Raynarth? Eating.

Sizek Jagartha had a change of heart and is in favor of recruitment to fight The Silence because of an assasination attempt.

The lottery will be the moment of truth.

Raynarth comes out chowing down on something. Excellent! Everything is fine here!

Shouts back, Cybil, excellent soup. Bogfunk kept up his end of the bargain, a bunch of herbs for Kauri.

Ithirialma gently suggests Khelratha really doesn't need to stay.

Khelratha suggests that it is really important to get the cloth. Bili goes off to get it, and will have it delivered.

Khelratha mentioned jewelers and etching and small scribing.

Druul pulls out the set of tools he found, and Ithirialma said that these will be excellent for the test.

Druul leaves all the tools at the embassy.

Khelratha puts on his Platinum Circlet and makes the automaton dance and Druul plays a tune.

Cybil, Azra, Lucifer, and some of the kittens are peeking in from the Kitchen.

Cybil claps and says excellent, masg ter Druul, you can charm machines.

Cybil offers soup. Khelratha says that fresh soup is good. My mother said a hot meal can cure all kinds of ills. Then he breaks down into blubbering.

Khelratha drones on and one about his mother's dead and it's his fault and starts naming all the dwarves he's ever known. One name Axel comes up.

Druul asks Raynarth if any news from the Winter King. Raynarth spoke to Sir Firthold about reinforcements due to problems with the cannon.

Druul suggests we need to leave.

Khelratha gets up, and turns around like nothing's wrong and thanks Cybil for the soup.

S/B ten portions of healing herbs from Bogfunk.

Town crier still there with message seeking volunteers.

Druul asks Winter Elves in honor guard about news from the front wiht the Winter King. Officially all is OK but The Silence proving much more skilled foe than our king anticipated.

A few gnomes to volunteer at the citadel.

c. 4:00 PM checking in with Velkin. The only thing he had to mention is a pod of dolphins swimming. Seemed as if following after Jardin.

Kauri confirms that there are ten portions in the pouch, and there's the extra healing ingredient. D6+4 for these ten potions.

Druul concentrates on the broken gym, playing and thinks about one of the Mothers.

Velkin reports rain, and he has had it.

9th of Denrilden.

Druul wanders towards the portal to Malgrim where Forcas is and starts on a new tune.

Raynarth tells Lungmold he delivered the message to Sir Firthold. Any special intructions from the Winter King. Generally he is still happy with us, and our previous instructions still stand.

Raynarth told Sir Firthold about the book to pass it along. We've gotta go get Borthan when the time comes.

Firthold, apparently the Winter King wanted us to know that we should play our cards close to our vest when it comes to these Dragon Emperor people.

Raynarth has a plan & says he should be the one to take it back to the Winter King. I know everyone thinks I'm kind of a joke. I've learned in some situations, looking the fool, people will underestimate you. I don't know how well I can get the books away from them, I can slip off and no one notice I was gone and make sure it gets to the Winter King.

Firthold didn't have a snowball, but Raynarth will check back next time he's in Malgrim.

3 pm the 9th Velkin reports that Jardin has spotted the island with a small settlement and Jardin is looking forward to getting some rest.

Khelratha suggested that we go through and have a watch so they can rest. Velkin & Jardin will approach the settlement after dark. If any come through, do so before approach the village.

There is a settlement on the East coast of the island. They will land North of the village and head down to it. They don't seem to be as terrified as the last island.

A much more lively place.

Khelratha and Druul will go with Velkin and Jardin to help take watches so that they can rest, & Ceres too.

Khelratha asks about the cover story Velkin mentioned to Lungmold.

Heading to Serpent's Tooth and shipwrecked, stopped to get some food and water, and tomorrow we'll get back in our boat. We'll get back in the portal before sunrise.

Khelratha & Druul walk up and Kehlratha says, ahoy there in the camp!

Khelratha spins a tale of on a ship heading to Serpent's Tooth. Half orc, where are you from. When I was born, I was put into slavery.I can only make my liviing as a bard.

Khelratha says, It's true, but he doesn't know the Ballad of Xenilum Khel.

The guards scoop Druul along and are excited to have a bard and introduce him to the group. Shipwreck, no survivor's, it's ok.

Chief Kiuga of the Dhampne village.

Drink, eat, rest, and if you feel up to it, we'd appreciate a song, bard.

Felaniko - The guard who walked us over.

The celebration, we toast our protectors, the gods. Which gods? The gods of fire and air who protect us from the dangers of this great sea.

Druul plays a sea shanty.

Velkin explores the village. Jardin waits to find out where we will be able to sleep.

First hut has two guards with basic talk of news and gossip.

Second hut has a man/acolyte praying before a statue. Murmuring comes from statue. Murmuring is irritating. Man rubs something on the statue and sound hurts his ears.

Felaniko points out the hut for our use, most people will be up until dawn anyway.

Khelratha asks somebody what the deal is with the fire and air, is that new? Lots of bad things happening lately. Powerful protectors. The New Priest has real power. The old priest couldn't do anything anymore, gods abandoned him, so it's good we found somebody new.

Velkin relays to Druul thorugh Lungmold what he has found.

Khelratha asks so what's with the celebration? Celebrating the power of the new protector. Been given victory over some of the creatures that bother us from the water. This time the fish people? They live under the water and occasionally give us trougle Our new priest and protectors we gave them a good thrashing.

Kehlratha also asks, if there is any new from Serpent's Tooth or elsewhere?

Serpent's Tooth, yeah, not recent. Last we had word from them, they seemed to be doing alright, having issues with food. Used to rely on adventuring types coming in, I think they were going to start rationing food. They don't fish or grow their own, they rely on outsiders and the stuff they bring in.

We're fine, we don't get many visitors. Even before the light in the sky, we never relied on others. Over at Serpent's Tooth, they don't know how to do things without ships coming in all the time. Other around agree.

The first said, maybe we'll send some others over there to bring word, maybe it will help them. Bring some of those there to learn about their new religion.

Khelratha suggest that since they're heading over towards Serpent's Tooth tomorrow, perhaps they can tell the people there that they have a new religion and they might want to come here to check it out.

They are escorted to the hut, and Khelratha keeps watch until morning. Druul grabs two plates and two ales.

One of the beds seems to have someone in it already. Jardin....

Khelratha first watch, loud, lots of partying. Uneventful watch.

Druul second watch. He takes his watch outside. A bunch of people outside the hut like an audience. Too far to hear what is said. Figure in doorway talking down to them.

Druul sloshes over with an ale like he's drunk, leaning up against a tree.

Figure is a youngish man with a shaved head. Not quite the same look as the other villagers. Talking about the lords of air and fire and extolling their virtues and how much they've done for the village.

Of Course, to do these great deeds, the lords need to eat. Druul tries to look past the priest to see the statue. There is just enough light

Lo and behold, the lords have brought a feast for them washed up on our shores. Druul stumbles back to the hut. They're sleeping now, they won't feel a thing.

Druul opens the door, Velkin, Khelratha... We gotta go.

Velkin opens the portal, Ceres, Velkin, & Druul hop in. Jardin wants to belch acid on them, we convince him to leave.

Voices back towards the temple area are lowder. Jardin transforms and he and Velkin fly away just as the mob of villagers head towards the hut.

The rain has finally stopped. Velkin is happy about that.