Session Fifty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 54, July 21 2021

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We continue at 6:00PM on the 20th of Laurilden with the party having finished a full day of helping the Montoans build defensive structures in preparation for an attack by orcs. So far, there has been no sign of any approaching enemy forces

Larry's Summary

Overnight 3 Daughters of the Matriarch patrol the village and we have our normal watch. In the second watch, Brendil and Will heard howling of wolves in the distance.

The next day we add more defenses in spite of the rain. Velkin sends his note through the portal and checks it every four hours. The second time he checked, he had a note in silvery script inviting him at his earliest convenience to the court of the Winter King.

A parrot comes and speaks to Ajax the Raven and tells him of a force larger than the village population along with some larger creatures.

We implement the plan to move the children to the shaman's hut, and the Orc, Nim is executed.

After nightfall we hear yells and drums to the East that last for about a half hour.

Then a force of orcs to the South rush the causeway lead by two giants. The Hizzou warriors move to intercept. Kauri cast haste on the party and some warriors. Felix cast bless on the party. Lambertus cast hold person on two orcs to limit the flow of orcs between the giants to the South.

The giants dropped some of them. A volley of arrows came down dropping some of the warriors of Hizzou and Montoa. Some were dragged into huts and their wounds bound.

Rallion shot at the giants and hit one and the poison dropped it.

Other arrow fire dropped some orcs. Kauri used lightning bolt and dropped a bunch of orcs. The next volley was smaller.

More orcs following a giant came from the East. Lungmold dropped that giant with an arrow with sleep poison. Some orcs fell in the pit, but the bulk avoided it. Several hasted party members rushed to fill the gap and dropped several orcs. Kauri cast web to help block that opening.

Velkin snuck behind the orcs to move in to take out the leader on that side.

We've dropped about 3 dozen orcs and lost more warriors from Hizzou and Montoa than could really be afforded.

We prepare to thin the orcs some more.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 25 – Session 54

Montoa’s attacked!

Laurilden 20, 6pm

Overnight the howling of wolves is heard in the distance.

We rush to add a few last defenses before the expected attack today.

We receive a reply written in silver ink on thick parchment from the Winter King, nothing from Master Enrilden.

To Velkin Herig Your presence is requested at the court of the winter king. Please come at your earliest convenience.

A parrot comes and warns us a force is approaching that is larger than the village population along with some larger creatures.

We move the kids to the shaman hut, and execute Nim.

After nightfall we hear drums to the East for about half hour.

We poison a number of arrows and spears, hoping to even the odds to a degree.

I go a scouting, nothing yet and return to the village.

A force attacks from the south, 2 ogres and a mess of orcs bearing crossbows. Kauri Hastes us and Felix gives us a Blessing, Lambertus catches 2 orcs with Hold Person slowing their advance.

Kauri lightning bolts a mass of orcs, about ½ the advancing unit from the south.

The orcs take their toll as well, and the Hizzou and Montoan warriors lose some of their ranks to arrow fire. Some were dragged to the huts to bind wounds and save them if the can.

Kauri webs to the east to slow that front’s advance.

I make my way Eastward looking for a leadertype to take down.

Some of the hasted warriors and party members block the advance from the East.