Session Fifty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 59, August 25 2021

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We continue at 8:00AM on the 23rd of Laurilden in the party's hut in Monta. The group has decided -- based on Lungmold's magic arrow -- that their next destination should be Hdrasta to confront One Horn. However, before they leave, they plan to partake of Borthan's astral projection tea and offer a deal to the DVLs trapped beneath the embassy in Malgrim ...

Larry's Summary

Lungmold, Kauri, and Druul drank the astral tea and found Tik Tok, who jumped on his clock, eager to get out of prison. They related that they had a contract. They spoke to a total of 7 DVLs about enchanting 7 items and signing a contract to bind them. The DVLs said 'No.' and jumped into the items and came back when the time expired and immediately those that successfully came back, a large one called Fenris, a bone devil, and a crab-like devil, and the yellow hat we met when we first left Old Greybeard, plus Tik Tok. All but Tik Tok jumped out of the items they rode out on and attacked.

Kauri was badly wounded and Druul was pinned by the bone devil. Velkin, Oskar, and Borthan fled in fear.

Yellow Hat touched Druul and sent him away.

Those who tried physical attacks failed. Kauri ran to the orc prisoners intending to do something to help the party in this fight.

Lambertus cast Dispel Evil and banished all, including Yellow Hat, but not the large ice devil Fenris.

Fenris disappeared before we could do more to him.

Those feared came to their senses before they got lost.

We wondered what to do about Druul, fearing he might be in the City of Brass.

Tik Tok tells us that Yellow Hat's boss is Mephistopheles, the number two to Asmodeus.

Geryon, who is trying to take over Curanost, is the boss of Fenris and the bone devils.

Druul finds himself near the lake being prodded by the horn of the now unicorn, Rallion. Rallion heards Druul to the lake to get healed, then directs him back to Montoa.

Lambertus, Kauri, and Lungmold go to the lake to get Kauri healed and fill up Lambertus' jars. They meet Druul on the way and let him know danger has past.

Khelratha says we should go to face One Horn as we agreed.

Lungmold used the arrow of divination and again it lands on One Horn after taking a circuitous route through the air.

We rummage through the gear of our fallen companions and find what we can use in items and supplies, and especially food.

We make ready to head to face One Horn by mid-morning.