Session Fifty-Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 53, July 14 2021



We continue at 1:00PM on the 19th of Laurilden with the party gathered inside their temporary home in Montoa after filling their special clay vessels with the enchanted healing waters of the nearby lake. The group is now determining what to do about the imposter villagers and the threat of orcish raiders.

Larry's Summary

Folcard one of the hirelings is from Montoa. He decides that he will stay here when the party leaves.

We make a plan to have Druul do a puppet show for all of the kids in the village. Druul hires a pre-teen girl to watch the youngest children so that both the 5/6 year old and the 1 year old are away from the adults.

Lungmold scanned and learned that the imposters are from the village of the Flesh God followers whom the original Starchy Boyz killed their hunters/warriors to resurrect the dragon Prixithalma, the Consort of the Dragon Emperor, as she helped us achieve the goal of destroying magic. None of the current party was involved in that.

While the children were at the puppet show, we questioned them and with Lungmold's mind reading, learned the truth.

Their villagers were scattered and most slain. These four were among the last and they tortured the ones we found tied to trees to get information to help them fit in in Montoa.

(Raynarth really got into the puppet show. Druul had borrowed some socks from each of the party to represent each of us. Druul let Raynarth take over and left as we escorted the imposters to Kahlia.

Rallion plead for mercy to use the imposters to benefit the village. Kahlia said that they should be put to death and she can't just give them mercy. We put forth the argument that they should be put to use defending the village.

The party had them visit the orc prisoner, Nim, and touch him to be able to look like orcs.

We learned from Nim that he wanted to lead us to his village, but Lungmold got past his defenses as he was thrown off by the duplicates of himself, and we learned that he just wanted to lead us in circles in the jungle for a couple of days. The orcs know about the lake.

The next day even though it was still raining, Ajax went to get information from the local birds and have them relay any sightings of approaching orcs.

The party asked Kahlia to have the villagers work with us to improve the defenses of the village. She saw the wisdom in that and broke the news that orcs would be attacking. We built barricades between the buildings on the East side of the village and added a few shallow pits with spikes.

We plan to do more tomorrow.

Ajax returned and learned that a group of orcs headed East towards the mountains on the 16th, just 4 days ago. The birds will let him know of any sightings of approaching orcs.

It is now the evening of the 20th of Laurilden.