Session Fifty-Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 53, July 14 2021



We continue at 1:00PM on the 19th of Laurilden with the party gathered inside their temporary home in Montoa after filling their special clay vessels with the enchanted healing waters of the nearby lake. The group is now determining what to do about the imposter villagers and the threat of orcish raiders.

Larry's Summary

Folcard one of the hirelings is from Montoa. He decides that he will stay here when the party leaves.

We make a plan to have Druul do a puppet show for all of the kids in the village. Druul hires a pre-teen girl to watch the youngest children so that both the 5/6 year old and the 1 year old are away from the adults.

Lungmold scanned and learned that the imposters are from the village of the Flesh God followers whom the original Starchy Boyz killed their hunters/warriors to resurrect the dragon Prixithalma, the Consort of the Dragon Emperor, as she helped us achieve the goal of destroying magic. None of the current party was involved in that.

While the children were at the puppet show, we questioned them and with Lungmold's mind reading, learned the truth.

Their villagers were scattered and most slain. These four were among the last and they tortured the ones we found tied to trees to get information to help them fit in in Montoa.

(Raynarth really got into the puppet show. Druul had borrowed some socks from each of the party to represent each of us. Druul let Raynarth take over and left as we escorted the imposters to Kahlia.

Rallion plead for mercy to use the imposters to benefit the village. Kahlia said that they should be put to death and she can't just give them mercy. We put forth the argument that they should be put to use defending the village.

The party had them visit the orc prisoner, Nim, and touch him to be able to look like orcs.

We learned from Nim that he wanted to lead us to his village, but Lungmold got past his defenses as he was thrown off by the duplicates of himself, and we learned that he just wanted to lead us in circles in the jungle for a couple of days. The orcs know about the lake.

The next day even though it was still raining, Ajax went to get information from the local birds and have them relay any sightings of approaching orcs.

The party asked Kahlia to have the villagers work with us to improve the defenses of the village. She saw the wisdom in that and broke the news that orcs would be attacking. We built barricades between the buildings on the East side of the village and added a few shallow pits with spikes.

We plan to do more tomorrow.

Ajax returned and learned that a group of orcs headed East towards the mountains on the 16th, just 4 days ago. The birds will let him know of any sightings of approaching orcs.

It is now the evening of the 20th of Laurilden.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 24 – Session 53

Laurilden 19, 1pm

Imposters amongst us.

It’s raining, a lot. Folcard lets us know he’s going to be staying in Montoa.

We observe and Lungmold scans the shapechangers. There’s a baby and a kid who are human with them.

With Lungmold’s scanning, we learn they worship something called a Flesh God and their village was devastated. One of the dwarven ships could copy villagers but it exploded destroying the people copying machine.

Druul knows that the Flesh God was associated with a village north of Montoa that used weird rituals and traditions. They would go to the temple where the children were given to the Flesh God. This practice weirded out the people who knew of them.

Raynarth takes an interest in Druull’s sockpuppet play for the kids. Hoping to get the children out of harms way when we confront the 4 imposters. Forcas also helps out. He does have some personality, weird. I honestly never thought of whether he, or any slave for that matter, would be interested in something other than their duty. The Puppet play works and the children of the village gather while we and some of the Montoan warriors surround the hut and we confront the shapechangers.

Jendash and his ‘wife’ Mizra along with Kirin, Jendash’s brother and Tolk, their friend are all from the Flesh God village north of here. Looking for a place to live instead of just surviving in the jungle. Their village was decimated not long ago and all of their hunters disappeared. They found them ritually murdered in the jungle. They are Children of the Flesh God and can take the form of others by touching them. Brendil is our guinea pig, and Mizra shows us her powers. They did kill the villagers after interrogating them for information on their lives. They don’t have a true form. They are some of the children that were given to the Flesh God by the villagers.

Turns out, these shapeshifters were affected by the Starchy Boyz who used their hunters as sacrifices to resurrect Prixithalma. None of our current partymembers were present at that time though.

We bring the information to Khalia, she and Rallion discuss the situation and he negotiates on their behalf to wait until after the Orc threat is dealt with.

Nim, the captive orc, is still pandering for leading us away from the village to lure us away so when the attack comes, we’ll be taken out.

Lorilden 20, we fortify the village best we can, spike pits and barricads. We prepared the villagers to attempt to repel the impending orc attack.

Ajax comes in from scouting and relays the scouting orc party left on the 16th heading East. This coincides with when Nim was captured.

We send letters through the web portal to Master Enrilden and the Winter King.

Master Enrilden,

I open this letter in ignorance of the current state of affairs of the Drow Houses and where my current status lies within House Herig. In light of these circumstances, I would inform you that I currently have taken the initiative, in light of what I now know, to do what I can to preserve all those living on Meidia, Above and Below. I have not forsaken House Herig. I will do my utmost to bring these Outsider threats to the very survival of our Reality to task and in doing so, will ensure that House Herig will at the very least, have the chance to continue, however changed it may be when things settle out. Even if my actions cause my expulsion from the House, I will continue my current path.

My travels have shown me many things and I have come across much information concerning the present state of Meidia. The DVL’s are planning a purge of all living sentients on Meidia, maybe all life in this reality. The fighting amongst Meidia’s major factions and powers are playing into their hands. The Winter King, The Summer Lord, The Dragon Emporer, the Matriarchs, The Verdant Fellowship, the Stone Gods. They all have their agendas and wants. If these powers continue along separate paths, most if not all will be taken from their mortal bodies. The DVL’s are developing a great device that will gather souls of Meidia. I am now a member of the Wardens of Meidia who are striving to unite these powers and any others currently unknown to us. A conclave at best, to oppose the DVL’s, at worst forge a truce to allow those who would cooperate to defend our Reality.

Only by putting their differences aside for a time will these powers be able to continue their goals at sometime in the future. For if the DVL’s have their way, there’ll be nothing left to fight over, or they’ll be enslaved or destroyed.

I would ask the leave of the Winter King and any Drow Houses to bring this information personally, or via written missive if such sanctuary and return to my current task cannot be granted. I implore Him and any Drow Houses to consider withholding any offensive actions against Meidians resisting the Outsiders until the DVL’s have been routed. A neutral conclave of these powers of Meidia is being planned.

I would ask for any aid or consideration that you might be willing to procure.

I’ve included a letter for the Winter King.

I will open the portal approximately every lantern after sending these letters through, hoping for a response, written or voice.

Sincerely and with respect,

Velkin Herig Warden of Meidia

To the Winter King,

We have information that the DVLs plan to end all life on at least this planet, potentially this reality, and we have learned the date for that event.

When the dwarven incursion was defeated, the DVLs were set free to wreak their vengeance on all the ancient dwarves both here on our world and across the stars of all realities. The leader of the DVLs has set his sights on destroying all life in our world to fulfill his own plans.

We propose an alliance of all of the powerful and ancient forces who have battled on Meidia through the ages. To set aside past differences and work together with shared information, shared tools, and coordination of efforts to stop this.

A truce among all the powers is asked from all who do not wish to join cooperatively in the fight for our Reality.

Time is of the essence as we have about 10 months from the time I pen this message until the DVL's plan to exterminate or possibly collect the souls of Meidia.

It is our hope and aim to bring together the divided forces of our world. At the very least temporarily to repel the forces against us. At best a lasting peace.

We are reaching out to all the powers we know of to help save our Reality. Those we seek can best leverage their current strengths, information, and place in our world to work toward defeating and sending the Outsiders back to their City of Brass.

The meeting of these varied powers and interests is to be a neutral conclave. Leaving grudges, and agendas behind for a discussion of the future of Meidia’s existence. We request that each guarantee each other's safety at and during passage to an appointed meeting place.

We have more information to share and welcome a pooling of knowledge, information, resources, and coordination of efforts for the best overall effect opposing the DVL threat.

You, the Winter King, are uniquely positioned with the current location you control to make a difference in wresting Meidia from the DVL’s machinations.

Once the DVLs are defeated, it is hoped that Meidians can continue to cooperate, or at minimum coexist, however this is a secondary goal to the immediate need of survival. I will open the portal for a response, written or voice, approximately every 4 hours from the time I send this missive.

Sincerely and with respect,

Velkin, Warden of Meidia