Session Forty-Six Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 46, May 26 2021



We continue at 7PM on the 10th of Laurilden just after the party has established a camp for the evening just uphill on the north shore of the Vargwater River. The group is making good progress towards the Mikhel Peaks and Old Greybeard and should be entering the foothills of the range around noon on the next day. That's assuming, though, that their travels are uninterrupted by the ferocious inhabitants of Curmidden's inland jungle ...

Larry's Summary

We found a place to camp - no fire and all watches were uneventful.

Continuing West near the river the ground started getting soft and the river slowed due to a depression that grew marshy/swampy as we continued. We headed NW to work our way around the swamp and spotted bridges across the swamp and they seemed to go straight through the swamp on the dry ground, so we took the bridges.

Rallion found tracks of wolves, monkeys, and snakes. We travelled a long ways and to the South in the mist spotted glowing orbs, Will-O-Whisps and avoided them. We soon saw figures on the opposite end of a bridge. Rallion approached and used his scepter's ability to speak with them. Their faces peeled back revealing snake, but they were friendly and too us to Clarissa.

We entered a crude village of mud huts resembling beaver dens with more wolf creatures and monkeys with octopus arms, about 30 creatures total. Then a woman with the human sized head of a duck comes out, and is Clarissa. Clarissa knew Canis' wife who helped her reject brutish ways. When Jager's illusions fell, they left. They only want to be left in peace. Clarissa was a washer woman in Midmark sold into slavery by Judge Grell to Jager. She was glad when we told her Grell was dead, and relieved that the slave trade was disrupted.

We told her of the current state of Jager's valley and the DVLs and that there are remnants of humans from Midmark, Vargen, and other settlements trying to organize against the DVLs.

Kauri then gave her a recipe and ingredient list so that they can make their own healing potions and cure poison potions. Rallion said that if the West is safe, we may be able to get word to them. If they don't hear from us, then don't go West. Rallion did not give his name.

We continued on and as we went we were soon at the end of easy travel in the swamp and had to slog through mud for a while.

Finally, we reached the end of the swamp and the edge of the broken ground around the mountains.

About 4:00 PM we came across a statue of a woman with the following inscription:

The Lady of Revolutions, Who Stood on the Precipice of a New Age’s Rebirth, Irritant of XenoTel

We realized that this is Prixithalma. One hand pointed generally South in the direction of Xen Khel and moved a bit. The other held a hear that was half realistic and half stylized.

Velking searched and found that the letters of the inscription were like buttons. We tried several words and it re-set on the 5th letter. We then tried 4 letter words, finally settling on Prix which opened a secret compartment in the plinth with a vial of blood and a piece of a bat wing. It is a piece of dragon wing, and a vial of dragon blood. Inside the compartment was written:


We believe this means that this is a piece of Myrientaxus, the dragon who gave his life so the recently resurrected Prixithalma and the party could flee. [See Session 163 of first campaign. Need formula 3 vials of dragon blood, piece of the dragon, and sacrifice of several sentient creatures, plus the ceremony.]

We camped nearby and only one snake was found and quickly dispatched.

The next day as we continued we find the source of the Vargwater that is a series of cascading falls that enter a ravine. The West wall of the ravine has a carving of one of the Four Mothers, Brita. IT is placed such that it looks like the morning sun will strike it. We decide to stop here even though it is Noon and overnight here. We climb down as we see there is room to camp behind the waterfall in front of the face.

Rallion stands before the face with the glowing feather and it glows twice as bright. He touches it to the face.

Soon a hawk circles down and lands. Rallion ask if it speaks the tongue of humans and it just looks. Rallion uses the scepter to speak to it and learns that there will be the first Parliament of the Birds in many centuries. It will be held in the nest of one of their greatest on top of the grandest and tallest of mountains in two days. Rallion knows he means Greybeard, but speaks not the name. Rallion does not exchange names with the hawk, the hawk says it will know Rallion when next they meet.

The hawk says that this is a special place and those who stand here when the morning light strikes will be full of vigor for the day. The hawk then flies off. (Lungmold found a feather, non-glowing, that it left behind and picked it up.)

Rallion searched for tracks and found none. Velkin searched for unusual things and found none. Lungmold found 20 marble sized crystals in the waters here and gathered them up.

While waiting for his turn at first watch, Rallion stood before the face holding the feather praying for insight, guidance, and a voice, but gets nothing other than it is right to do so.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 18 – Session 46 Laurilden 10, 7pm

We set up camp and go with cold food and no fire. And the night passes uneventfully.

We make our way NW coming on a swampy area with bridges making a passable way through the swamp. We debate a bit, but decide to take the walkways.

Rallion identifies a number of different animal tracks and we avoid some glowing orbs. Further along we see figures on the other side of a bridge, not obviously hostile. Rallion approaches and uses his scepter to speak with them. They’re snakefaced humaniods, more mongrelmen? They take us to their leader, Clarissa…. A duckfaced humanoid, former washerwoman sold to Jaeger for experimentation. Yup, Mongrelmen. About 30 of them, peaceful though. We swap information and Kauri gives them recipes for Healing and Cure Poison potions.

We reach the end of the raised walkways and slog through the swamp a while. Swamps unpleasant. I did not enjoy that at all. Bugs, mud, rotting plants, ugh.

After leaving the swamp, we find a statue of a woman with the inscription:

The Lady of Revolutions, Who Stood on the Precipice of a New Age’s Rebirth, Irritant of XenoTel

We figure this is Prixithalma. One hand points generally south toward Xhen Khel. The other holds a half stylized heart.

Looking carfefully, it looks like the letters below the inscription are button-like. After some experimentation, it’s a 4 letter sequence needed for something. It turns out it’s “PRIX”. That opens a small compartment with a piece of dragon wing and a vial of blood. Looking inside the compartment, “Myriantaxis” is inscribed there. These are most likely samples of Myrinataxis for resurrection. Kauri, Lambertus and Rallion recount the ritual needed to raise Dragons. I copy it into my journal.

We camp uneventfully except for a snake that was noticed before it caused trouble.

The following day we continue up the river and find a series of falls cascading into a ravine. The west wall is a relief of Brita, one of the 4 mothers. It’s placed so that the morning sun will hit it. We decide to stay and camp here, rest and do a little exploring.

Rallion genuflects himself toward the likeness wielding a glowing feather. And it glows twice as bright as normal and he touches his face with it. These rituals are definitely less messy than the blood baths Lloth’s priests are fond of…. A hawk soon lands and looks at Rallion. He uses his staff to speak with it and relays that there is a Parliment of the Birds taking place on top of Greybeard (not using that name specifically) and we should be there. He also says those who stand here at dawn will have enhanced vigor for the day. Lungmold grabs a shed feather from where the bird shed it.

Despite Rallion and I both searching the area thoroughly, We didn’t find much. Lungmold, however, did find 20 marble sized crystals in the water and gathered them up.

Rallion continues his reverence of the carving.