Session Forty-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 42, April 28 2021



We continue at 6:50PM on the 8th of Laurilden with the party speaking with Imperial Battle Mage Alisceon Hayne in the library of Jaegger's castle. Intrigued by the opaque hint of developments on Curanost, she has invited the group to dine with her and her dervish escort before they leave in the morning ...

Larry's Summary

In Jager'stower, Kauri finds a letter from Jager.

Letter from Jager:

To Whomever May Find This: The former master of this castle, Jaegger the Master Illusionist and Champion of Zardon, has departed from your world via the rip in the dimensional fabric just beyond the tower’s balcony. I fear that the forces of the invading dwarves cannot be stopped and that this is the only escape from enslavement or destruction. Once beyond the rift, I will work to somehow seal or ward the opening so that those forces do not follow me. If the dimensional portal is still open and you choose to follow me, be aware that the other side of the opening will be guarded and that I cannot guarantee your safety! With my sincere best wishes, Jaegger

P.S. If, by chance, the Starchie Boyz find this note, your friend Chuq Norris died while undergoing bioforging. His body has been taken by the one calling himself the Dark Lord. If you wish to recover the remains of your companion, they can likely be found in the Necropolis. Good luck!

Kauri starts brewing healing potions.

Lambertus puts Gath on the bed to rest.

The rest of the party are shown to their quarters and Felix stands vigil over the unconscious wounded Folcard & Hermangard.

Lungmold and Velkin go outside on the pretext of locating a patch of ground for Lungmold to communicate with Kauri and others in the tower. The range of Lungmold's ability is such that he can reach them more easily when inside. He probles and detects some minds outside the walls, and messes with one of them to get it to look for something that isn't there.

AT 8 PM we are called to the meal. We are urged to eat first then talk.

After the meal we trade information, mostly general and enough to get us a look in the book they have. The book is Jager's notes about higher and lower energy worlds and the difference in transpatial energy and a way to create a vaccum and pull a piece of one world to another. Our world seems to have several areas that are from other worlds.

Jager's notes presuppose familiarity with a book by Azriel the Dragon Emperor "Inquisitorial Notes on Transpatial Rifts."

We also learn that the imperial capital was destroyed by the falling space station - Prixithalma's shot at her backstabbing mate the emperor, but alas he and a few others escaped.

We are told that the Emperor wants to talk to Thorfus Ironhand or any of his group, the "Starchy Boyz". We say that they are dead. (It's not a lie.)

DVLs have targeted all the major cities.

News from us that space elves are fighting Belial was a surprise to them.

We suspect the youth the leader keeps taking queues from is a dragon. Lungmold flat out asked, and only got a blink - no reply.

After dinner we had a play put on by Druul with audience participation. It was a comedy about 2 young pirates planning to steal a ship only to learn it is full of salty old pirates and is a retirement home.

Just as the play concludes at 11 PM there is a loud crash and a dervish runs in tells us that we're under attack by crow demons (the ones who followed when Velkin shadow stepped the slowest members of the party.)

The dervishes up and left, we heard on dervish and the young Timothy mention preparing the harness, leading credence that Timothy is a dragon and has a harness to carry the dervishes.

We all ended up in our assigned quarters and Velkin grabbed the book on "Inquisitorial Notes on Transpatial Rifts."

They let us have their supply of potions - 15 healing and 5 cure poison, and we get all party members on their feet.

The barred main door to the keep is shattered as we prepare to either hide, fight, or flee.