Session Forty Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 40, April 14 2021

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We continue at 1AM on the 8th of Laurilden with the party making final preparations to leave the Silver Throne Embassy in Malgrim and make their way out of the Underdark. Based on a conversation with Jax, they know the location of an exit to the surface four hours from the gnome city that will bring them to the wilderness between Glavnone and Jaegger's Tower ...

Larry's Summary

Some of us leave Drow armor and cloaks at the Silverthrone Embassy with Jax.

Bili points out that the two dead hirelings have chainmail, so Brendil and Velkin have chainmail that will work on the surface.

Rallion is once again wearing his Roc feather cloak.

Bili leads us to the slave market on mid-terrace and at Jurgenn's shop we get clothes, blankets, food, and other gear.

At the slave markets we buy four slaves and equip them: Will Seabeld a member of the force of the Righteous Halberd - He was captured by a cloaker coming out of the play the party wanted to see, Gristle a half orc, Folcard a Montoan, and Hemengart Puncherson a 6' 8" human a sailor who joined the expedetion to clear the jungle to make the trade routes safe. He wants to kill the gnoll leader Grimtooth.

Bili gives us a crude map to his aunt's house and says if we go there when we return and ask for him, he will fill us in on Jax before we go to the embassy.

We pass through the gates and have no trouble getting to the end of the tunnel and find an ancient dwarven lift that could hold 30. But it has no power, so we climb the stairs that wind around the cage of the lift.

We finally get to the top and come out on the surface.

We head in the general direction of Jager's tower and reach the rim of the "bowl" around the tower and see the path. We head for the path and then down into the bowl.

After a short bit of travel, Rallion sees a human snake hybrid that is a hybrid of many other creatures. Rallion tries to communicate. It just comes down and 4 others appear. Two rush Rallion and miss and the other three rush the others.

Gath set his spear and nearly dropped one, but two of them beat him down severely.

Lungmold used pacifying spores and one of us struck it down.

Rallion missed and two others rushed up to help him.

Lungmold learned that these creatures hate all pure humans and think we are "with the ones already in the tower." If we survive this fight, Lungmold plans to share this information.