Session Ninety-Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 95, May 25 2022



We continue at 11:30AM on the 14th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the Armada pirates and imperial ships regrouping after the defeat of the DVL war galley and the party mourning the death of Velkin at the hands of the Stone God summoned from inside the pockets of Druul's robe. While Khelratha and some others plan to stay with their new nautical allies, the majority of the group now plans to travel back to Malgrim's embassy in an attempt to raise Velkin from the dead. Will they succeed in returning the heroic drow to life?

Larry's Summary

Khelratha, Felix, and Jardin stay on the Imperial Ship, the Eclipse while the others enter the portal.

Imperial ships following Armada ships to NE. Capt. Hiro says according to Armada pirate, 5-1/2 days since some ships are slower.

The rest enter the portal. Oskar stays just inside the portal and keeps an eye on Tik Tok and the nanocarbon book.

The lottery to select troops from Malgrim is at Midnight.

Lungmold and Druul uncovered some secret meetings with the aid of the gnome Annette where lots of crates are moved by Bogfunk and there is mention of some sort of eggs.

After a nap, Khelratha and Jardin discuss "light stepping" and collecting Jardin's black dragon acid to use against DVLs to pursue when not on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Khelratha attemps "light stepping" and it just looks like interpretive dance.

Prixithalma used the jewelers lenses to copy the symbols from Borthan's sword and part of it resembles for formula in Prixithalma's copy of the nanocarbon book.

Kauri discovers Ancient Common writing on the inside of his mask and copies it down, once for himself and again for Prixithalma. She says it is also a formula.

Jax and Ithirialma have a plan to make a portable device to use against the DVLs and are having Philomanthraxis make a prototype of regular metal. They plan to use the metal eating creature in the actual contruction and think it will take a couple of weeks.

Lambertus rests and about 10 PM raises Velkin from the dead and casts cure light wounds on Druul and Cure Serious Wounds on Velkin.

Velkin Scrolls 59 - Session 95

11:30am, Denrilden 14

00.00000.09.17 Apocalypse Clock


The remaining Armada and Imperial ships regroup and head NE presumably toward the Armada. The Pirate ships in the lead. About 5&½ days to Armada according to their estimates.

Khelratha and Jardin chat, Khelratha considers ‘light stepping’ in lieu of shadowstepping. Jardin bounces some ideas around, but he’s more the doer than the thinker of the dragon crowd.


Apparently my body was easiest to transport inside a barrel. Pulped by the Stone God and the exploding gunpowder barrel…

The Lottery for conscripting soldiers for the Winter King’s army is happening at midnight. Phil and Billi are working the forge at the Embassy Bili’s hoping Raynarth is going back with us. He’s a glutton and a pain in the ass per Sybil, Prix, and all the rest. Lungmold’s Lift project is still going. Prix and Borthan are working together well. It appears the Githyanki sword and the Nanocarbon book are similar systems. Prix warns that Azreal will always pursue his goals. Only share what is absolutely necessary with him. Jax and Itherialma are arguing about what sigils to use on a portable pylon… Itheiralma and Jax 2 are becoming an item… They’re creating a chestpiece with the appropriate sigils to wear. Kauri copies the Nanocarbon book and chats with Prix about the Matriarchs. Kauri’s mask has a series of symbols - written as if they were part of the creation process. He makes a couple copies and gives one to Prix. Prix looks over and comments: she recognizes it as mathematical formula…. It’s familiar in the book somewhere, or borthan’s sword Lucifer is in the Srhine room with a couple kittens and asks Lungmold if he’s there to worship him when he comes by. He adds the Raynarth must go. Bogfunk talks to Billi when he comes by.


Druul, Lungmold and Ceres head to the Undermarket to do some shopping. The general city is quiet, most vendors and shops are closed. Druul commissions a custom pocketed cloak from Youri Hengel made of Drow Shadow Cloth. OK in sunlight.

Things are really really quiet. Very few shops open this afternoon. Fish shops open, a few shroom shops. There is no entertainment going on. Tristan the bard isn’t around. Druul notices the smith we’ve dealt with before and he does have a few crossbows on display. On the way there, they’re intercepted by Anat, she looks nervous, she’s the gnome he set to get information for Druul. He says they’ve had more meetings. Tristan was there, a lot of others, even some priests were there. Higeki were there too. That guy, Bogfunk was there too. Some important people from the upper levels. The priests were from upper levels too. She was chased off when she was trying to listen in. They were talking about eggs… Their meetings have stopped a few days ago. She tried to keep track of the people they knew. All the people from down here that she knew, they’re not here now. She knows something isn’t right.

Lungmold and Druul make their way to the bar in the underwarren and it’s shuttered. Lungmold bangs on the door and a gnome tells him to bugger off. He says Bogfunk’s tab is going to be paid off (20gp). And the bartender opens the door and Lungmold gives him 12gp toward bogfunk’s tab. Bogfunk’s been doing hella business moving stuff all over town. He had a bunch of guys hired and had copies of his Writ from lungmold he passed around to move a bunch of stuff. The meetings at the docks were more political dealings… one of the regulars said that today would be a good day to close up shop and balance the books or something.

They head down to Maggot’s docks and get there about 4:10pm

Down further it gets busier. They see Maggot yelling and guiding his fishing boats in. Normal business as usual. Most of Maggot’s workers are pretty shifty fellows. Hauling fish up to be processed, payment to the fishermen coming in, and a new shift heads back out. Maggot strolls around after the excitement. And his Lieutenant (Davis) are inspecting things. He comes trotting over, addresses him as Sir Lungmold and is friendly and happy.

Maggot seems ignorant of the meetings. He brings Davis over to pick his brain and he seems to know more about them than Maggot did. He’s holding a Lucifer looking cat. Lungmold asks directly about something happening tonight. The fishermen are saying something is going to happen up top, nothing to worry about down here. The word is ‘don’t go up top’. Davis says that someone came by from the guild of the Lower Porters and he was saying his people are in charge of hiring the people for the lift.

Weird shipments? Maggot says not his boats while he’s running them. But he did see Bogfunk hired some boats to bring in some stuff. He came from upriver. Paid his bill, used Lungmold’s writ to move heavy crates off some of the boats he rented.

They head back toward the embassy.

Mangkin Regathi is the guildmaster of the Lower Porters in the Regathi

Druul picks up his custom cloak of Shadowcloth with 5 hidden dagger pockets and 10 hidden pockets.

There’s a bruhahaha at the Citadel where the Lottery is going to happen. A large crowd is expected there.

They get back to the embassy, the forge is cooling, Phil’s finished his work. Kauri and Prix are at the table working.

Lambertus raises me, and I get the cliff notes version (See above) of what’s going on… I think I’ll lay here for a little while.