Session Ninety-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 91, April 27 2022



We continue at 6PM on the 12th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) following the death of captain Vishnik, the sinking of the Jaunty Jade, and capture of the elven vessel. Krensch has taken command of the Armadan pirates, although the Summer Elf prisoners belong to Boborc and Druul. Not the most auspicious beginning to the party's interactions with a faction with whom they hope to ally. At this point, though, that's about par for the course ...

Larry's Summary

Velkin finds logbook and journal of the Summer Elf captain, charts, and his sea chest. He gets the key from his neck and opens the chest and finds: Lots of gold, gems, translucent apple green stone, Velking scoops up 5 gems, 3 pieces of jewelry - wrought gold choker, signet ring with a flame symbol incised, silver & gold ear cuffs. Velkin takes half the gold about 900 GP, leaving the rest and leaving a quilt like cloth. Folded into the cloth is a scroll case. The ship is The Wandering Sparrow under Captain Cerverak of the Sapphire Isles

Velkin pointed the mapcase in the direction of the elven prisoners being questioned by Krench. These elves are all from Curanost. One of them starts talking and tells them the came from Curanost and are looking for allies to fight the DVLs there. This matches what Velkin surmised from the captain's log book.

Velkin searches one of the cabins and finds a dagger and a few coins and takes the dagger.

Krench takes the talkative elf up top to explain things about the ship.

Kauri learns from Captain Cerverak that they were looking for allies. Other ships sent from Curanost. The DVL Belial was pushed back by the Summer Lord and the elves of Curanost, but they can't dislodge them from their foothold in the city of Balend. Things are now at a stalemate.

Captain Cerverak enjoys Oskar's tea and is slightly encouraged when Kauri says that the orcs are not our friends, but we have mutual interests in fighting the DVLs. Kauri also relays that we have had run ins with both DVLs and Winter Elves. This intrigues and also seems to encourage Cerverak. Kauri also mentions that he knows Timorere and that impresses Cerverak.

Lungmold tries to get Khelratha to speak out loud what Lungmold is telling him, but Khelratha goes on a rant about how they all convinced Khelratha to communicate by thinking and now Lungmold wants him to talk out loud.

When Ranarth shows up after a shopping trip to Malgrim, he relays things for Lungmold. Khelratha complains about this, and gives Lungmold the stinkeye.

Ajax hops on Khelratha's shoulder and pecks his ear to become visible. Khelratha glares at Khelratha and Khelratha glares are Lungmold and learns that Ajax wants to talk to one of the Summer Elves.

Lungmold them has Tyriol relay everything to his snow globe in the tongue of the Winter Elves so Khelratha doesn't know what is said.

Krench suggests tossing the Summer Elves and other elves overboard since the ship is so crowded. Kauri and Druul convince Krench not to do so as they may prove useful.

Druul is made second in command and given the wheel and Krench points out the stars to lead to Watcher's Island.

Cerverak relays that they went by Watcher's Island and mentions two groups of ships in a stand off. A group of 4 pirate ships, two under the flag of Elkior the admiral of Vishnek and Krench two swords and some sort of fish, the other two some sort of skull which Druul said could be a number of others. The Armada ships blocked the bay and the ships in the bay aimed their sides towards the sea, and appeared to have cannons.

We more to the cabin, and Kauri and the invisible Velkin open the portal and pass through Captain Vishnek's chest that Khelratha opens and lays out papers to dry on the remains of the cannon, and the Journal and charts of captain Cerverak.

Lungmold storms out but Velkin won't let him pass. Lungmold asks for a Summer Elf, or any elf. Lungmold backs down for now and returns to the portal. Ajax flies out and once the portal is closed and pointed away from them, tells Velkin that he doesn't trust Lungmold.

The two Summer Elves are put in the private cabin along with Ajax whom Jardin made invisible again, and Boborc/Jardin.

Kauri and Oskar sleep in hammocks in the common area, and the invisible Velkin finds a spot near the elf prisoners since there is only one guard.

Velkin Scrolls 56 - Session 91

6:00pm, Denrilden 12

00.00000.09.19 Apocalypse Clock

Surface Boborc and Druul are awarded two Prisoners. The rest go to now Captain Krensch after Vishnik was killed.

I follow, all invisible and sneaky, the orc looting party and Druul down into the elven ship to see about what may be in the captain’s quarters. Captain Cerverak of the Sapphire Isle’s ship, The Wandering Sparrow. Flipping through the logbook and journal, it notes the places they visited on a journey south from Curanost. The journal has notes of what they found at the places they visited. I slip back up on deck and get a key from the Captain, return to his quarters and take half the charts and the Journal, leave the logbook. Unlocking the footlocker and taking a quilt, gems, jewelry and half the gold in there (450gp). Also inding a scrollcase in the corner of the quilt. Picked a dagger and a few more gold from one of the smaller rooms before heading back on deck.

Kauri takes an amulet from the Magic User and Osker takes the Elven captain’s sword.

Lungmold scans the elven prisoners through the scrollcase. The elves follow the Summer Lord. They’re looking for allies against Belial. They’re at a stalemate and need help. The Summer Lord is in the City of Valen, driven there by the demon forces.

Waking the Elven Captain, we learn: Connections with the Parliment of the Birds and Temerere. His brethren are at Val-Hal - Wood Home - (Plane of the Summer Lord?) What of the Summer King: Fair and Just. Father of all elves. Reigns in the summerlands which they can travel here from. Works against the evil one, the Winter King. Though the DVL’s are giving the Winter King a run for his money for their dastardly-ness. He’s taken aback that we’ve encountered the winter king. The Captain asks what manner of man is Kauri. He asks about the mask Kauri wears. It’s an artifact of power. Such artifacts aren’t known to function anymore… how does yours work. He doesn’t sense the mask comes from either the Winter King or Summer Lord. They discuss the Magic they have isn’t dependent on the DVL’s. To draw on the powers you have to swear fealty to the summer lord to act as a magicuser. Not known to share those secrets with those against us. Other ships have been sent out, they were going across the northern Isles and their next stop was Port on Serpent’s tooth.

We learn that at Watcher’s Bay there ships at odds, not fighting but tense. from the description, Armada ships are blockading Imperial ships

Ajax has a conversation with the Summer Elves as a Parliment representative.

Lungmold storms through the portal as we were passing loot and such demanding to take a Summer Elf to the Winter King. I step in front of the 10’ tall fungus man… maybe the smartest idea I’ve ever had, but managed to talk him down. He announces to the Winter King, hoping he was listening, that some of the party has been compromised and there are summer elves outside the portal. I’m just happy he didn’t club me…

I stay behind and set the Summer Elves loose, while Druul, Boborc, Kauri and Oskar head to the imperial ships.

With Jardin’s presence the Imperials are easy to talk to.

Ships at Watchers Isle: Armada Ships: Captain Krensh, Carrion Crow Captain Karzak, Blood Wave Captain Mathok, Lysander's Fist Captain Reklak, Ghostwind Captain Kammal, Floodtide

Imperial Ships Captain Hiro Anakbar, The Eclipse Captain Jiho Birklen, Female Captain of The Lady of Fire Captain Ghiron Eylon, The Red Crest

Malgrim/Lloth’s web Forcas and Raynarth return from Malgrim with a sack of fingers, some crisps from the slave market leftovers, 2 books, ink, wine and 24 potion bottles. For potion making, and book copying.

Lungmold vies to bring a summer elf to the Winter King.

We transfer Vishnik’s locker to the portal and it’s contents are salvagable.