Session Ninety-Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 93, May 11 2022



We continue at 2:30PM on the 13th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party split between the web portal and Watchers' Isle, where Druul and Kauri have made contact with the imperial ships and plan to negotiate an agreement between them and the Armada pirates. There is hope this will lead to all eight ships traveling together first to Armada itself and then on to the mainland for the raid on the Inquisitorial Library. Meanwhile, after their conversation with Ajax, the summer elves escape captivity with help from Velkin and flee to the island. So far, it seems the party has managed to find a peaceful solutions to their problems. Can that last?

Larry's Summary

Velkin gets the Summer Elf Captain's quilt which he explains was part of his wife's dowry that he acquired on their marriage. They elect to stay on the island as they trust neither the pirates of Armada nor the Imperials.

Velking reaches the Imperial ship, The Eclipse, with Jardin, Kauri, and Oskar working out the contract to present at the parley with the pirate captains.

The Contract as later amended by Captain Karzak of the Blood Wave:

On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Azrael the Emperor of Dragons, the Chief Inquisitor and Imperial Advisor Jardin proposes a contract with the Admirals of Armada to provide three ships to accompany a scouting expedition to the Imperial Mainland in exchange for 5,600GP at the signing of this agreement and another 5,600 GP in coins and gems and 6 writs of safe passage within Imperial waters valid for five years upon completion of said reconnaissance and return to [the island of Curmidden?]. The scouting mission will be expected to approach to within 20 miles of the port of Gharmarost and remain in that general location and at that range for a period of 72 hours while Jardin leads a small force of his allies ashore. If Jardin or any of his party fail to return within that time, the ships may return and claim their payment from a representative of His Imperial Majesty located in/at Vargen. [Space for Signatures]

The above is in Jardin's fancy script.

Captain Karzaks's poor penmanship adds:

Safe passage to and from Armada to negotiate the agreement.

At nightfall, Velkin opens the portal in the Captain's cabin that Jardin was given and Khelratha, Lungmold, Lambertus, and Felix step out.

Khelratha brings the wine bottle and asks for ale and sings the Ballad of Xenilum Khel loudly at the orcs who are partying.

Khelratha keeps that up until his watch and hears the pirates talking about weighing anchor and preparing the cannons.

Suddenly one of the pirate ships explode, it is not the Carrion Crow, the renamed Elven ship since it looks different than the other ships of Armada. It is pulling away from the fight, since it is not armed.

We get back in the web portal and Khelratha lets Velkin use his spyglass to shadow steps into the shadow of the mast of the Carrion Crow. The Imperial captain of The Eclipse along with the other two Imperial ships weigh anchor to go aid the pirates.

Velkin sees flaming winged humanoid females with flames for the feathers of their wings. All but Velkin rush to the deck while Velkin puts the web portal away and see one of the flaming flying females use a whip on Krench and he screams and falls to the deck writing in pain. Druul rushes to take the wheel.

Khelratha, Lungmold, and Oskar all charge the flaming DVL and all three hit and its flames go out and it falls to the deck and is a shriveled husk over a skeleton, the whip also falls to the deck no longer flaming.

Beyond the Armada ships is a huge war galley, dark against the night. It is full of ranks of armored motionless troops in what looks like full plate armor. At the wheel is an giant woman with the lower half a coiled snake like tail, and she has six arms. She is ordering an attack on the Blood Wave under Captain Karnak. There might be two rounds before it is in position, and could just ram it.

Three other flying flaming females remain.

We have to choose what to do next....

Velkin Scrolls 57 - Session 93

2:30pm, Denrilden 13

00.00000.09.18 Apocalypse Clock


Watchers Isle - Druul and Kauri negotiate with the Armada and Imperials

I have a chat with Captain Serverak and the Mage Tagalan who left the ship by shadowstepping to catch them after they arrive on the Island. They’re in a heated discussion on whether to go back to the ships or not. I give the captain his quilt, he seems happy. We talk a few minutes and they know I’m a drow and not a Winter King follower. They elect to stay on the island and take their chances rather than travel with us. Can’t blame ‘em. They agree to speak to the Summer King regarding the Wardens of Media. I think in at least a not entirely negative light…

An agreement was made with the Armada for passage to Gharamost, Kauri and Druul handled most of that negotiation and Jardin put the agreement to parchment.

The 5 Armada ships overall approve the agreement and Druul parties with his brethren as a ‘prisoner’ while the rest of us stay on the Eclipse. We learn the Armadan Conclave is in Farilden, 3 months from now.

At nightfall, We open the portal and Lungmold, Khelratha, Felix and Lambertus come out on the Eclipse.

One of the pirate ships explodes. We hear drums reverberating across the water and spot a very large war galley, manned by DVL’s led by a large snake woman with 6 arms. A rather large contingent of some sort of soldier stand silently in ranks on the deck. The party re-enters the portal and I take them to the Carrion Crow while the imperial ships move to assist the Armada ships. On the Crow, I get the portal open so the partymembers can defend the ship from flying flaming women with whips. They take the one down attacking the Carrion Crow as Krensh falls writhing in pain from a hit from its whip. Druul takes the wheel.

Having an idea, I snag a blackpowder keg bomb… I’m sure it’ll be fine…

Web Portal

Forcas ponders fermenting some fingers… Lungmold isn’t impressed…