Session Ninety Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 90, April 13 2022



We continue at 2AM on the 12th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with some of the party aboard the Jaunty Jade en route to Watchers' Island, others camped inside Llolth's web, and a few more visiting the Winter Realm to consult with its king. Back in Malgrim, Prixithalma has taken over the embassy's research efforts just as the group's allies there successfully test new anti-DVL protective pylons. Unfortunately, tensions between and with several potential allies are beginning to heat up (e.g., Czizek Jagartha, Winter King and Dragon Emperor, Azrael and Prixithalma). Will at least one of these simmering conflicts boil over? Seems like a safe bet to me...

Larry's Summary

Velkin, Druul, Kauri, Oskar, and Jardin on the ship.

Lungmold, Tyriol, and Ranarth are visiting the Winter King.

Rest waiting in the web. Khelratha is picking through the rubble of the cannon.

Firthold leads Lungmold, et. al back to the citadel and Lungmold gets an escort to the embassy.

Lungmold sees a couple of gnomes signing up for the Winter King's army.

Looks like people taking a break. Lungmold talks to Bili. Those inside are resting.

Bili explains that the new pylons are now a protected area. Asked if that dwarf made it back.

Lungmold asks about a portable model.

Bili thinks they want to turn the automata into walking pylons.

Bili says that he got jewelers magnifying glasses and they're looking at Borthan's sword.

The new one that's in charge is mostly into that book now.

Lungmold asks Philomanthraxis if he knows anything about the reincarnation process? They killed a bunch of sick dwarves from Xen Khel and used that bit of Prixithalma's body to bring her back. Lord Azrael talked about it, if she had still been alive, it wouldn't have worked, it had been tried when she was a prisoner of the dwarves.

Lungmold asks if anyone else had stopped by. I think that young gnome woman the bard had contracted something. She was keeping an eye on someone or something, but she left. I do have a message that was delivered. I have to consult with the guild master of the lower hall porters. Something about the lift. Progress lining up artisans to build it.

Lungmold asks about the Jagartha guy. Bili says apparently he dislikes your group and the embassy again. I head that he said you tried to kill him. One of his other Jagarthas was imprisoned but has been released. I wouldn't recommend popping in for a visit at the temple.

Lungmold finds the conference table with papers neatly stacked, and Prixithalma is sitting and reading the copy of the book by candle light. Lungmold sits across from her, she asks if all is well in the web. My name's Lungmold, I'm in charge here. Yes, Bili said that you're the ambassador here, for the Winter King? Have you heard of him? Only the vaguest rumors from long ago. Lungmold holds his snow globe closer. So you are his agent and you believe he is to be trusted as an ally vs. the devils? At first, he didn't think they'd be an issue, but has changed his mind. Any thing, like these pylons, maybe portable to help with the DVLs?

My job is to keep the city calm and functioning in working order.

I don't distrust you Lungmold, but this Winter King worries me. He didn't have the best reputation in the old days. I could say the same about the dragons. She chuckles, fair point.

I understand the formula, but not how it relates to reality. I think Borthan's sword may be the secret.

Prix may go with us to the library, depending on how things are going in the library.

A portable means of controlling DVLs will support Azrael's dream of DVL transpatial magic will be under out control. Lungmold, yes, our control.

Lungmold pulls out a gold biconvex lenticular device and puts it on the table. Ah a key for the ancient Dwarven ruins, but it takes power. She looks up, hmm... power, then goes back to the book.

Lungmold checks kitchen it is empty, then back to conference room. I'll be back when it's time to get ready. Bili was a bit unclear on sending word to you. If it's important, just go to Citadel and going through the portal. Yes, given the political situation, we need escorts.

Lundmold will let the mycelian guards know if they need to send a message, that the mycelians can handle it.

Back on the terrace, Rotbreath is helping another mycelian onto the terrace. Excellent to find you hear, said Bogfunk, I have gifts! Delivery ten more batches of the herbs for the potions to brew (extra healing). Lungmold gives him 11 gp as a tip. Bogfunk says that the real payment is the ability to move goods in and out of the city.

Lungmold asks what Rotbreath knows about the Jagartha dude. He hasn't been saying nice things about you. Lungmold wonders what him having an accident would cost. Before the attempt on his life he is claiming it had fewer guards. Rotbreath thinks an untraceable accident would cost about 5,000 gp. Code: "The purchase of a soul" to discuss it.

Lungmold returns to the web & checks on his zombies. Khelratha says to keep them away from him.

Lungmold goes over what Khelratha told him earlier & says Khelratha did a good job. Khelratha reveals that he trusts Prixithalma with his life. She saved his life once.

Lungmold relays the meeting the gnome woman mentioned. Asks Velkin to make another copy of the nanocarbon bound book. Lungmold wants another copy for himself. Why? Are you going to let me take the original? No. We can make another copy. I always found that having another backup is a good thing, so we can stash it if something goes down. I'll need some materials. (It took Ithirialma two full days to copy the book.)

Velkin and Kauri read through the introductory/research volumes that lead up to the final book. It references the process and rails against the authorities that didn't value him, and a few breakthroughs with a bit of formula. Nine days to the island, so plenty of time to copy it. Kauri suggests two books so he and Velkin can each make a copy.

Raynarth is sent to go shopping for paper and Forcas to get some snacks for Velkin. Kauri asks for a nice bottle of wine and nice crystal glasses to go with it. More tea ingredients for Oskar. 2 dozen empty vials for future potions.

Velkin hollers through the portal in Drow to Forcas to pick us out some good stuff to eat. You know what I like, get yourself something too.

Druul asks the captain why they were in Port. Doing pirate things, after the troubles of the falling DVLs, looking for port.

Captain Vishnek hands him a spyglass and points a direction and just barely visible is a ship. Yup, look at the flags it is running, Curanost, far from home. A bunch of elves, easy pickings. Evening at the very least. I don't think they've seen us yet, at least they're not reacting.

Are you and your friends interested in joining in? Druul is open to it. Glad your friends are helping out. The big one Bobork, we'd be happy to have him along when we make our boarding action. Druul lets them know when he sees them on deck.

Tension amongst crew as word spreads that they are hunting. About midday, flags are run up - a Midmark flag, but better than the one from the Dirty Maid.


Khelratha has enough shrapnel to wrap another keg of gunpowder.

Khelratha re-does his pack. Mentions he wonders how Ronan is doing? (He is so impulsive and hard headed.)

15th someone should be checking Azrael's portal in 3 days as it is the 12th.


c. 2:00 PM on the boat. Crew about their business. Velkin in crow's nest with Siday, Jardin sewing. Kauri keeps reading, looking for hints. Oskar does heavy lifting and makes tea for the crew. Shouting that there's something in water to starboard.

5 scaly creatures in the water, heads covered in seaweed, shadowing the ship. c. 50-60 yards out. They are big, but not big enough to endanger this ship. Also getting closer to ship they are following.

Krensh back at helm and uses spyglass and doesn't look happy. What are those things? Sea lions. They can be good eating, but it complicates things. The ship, we don't want to get involved in a fight with them and scare off the prey. Hopefully, they'll just lose interest.

Sea Lions are keeping pace with the Jaunty Jade. A complication.

Velkin asks Druul if he can convince to let the captain to let them talk to the elves. Druul takes exception to it.

Druul approaches Jardin, and he is please with his sewing, and has sewn Bobork into a sail. Druul explains the pursuit of a ship. Jardin says, Sure! it's not an imperial ship is it? No, OK.

Anything that can distract sea lions? Bodies in the water....

Bell rings and Krensch orders all non-essential personel below water.

Velkin asks Jardin for invisibility and Jardin does it.

There is a knock on the door from Siday? You all ready in here? To charge out to help us with boarding. Where's the other one? He didn't feel well, he might have gone overboard. He's an elf, he's not going to cause trouble. When the bell rings.

Bell goes off and shouts from on deck. Bobork stands and pulls out his sewing needle and heads for the door. Invisible Velking goes to one side of Borork. Druul is ready to go, slightly in the back to encourage sailors with a song. Kauri and Oskar go too.

As they run out on deck, things are chaos everywhere. Ropes thrown across and ships lashed together. Orcs moving across and elves on other ship, and a full on boarding action.

Jardin runs to cross over.

Druul starts a song (Iron Maiden - "Trooper"). It is actually to enchant the elves on the other side. Combat already started, so can't enchant them. So is towards the back encouraging with song, and will use his bow if needed.

Kauri & Oskar - They don't want to be involved since we're supposed to be trying to bring everyone together.

Elves on deck and suddenly the captain draws his sword and flame ripples down his blade. There's another elf on deck in greenish robes. He reaches to the sky and swears for a second the sun kind of dims and a ball of fire rolls out of his hand towards the captain on your ship.

There is an explosion of fire on the pirate ship. Captain Vishnek fails save and goes down. Three others with the captain all go down. Ship is on fire, and the orcs look nervous, and that's before the arrows come raining down.

Jardin charges the elven captain with his sewing needle and hits for 5 HP.

Invisible Velkin grabs his pack and Kauri and Oskar gather up everything else.

The mage reaches out to the sky and bolts of pure energy come flying out towards Jardin, who screams out in rage with a battle cry.

Druul attempts to shoot the elven mage in green with a sleeper bolt and misses.

Several orcs work to put out the fire.

The elven mage summons more flame power and a ball of fire is not aimed at anyone on deck, but down. It ignites gunpowder, the deck rolls and the ship lurches over. The ship comes crashing down on the elven ship and their masts are tangled together, and the elven mage looks surprised. Three elves are killed by various wood, rigging, & masts that come crashing down to the deck.

Jardin hits the captain, but he does not go down.

Druul finally hits the mage and he fails his save and goes down.

Kauri uses magic missile to cut 4 of the 6 larger ropes tangling the ships together.

Velkin is still invisible and shadow steps and cuts another rope, leaving one rope.

Every orc on deck (35) has jumped across to the elven ship. Vishnek is lying crispy on the deck, still alive is unknown.

Oskar tosses gear to elven ship.

Druul runs down to captain's quarters to grab what he can off his desk. Everything is on the floor, logbook and charts in pile next to desk. Druul goes for logbook and charts and stuff Druul gave him the clothes, nameplate. Under the bed is a footlocker. Druul kicks it open, inside are a few sacks that jingle, the nameplate and uniform. Druul tosses logbooks and charts into footlocker, closes it and starts to run.

Kauri and Oskar jump across.

Jardin makes another attempt on the captain and drops the captain.

The orcs finish off the elven swordsmen, and three elvish archers remain.

Velkin shadow steps and cuts the last rope. It is like it is springloaded. The Jaunty Jade goes flying back in the other direction, there is a giant hole at the water line. It looks like it's going under, very quickly.

Kauri binds wounds of captain, and Oskar binds the hands of the elven mage.

Druul stuggles onto deck as ship lurches and Druul goes flying to the opposite side into the water. Velkin sees this and notices that the sea lions are still around.

The last of the elvish archers are dropped.

Oskar grabs the captains magic fire sword before the orcs do.

Velkin shadow steps to the opposite side of the sinking ship and tosses a rope.

Druul sees the rope from the Jaunty Jade. Druul uses the sceptre to speak with animals. By the mercy of your good grace, please help me.

Velkin sees the sea lions converging on Velkin and they skirt around him. Druul is still afloat due to the air in the footlocker. Druul puts the scepter away and ties the rope through a handle on the footlocker. Then he holds on to footlocker and looks around for sea lions.

Krench has the orcs toss elves overboard and he is saying he is captain now. Vishnek's gone and if anyone has any problem with that speak up now, while your blood is up.

They come to grab the captain to toss overboard, and they tell Krench this human won't let me toss the body. Krench says it's ok for now. Krench kneels down, prisoner? This is Boborks prisoner, since he dropped him. If he wants to split any ransom or prisoner. Kauri - I understand that, now you can go back to what you're doing.

Krech says that the mage is - where's Druul. Druul ties off the handle of the foot locker.

Velkin thinks maybe two rounds before the Jaunty Jade is under water. He yells to Druul to swim to the other ship as he pulls him up to the surface. Velkin pulls in the footlocker.

Velkin shadow steps to the rigging of the elven ship. Druul sees the locker in the air and lets go and surfaces and sees flotsam of the Jaunty Jade and grabs on and starts kicking towards the elven ship.

Druul sees thrashing in the water and spurts of blood as things are torn apart, and he seems to be left alone.

The Jaunty Jade disappears as Druul kicks away from the bodies and Velkin sees him down there. Some orcs notice and call it out to Krench and ropes are thrown to Druul.

Velkin shadow steps near Kauri and Oskar and asks Oskar to sit on it. No one notices it.

Druul is pulled onto the ship and is met by Krench.

Druul spits water out of his mouth, ah, it feels good to be back on the water. Good shot! You took that elven mage down. Though as new captain, you are my prisoner until you are ransomed by your mother. Unless you join my crew and server Admiral Elkior. Druul demurs.

Krench sighs and looks around, not as good a ship.

Orcs below, it's riding high in the water, I don't expect much.

Krench goes to see what they're finding Druul notices Oskar sitting on the footlocker. Velkin says, I must've drowned in the fight.

Druul keeps walking behind Krench. Krench is heading straight to the looting of the ship.

Velkin Scrolls 55 - Session 90

2AM Denrilden 12

00.00000.09.19 Apocalypse Clock

On the Jaunty Jade

At Dawn, we have… food? We think it’s just food, for the morning meal. We head up top and Jardin joins the sewing group again, he’s really taken to it. He’s quite proud of his skills. Today is my day for polishing spars, the lanky creepy old knob polisher is awaiting me… /sigh. Druul is like an aboleth in water, renewing his shipboard skills and looks like he’s at home. I suppose he is. As he’s chatting up Vishnik, they see a Curanost ship, a ship of elves. They plan on taking it. I talk to Druul a bit and attempt to sway that course of action, but we’re on an orc ship flying Armada colors he tells me. Pirates will do what they do, he says, possibly with a little gleam in his eye and a bit of scorn at the suggestion. …Didn’t know he had it in him.

Kauri and I were trying to digest some of the introductory books to the Math book. It was ….difficult. There’s some dense stuff in there. Lungmold really wants a copy of the book, he’s acting a bit weird about it.

A few Sea Lions, big scaly things in the water keep course with us as we close on the Elven ship.

Jardin’s showing off his stitching and knotting, he seems quite pleased with himself. The others in the circle seem impressed. For the record, Spar polishing is worse than sewing, better than swabbing.

As we approach the elven ship, Jardin invisibles me and the elves prepare for a fight. The Captain’s sword lights up and a green robed elf casts a fireball at our ship! Vishnik goes down along with his guard and the ship’s on fire. The creak and groan of ships crashing together is followed by an explosion below decks. The Mage cast a fireball down there. Boborc and his sewing needle wreak havoc. Druul takes down the mage with a sleep bolt after bolstering the crew with a song. It looks like the sinking pirate ship will drag the elven ship down, I start cutting lines that have tangled the ships together. Druul jumps to the pirate ship and retrieves some of Vishnik’s valuables. He dives off the sinking ship and uses the Scepter to send the Sea Lions off to eat freshly dead bodies while I toss a rope to him and retrieve the footlocker, he swims to the elven ship, pulled up by Krensch and his men. Krensch’s men toss most of the remaining elves off the ship. I pull up the locker shadow stepping to where Kauri and Oskar are, we cover it and they begin making tea, Oskar using it for a seat. Oskar grabs the captain’s sword that was flaming.

Krensch, Druul and some orcs go down below to search. I follow, Likely something interesting in the Captain’s quarters…

Second hand notes of the goings on in The Underdark:

– Lungmold, Raynarth and Tyriol, returning from a visit to the Winter King. Tasked with: Getting a copy of the Pylon plans, Capturing a dragon for working the Nanocarbon, and getting a copy of the Math book. (Not party knowledge)

– Bili gets jeweler’s loupes for examining Borthan’s sword.

– To raise Prix, they used a bunch of the sick dwarves in Xen Khel for the ritual.

– There are a few gnomes signing up for the Winter King’s conscription, but not a lot.

– Druul’s girlfriend gnome stopped by with some news…. but left.

– Lower Guild of Porters wants to meet with Lungmold

– Cizik Jagartha - working against us again after recovering from the Charm

– Bogfunk offers a price of 5000gp to make the Jagartha go away, untraceable accident

– Bogfunk comes through with 10 more Extra healing potion batches

– Khelratha trusts Prix, she saved him once

– Lungmold’s zombies are getting moldy

– Lucifer has the unexpected pleasure of having a family!

– Lungmold and Prix have a conversation with them verbally spar lightly but do not ruin their working relationship. Prix obviously is distrustful of the Winter King. Lungmold is distrustful of her and the dragons.

– Lungmold, Raynarth and Forcas go to Malgrim to pick up some luxury items for Kauri and Velkin in hopes they’ll make another copy of the Math Book. The plan is to make 2 more copies.

Projects: – imbue automatons with runes to create a moving anti-DVL field. Jax and Itherialma

– Study Borthan’s sword to work on figuring out how to miniaturize the runes to make the equipment smaller. Prix

– Figure out what the formula in the Math book is and how it relates to Reality and controlling DVL’s . Borthan’s sword may hold the key. Prix

– figure out a portable anti DVL, or DVL controlling method for using transpatial magic. Jax and Itherialma