Session One Hundred Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 100, July 20 2022

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We continue at 1:30AM on the 16th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) just as the party is ambushed between upper and middle Malgrim by the Ooze creatures previously seen accompanying the Silence attackers at the Embassy. Meanwhile, the convoy of pirate and imperial ships continues on its way toward Armada and now has roughly three and a quarter days to their destination. Will those in the Malgrim vanquish their attackers and escape Malgrim? How does the Silence know so much about the party? Could Asmodeus be driven from Meidia just by having Khelratha go talk with him? Only one of those questions has a definitive answer at this point ...

Larry's Summary

Borthan falls and Ceres pulls him into the midst of our group and Borcas binds wounds.

Kauri charms one that attacks another.

Velkin slips Drow sleep poison and sleeps the 3 drow sitting on a table and all 3 failed their saves.

Ranarth is dropped.

Suddenly 5 Drow show up, 4 draw weapons, one is still running.

On opposite rooftop Velkin sees 3 more cloaked figures.

Velkin shouts to draw attention to those 3 squid faces and look in Velkin’s direction and seem concerned as they look past the invisible Velkin.

Velkin kills one of the unconscious.

Ceres breathes on the one the dropped Ranarth. 4 drow attack the one being attacked by the charmed slime creature.

The 5th drow is a female and runs into the midst of the party.

Woman pulls out a small piece of webbing, “I was worried when you weren’t at the embassy, we have to leave here right now.”

Velkin is attacked mentally by the 3 squid faces across the way and is unable to think.

Toss Borthan then Ranarth into the portal, then the rest of us move in. Velkin lashed out and killed the last of the 3 unconscious squid faces/Silence.

Druul fails to get on the building to help Velkin. Druul helps Ceres who is stunned.

One drow is charmed by the Silence. One drow knocked down, one tosses Velkin in and the other sets the web on fire.

One slime creature slips through before the portal is destroyed.

We find ourselves in a hallway covered with webs. It looks like a building. Stone floor looks like marble and walls have a metallic golden gleam.

Drow and half spider drow appear.

One of drow women that ran up casts something. But the slime creature saved.

Vikram comes flying down the hallway.

Many misses.

Ithirialma changes form and is a blue dragon.

The DVL saved and was hurt. Lambertus hit with his last shot from his shear rifle and the driders finished it off.

Vikram gives a bow and says, “Greetings I welcome you to the City of Brass, the mistress of the house wishes to see you.”

Jarlanna is one of the Drow Priestesses who attempted to cast vs. the DVL.

Jarlanna escorts us to meet “the Mistress.”

Chamber completely encased in web. A pillar of web in front of us. Crouched in front of the pillar is the hugest spider ever seen, but has a woman torso with way too many eyes. Jarlanna and the other priestess and Vikram prostrate themselves before the spider lady. AKA Lolth.

Lots of drow, driders, and other figures in the room.

Also off to the side see a few figures, a cavefisher, a gnome, a cloaked figure, an elven lady, AKA Fisher, Bradler, Laris, Zandor, Paronel, Herasib, Sepa, Renthark the Githyanki.

--- Back to the ships.

As dawn comes on the 16th, there is a knocking on the door to the cabin. Excuse me sir, the captain needs you on deck. One of the other ships has dropped back, and the captain needs you sir.

Jardin joins Khelratha. Captain Hero is there with an orc we don’t recognize.

Khelratha, Jardin, this is captain Zullekon from the Wicked Wave. Looks like a pirate with a patch over one eye. Are you Rallion? No, he’s dead, I’m Khelratha. Asks about Bradler, Laris, never heard of them.

Prisoner. We’re bringing her back to armada, she was messing around the Shem village. I’d give you her name, but she gives a different one each time. She’s wanted by the Seer. He leans forward. I heard she killed the Prophet, the Seer’s gonna kill her. (Bavmorda)

The Seer, the one who sees with the eye of Lysander. Lysander’s dead is what I heard. The good news when we get there is an execution.

She overheard some talk from her guards and heard about the group who negotiated a deal with the other ships.

Khelratha asks to speak to the prisoner to see if she knows anything useful.

Velkin Scrolls 64 - Session 100

1:30am, Denrilden 16

00.00000.09.15 Apocalypse Clock


AMBUSH! 3 ooze creatures ahead, 2 behind. We’re in a bind…

Invisible, I head up to the rooftops to look for any more enemies. I find a group of Squiddies drinking tea at a table overlooking the ambush site. Making my way over as the party fights the ground troops, I’m able to slip some sleep poison in their drinks and they all fall asleep.

The fight is going… not well as 5 figures come running down the street and I begin killing the sleeping Silence and attract the attention of three more Silence on the building across the way that are starting to pay attention to me…. Not good.

The 5 figures aren’t more enemies, they’re Drow with a priestess. She starts opening a web portal in the middle of our party as the 4 warriors begin helping us out. Then I get all wonky in the head and I do things randomly for a bit. Those Silence are bad news.

I don’t remember a whole lot, but Druul and one of the Drow warriors manage to get me tossed into the portal with the rest of the party and one of the warriors burn the portal behind us destroyingn it as one of the ooze creatures slips in before it closes.

We’re in a hallway covered in webs with an underlying stone structure. The floor has a sheen, marble maybe, and a metallic gleam to the walls where the webs are patchy.

Itherialma takes her blue dragon form and kills the ooze as the Drow greeting party arrives and Vikram, the Djinn in service of Jherlanna, informs us that the Mistress of the House wishes to greet us. We make our way down the hallway to meet Lloth where Jherlanna escorts us brusquely in. I get the feeling she’s still the royal bitch she’s always been.

Definitely a little nervous, however, it can’t be all bad. Lloth did send a party to save our butts from Malgrim. Right?

We enter her chambers and there is Lloth, the Goddess of my people. As much as I have reservations about our society as a whole. Being in her presence is… well. A religious experience. I prostrate myself along with the priestesses, one of which is Jherlanna and a Djinn, Vikram.

I don’t have the words to sufficiently describe being in the presence of Lloth. Knowing what I know of the…. Reality? of all of this. Her being a daemon not following Asmodeus, and all that takes a bit of the blind faith away. But in a way, it makes things more poignant and significant. Not as equals in any way, but as allies in a way instead of worship. I don’t know.. I’m still working this out…

Off to the side are former members of the party long thought dead: Braadlur and Fisher, Laris in a cloak, Peronel, the ancient elven fighter, Harisib, Sipa and Renthark.

On the Surface:

Night passes, dawn on the 16th of Dendrilden

A ship drops back from the Armada ships and asks for Rallion, Laris or Braadlur. They have a prisoner they’ve captured around the village of Shem. It’s Bavmorda. They heard she killed the Prophet Nash and are taking her to the Seer. She’s brought Lysander back to the Armada. Bavmorda heard some guards on board her prison and talked them into asking us if we’d talk with her. Khelratha and Jardin head to speak with her.