Session One Hundred and Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 108, September 28 2022

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We continue at 7:10PM on the 19th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party leaving the central flagship of Armada and heading towards the haberdashers' guild and Eliasa's flagship. Having confirmed that the acolyte who met with Bavmorda in prison was a fake and that the thugs who ambushed them were haberdashers, the group strongly suspects that guild and Eliasa of aiding Bavmorda (or at least being opposed to the Seer). Perhaps confronting either the guildmaster or admiral with these suspicions will provoke a response or reveal some new information? Or perhaps the devil fish will discover something during their attempts to surveil the leaders of Armada? Or perhaps time will run out before the party can track down and stop Bavmorda? Tune in to find out!

Larry's Summary

We go to Eliasa's and Kasa is there. We join in the evening meal and afterwards question them and eventually they tell us what's going on. Eliasa's flagship is bigger than the other flagships we have seen.

After the meal they dismiss all the others and it is just us and the two admirals.

They know about the flying orc, who is a former Admiral of Armada, Ares Havertham, and is now undead. He was the predecessor of Eliasa's predecessor.

The undead admiral is to replace one or more admirals who were in favor of the deal with the DVLs.

The guildmaster of the haberdashers is probably mad at Eliasa for sending us, and she will see about smoothing things over.

The Devilfish show up to scan and the two admirals and a few in the party fail to resist, but we seem to think of other things and send them away.

The two admirals then come clean, they know where Bavmorda is, a safe house, which is the ship the Hairy Cockatrice next to the ship of the Haberdasher's Guild.

They fear that the undead admiral plan is to replace the two of them plus Krugma.

They suggest letting Bavmorda succeed and see what happens. When we explain how bad cooperation with the DVLs will be that is when they fully let us in.

Their plan was to let Bavmorda succeed but catch and summarily execute here, and hope for a new representative less troublesome for them.

Jardin doesn't think Lysander would care about undead one way or the other.

We are left in the place of the meal while the admirals go join the evening celebrations with song on deck.

We discuss many things and Khelratha is caught in a dilemma as he doesn't want DVLs or undead, both of which is despises.

One of the captains near us during the meal gets to the topic of the tales of Lady Em and Commander Talon, and Khelratha fails to clarify the fiction is based on facts. The captain is a big fan and is eager for the next installment in the series. He knows they were printed in Midmark, but no author was ever credited.

Velkin Scrolls 72 - Session 108

7:10pm, Denrilden 19

00.00000.09.12 Apocalypse Clock

Things we know: The Acoylyte was fake that arrived on the prison ship and aided the prisoner escape. The ambushers were either Haberdashers.

Dolmelch is our guide and lets us know there’s a Lysander worship ceremony about to begin at the central flagship. People are generally moving that way. Mostly only true believers attend.

We head Eliasa’s flagship, the Sea Queen, passing the Haberdashers guild on the way there. I really want to give that guy a lesson in humility, but I doubt that it would turn out well. So, I plod along with the ridiculous hat on for ‘the greater good’. Hmph.

Eliasa’s area appears fairly ‘residential’ for a bunch of pirate ships. Not much commercial activity that is public. The Sea Queen is a rather large ship, larger than Elchior and Kaasa’s.

Two guards with fancy hats ask our business with Eliasa and we announce ourselves asking for an audience. A bit of light chitchat reveals that Krung-ma is trying to foster a deal with the DVL’s but the Seer mucked that up.

We’re invited to join Eliasa and Kassa for dinner and we wind our way down into the ship to the Captain’s table.

Khelratha is our spokesman for this…. Reckon we’ll see how silver tongued the guy is, not hopeful there… He’s, well… he’s a dwarf.

We’re announced and it’s made clear business after dinner.

Small talk during dinner: Lysander’s appearance has upset the balance between the Admirals. Seeing their ‘god’ show up in the flesh is disrupting the normal dealings of the Armada’s power structure.

There’s a play that resembles our party’s previous actions and the fall of magic.

Khelratha is happy there’s some dwarven ale from a Khel on Curasor.

The remains of dinner are cleared and more serious conversation begins.

Kaasa: An orc with wings lives in the center of the Dead Forest, powerful undead there. Ares Havertham was the admiral before Eliasa’s predecessor, they believe he’s the flying orc and has been recruited by the Seer to replace an Admiral on the council once she solidifies power. They’re not too keen on having an undead Admiral. Other captains besides Hiro have disappeared recently, likely to become captains of Ares’s faction loyal to the Seer.

The Seer’s arrival coincided with the increased activity in the Dead Forest.

If Lysander and the Seer win then Eliasa or Kaasa would likely be replaced, if the Seer fails then the DVL deal may go through.

There are plans to try to appease Lysander through capture/killing Bavmorda after she’s successful in taking out the Seer and breaking that power bloc.

Eliasa gives us the haberdasher safehouse: The Hairy Cockatrice where Bavmorda is hiding.

Jardin lets us know Lysander was a more benevolent of his brethren, odd, but wasn’t setting up kingdoms and such. Dagon, her friend/lover? Adopted the Suahagin, while Lysander - the devilfish. Lysander doesn’t much care about undead, or what other races/devilfish do. She’s weird.

Devilfish the party has encountered: Granzik – statue smashed in feldmark by Rallion Drayz – bathhouse, manuscript Gronsk – devilfish Cleric attempting to get dragonorb from bardsman Eroquel – Possessed Quotar (Party hireling) after smashing a statue by Brice Thissel Serithoz – Skullcap

If a deal with the DVL’s is procured, then Eliasa and Kaasa said they could potentially slowroll things to help delay the DVL’s goals of building the doomsday tower.