Session One Hundred and Fifteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 115, November 16 2022

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We continue at 6:30PM on the 20th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party back at the imperial ships near the Dead Forest in Armada. The group has replaced Alys Sharppe as Seer with Grissel, defeated the undead plaguing the Dead Forest (and parleyed with their Devil Fish Ancestor master), made a deal with Lysander for passage to the mainland (apparently at dawn on the 21st of Denrilden), and received a draft contract from Baalzebub's yellow-hatted agent. Ranarth, having unwisely signed his own contract, has been "dealt with" by the party as well. Will there be time to check-in with Grissel and Armada's supposedly insane magic user? Can the group put together a contract with Baalzebub that they trust? What's with Lysander's sudden hurry to leave town? Find out next time ...

Larry's Summary

We check in with the jeweler, Caspar Dealbator, his wife Holmeda, and Cas and Calla his two kids. They are in a cabin below on the The Eclipse, formerly under Captain Hiro. (First mate will maybe he will take over.) Caspar asks for a sample of the material we want him to work, and Kauri gives him one of the nanocarbon information cubes. We debate where to keep Caspar and family. Khelratha suggests either the web or Xen Khel, but the web with Prixithalma makes more sense, so also suggest we get a table, chairs, beds etc. for the family and those in the web. He needs a table for a workplace and also at least one table for meals. We then visit Grissel and get an extension of 24 hours so we can make preparations. Grissel will get us some underwater breathing coral in case we need it. It is too late to shop for furniture, so we go visit Ragamar the orc wizard who is reported to be scrawling numbers all over his tower. We get there and his apprentice, Cort, tries to dissuade us from talking to him. Ragamar approaches us and is "with it" although his hair and robes are a disgusting shambles. He leads us to the roof of his tower. Kauri sees that he glows with the light blue glow of DVL magic. Cort, the apprentice said he was in the middle of casting identify on some loot an Admiral had gathered when DVL magic ended. Cort said at first he was catatonic then started mumbling numbers, then started scrawling them in abyssal. Kauri showed Ragamar TikTok and he said, "Yes, yes, I knew the time would come." He set Tik Tok in a "gap" in the string of numbers. He wanted to cut Tik Tok so he'd bleed a little and power a spell to send the tower "where he needed to go." We suspect somehow a DVL is trapped. Lambertus managed to cast a weak fizzling cure light wounds on Velkin for 1 HP. Kauri drew off a bit of magic into his anti-ESP ring, but it quickly faded. We collected some blood that kauri could see the glow, but it too, quickly faded. When Ragamar opens his mouth, Kauri sees the glow. Ragamar knows the Yellow Hat of Beelzebub is in Armada and that he came close to the tower, but Cort prevented him from grabbing him. Tik Tok said that the numbers are some sort of coordinates. If two numbers, it is on Medeia. If three numbers, it might be a moon or other planet. If more numbers it is another plane. There is no way to easily tell how many numbers there are. Velkin copied the wall where Ragamar started recording the numbers. We did not get to our review and discussion of what to do about the new DVL contract.

Velkin Scrolls 79 - Session 115

6:30pm, Denrilden 20

00.00000.09.11 Apocalypse Clock

We’re on the Eclipse.

Azreal should be checking in in a couple days.

Casper and his family are settled in.

We go speak with Grissel. He’s overseeing a service to Lysander, the Acolytes are chanting and going through some motions. Dolmelch is Grissel’s right hand man now, leading the service. Once they’re done, we meet in his chambers. Dolmelch will be in charge at Armada when he and Lysander leave. Dolmelch seems to be in good spirits, happy to be a leader in the church if not the Seer. We ask to see if Lysander will wait until tomorrow afternoon, she agrees. But no longer than that. We plan to get some furniture and things for the Dealbaters to make them more comfortable in the Web Portal.

He gives us some of the water breathing coral.

We go to Ragamar’s tower, Jardin’s out of invisibility spells so I have to go sneaky. Ragmar’s ship/tower is covered in symbols, numbers and all sorts of hieroglyphics. They’re written in a variety of inks, chalk, blood, paint… even feces. Whatever seems to be handy… There’s a small hut nearby with a slight plume of smoke coming out of the chimney. A young adult orc, Cort Holmeda, looking frazzled, comes out and tries to shoo us away. We don’t go, so he motions us inside. He says that Ragamar isn’t in any condition to speak with anyone. He’s Ragamar’s former apprentice. He says Ragamar was in the middle of casting Identify when magic was interrupted. The runes are mostly numbers with some abyssal symbols, some are something else. Ragmar gets agitated easily. Ragamar comes to the cabin and says, “I see we have guests!” and comes right on in.

Kauri says he’s giving off a light bluish tinged glow, DVL magic.

Tick Tock says that these multitude of numbers are coordinates to somewhere. 2 numbers is a planet, 3 numbers would be in a planetary system, 4+ numbers is maybe another plane of existence.

Borthan says the numbers on his sword are coordinates that open gateways. If they’re copied and powered they could take him and Renthark home. Maybe? Probably?