Session One Hundred and Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 105, September 7 2022



We continue at 7:00AM on the 19th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party resurfacing from their parley with Lysander beneath the City of Armada. The giant leviathan/dragon, satisfied with the group's answers to her questions about their loyalties, has offered to transport the party to the mainland undetected by DVLs in two days in excahnge for aid in the capture of Bavmorda. With no particular loyalty to the escaped half-orc prisoner and in a hurry to complete their quest to the Inquistorial Library, the adventurers accept this deal. Will they be able to track down the wiley Bavmorda, though? How will the Council of Admirals react to this change of plans? Also, what kind of monstrous entity has taken Captain Hiro prisoner in the Dead Forest and can the party free him? Find out next time ...

Larry's Summary

The party talks with Alys the Seer and Captain Dromelch and we prepare for out meeting with the Admirals.

We decide to keep our agreement with Lysander secret.

We ask Captain Dromelch to find answers to questions that will help us find Bavmorda.

Khelratha warns Dromelch to have those loyal to The Seer and Lysander keep an eye on her in case Bavmorda tries something.

We meet with the Admirals and get agreement from them on the contract with the Empire to transport us to the mainland, in case things don't work out to get assistance from Lysander.

We also get the Admirals to agree to send representatives to the conclave organized by the Wardens of Medeia.

We offer to help look for Bavmorda to prove we aren't involved in her escape. This gives us cover that we are not doing it for Lysander.

Velkin signals Admiral Eliasa in thieve's cant for "contact." She sends Captain Batanero in a fancy hat by Chaunese Silverbrow – who we know by reputation in the prior campaign as a Master haberdasher and thief.

We also hired Backlum Chaam to guide us to the jail to inspect it and then to the Imperial ships.

We are led across the Bridge of Blades which is made of all manner of blades and meet with an elf in the lower decks of a ship, Falaniko guildmaster of the local haberdasher's guild.

Velkin pays 1,000 gp gem to be 2nd in line to learn of whereabouts of Bavmorda. Velkin also buys a hat made by Falaniko that is very floppy and long with a bell on the end. (It could hold 200 gp and has a pocket that could hold a short sword.

We then continue on the way to the jail and along the way there are various food vendors where Khelratha seeks onions, lemons, and peppers and a small hand bellows he intend to make a liquid to shoot into Bavmorda's eyes to prevent her from shadow stepping.

Velkin Scrolls 69 - Session 105

7am, Denrilden 19

00.00000.09.12 Apocalypse Clock

We arise from the depths from meeting Lysander.

Alys: It seems Lysander was accepting of us. She gathers us around. She says, Lysander has spoken and we can trust the deal will be honored if Bavmorda is captured. Bring us to the mainland in 2 days undetected. Capture is preferable. Help from other admirals? Bavmorda likely has had help and is not acting alone. She suspects that the means of finding Bavmorda isn’t clear. She believes that some of the Admirals of the Council who don’t appreciate the sudden authority of Alys here. It wouldn’t surprise her that some are working against her. Elchior says the right things, but he allowed her to escape. Krug-ma also suspicious and Admiral Kaasa. Kaasa’s suspicion results from her lack of enthusiasm for anything dealing with Lysander. Krug-ma had been working on a deal with the DVL’s before Lysander came along.

An accounting of some of the Armada ships and Captains and Admirals:

Wizard Ragamar (Orc Wizard) - Gone crazy after losing magic.

Armada Ships - Under Admiral Elchior: Captain Vishnik (Deceased), Jaunty Jade (Sank) Captain Krensh, Carrion Crow (Elven Ship) Captain Karzak, Blood Wave Captain Mathok, Lysander's Fist

Under Admiral Veldak: Captain Reklak (Deceased), Ghostwind (Sank) Captain Kammal, Floodtide

Under Admiral Krungma: Captain Zullekon, Wicked Waves

Under Admiral Gharankh: - Docked in Gharankh District - Captain Domelch - Guide in Armada Captain Dorf Kortum - Guide to Dead Forest

Relationships between Admirals/Fleets Allies: Elchior and Garankh; Kasa and Veldak; Krungma and Elliasa Rivals: Elliasa and Kasa; Garankh and Veldak; Elchior and Krungma Neutral: Any combination not noted above (although tending toward the opinion of their allies)

Imperial Ships: Captain Hiro Anakbar (Missing/Deceased?), The Eclipse Captain Jiho Birklen, The Lady of Fire Captain Ghiron Eylon, The Red Crest

We ask about the creature in the dead forest. We give partial details about our visit with Lysadner. Eres Habertham’s ship is Davy’s Locker. About 5yr ago he died and no one claimed his ship.

Admirals: Elchior Garankh – Pious man of Lysander, the Cult of Lysander before she arrived. Kasa - Veldak Krung-ma Elliasa

Alys believes in Lysander, she can do great things starting by uniting Armada. Likely for a greater purpose. A Debate between Lysander and the Devil Fish for the destruction of all surface dwellers.

Raynarth was severely shaken by meeting Lysander.

Khelratha alerts Dolmelch that Bavmorda may go for the Seer.

Admiral Council Meeting

Room is fairly crowded, divided into 6 large groupings 10-20 people each, 1 small group, about 5 acolytes in robes with group Alys Sharp

Alys steps into the center of the group and introduces us as the Wardens of Mediea. We’ve got a bunch of people looking at us.

Elchior – Light blue Errol flynn dashing clothes with blue eyes – smile and thumbs up. Says a few words as we enter: Captain Krensh – tells that we are on the up and up, gives us a positive spin. Asks for the acceptance of our deal. Half bow to Alys. Lysander should smile on the deal.

Kaasa – eyepatch, scowl, many blades, Druul’s gift is closest to her right hand. Scowl gets deeper as Druul starts playing

Garankh – neutral

Veldak – loose ponytail, clean shaving, orc sailor looking guy. Not putting on any airs. - Krung-Ma Barbarian looking, he’s dressed in furs, tattood in lines of orcish verse of Lysander worship.

Eliasa – red fine clothing, long black hair, styled curls. Smiles and waves.

Wardens come in first to request the presence of the Admirals for the defense of Mediea as one people with the others of like mind of sentients of the world.

Krung Ma – says we have seen the letter and have discussed it. The rest of the admirals nod. They have yet to make their decision. Our comport today may help that decision.

Druul presents the Imperial deal from Jardin: Veldak calls out for it to be read. Jardin reads it. Proposed agreeement: On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Azrael the Emperor of Dragons, the Chief Inquisitor and Imperial Advisor Jardin proposes a contract with the Admirals of Armada to provide three ships to accompany a scouting expedition to the Imperial Mainland in exchange for 5600GP at the signing of this agreement and another 5600 GP in coins and gems and 6 writs of safe passage within Imperial waters valid for five years upon completion of said reconnaissance and return to the island of Curmidden. The scouting mission will be expected to approach to within 20 miles of the port of Gharmarost and remain in that general location and at that range for a period of 72 hours while Jardin leads a small force of his allies ashore. If Jardin or any of his party fail to return within that time, the ships may return and claim their payment from a representative of His Imperial Majesty located in Vargen. [Space for Signatures]

-Elchior says he’ll be at the meeting of the Wardens. -Krungma – questions whether it’s wise to conspire against the DVL’s. The city has survived working around and not agains the dVL’s -Garankh – all due respect objects to the DVL’s opposition. Open to persuasion. Can the Wardens to their connection to the Escaped Prisoner Bavmorda. -Elchior syas he’s trying to get her back. He didn’t LET her go… ---the factions start fussing more loudly than their Admirals.

Khelratha speaks. He thought he was the only dwarf on Curmidden… It’s known that the DVL’s have a plan to absorb all life essence on Mediea to do something horrible… to not oppose the DVL’s is asking for your own demise. He’s seen too many die holding secrets and lies to lead to this mess with the DVL’s. They don’t care about us. They lie.

Elchior – Agrees. Khelratha speaks true. He WAS gonna address Krungma and Garankh’s concerns. We’re not helping the wardens directly. We can deny direct involvment. For example – Midmark and that Judge. If we could do THAT, we could do at lest 3 ships to aid their quest. Lysander is accepting of it. We’re not talking about attacking the DVL’s, just moving people around.

Eliassa – I agree with Elchior. One thing though. This Contract talks about collecting payment in Vargen. Vargen is conquered by the DVL’s…. it’s not a very good backup is it? Goes for the media meeting

Krung-ma calls for a vote

In favor: Elchior, Alys, Eliassa, Veldak slowly raises a hand, Kaasa raises a hand even more slowly staring at Druul, Garnachk raises a hand, Krungma doesn’t oppose.

Jardin signs on behalf of the Imperium and the rest of the Admirals sign.

Krung-ma makes it clear there’ll be representatives to the Mediean meeting. He signs the agreement when it comes around.

Khelratha starts talking about Bavmorda. The captain of the ship, Zulekon of the Wicked Way. He says he first met her on the Wicked Way. He rambles about Nash, the prophet that Bavmorda killed, and such.

Krungma – SO, we’re to believe it’s coincidental that your group knew this, Bavmorda. Questions our loyalty...

Kauri – it’s moot point, bavmorda isn’t one of us.

Garnack – what harm can they do. Why would they break her out of prison when it would work against the cooperation they are asking.

Elchior – speaks to redeeming himself, and has not qualms letting us

Velkin makes thieve’s cant contact with Eliassa.

Khelratha offers a reward for information to lay eyes on Bavmorda.

Haberdasher meeting

Backlum Chaam – Elchior’s guy we pay about 10gp to guide us around today. He takes us toward the holding cell that Bavmorda was in. Elchior counter clockwise from Garanchk.

As we head down the gangplank from the council’s ship. Someone is running behind us. A young orc sailor lady in a fanciful hat. She introduces herself as Captain Amira Batanero to me.

Writing on the inside of the brim, fanciful script. Andrea Shyrwud trained Chaunese Silverbrow, a master haberdasher and thief. She asks for us to follow her back to Eliassa. It’s about a 40 minute walk clockwise from the Council. Backtracking and double backing rig-a-maroling around. We think we’re somewhere in Eliasa’s section of the city. A bridge stands out and we cross it, better made, well thought out bridge. It has framing behind it and it’s made up of Blades. It’s the Bridge of Blades. Rusty and sharp, easy to cross. Basically the structure is coated artfully in many blades. Baternero – she crosses the bridge and leads us on to a ship.

I’m able to memorize the series of knocks to enter the Haberdasher guild. They’re in the business and Baternero touches her nose.

Beyond there’s an orc dressed like Garankh and hits on Velkin. I give Capain Bateranero a platinum piece for her help, andshe asks if there’s a message for Eliassa, I tell her, “It’s always good to make friends.” She takes it as I’m hitting on her and ‘flutters’.

2nd secret knock at the bottom of the stairs. I memorize that as well.

There’s a salon with couches and hangings. Behind the desk sits an elf. The Master Haberdasher here.

Falaniko, the local Guildmaster. Overall this guy is quite patronizing. I’d love to poke a dagger in his eye. That seems counterproductive at this time though. Maybe later.

Information on Bavmorda: No rumors known to the Haberdashers. He can’t tell us where she is. Some of the admirals helped her. Elchior is under suspicion, he’s a little too smooth, a little too smarmy. All the admirals are at each other’s throats. For as much as Eliasa’s a pain, she’s loyal to the Guild.

Kaasa has it out for the Seer, he can easily see her being behind the jailbreak. Who else would benefit with Bavmorda being released. If she’s being used against the seer, Krungma also comes to mind… Maybe even Elchior if you don’t buy his act.

Haberdashers are skimming the profits from all the unrest. Eliasa provides them safe haven. Moved from Veldak’s area. He was getting too big for his britches. He’s got the fleet market. The drawback was being under his thumb, he’s the biggest manpower admiral. Eliasa appreciated us and wasn’t as controlling. Lysander and the Armada have engaged them already. If that is important to us

I give him a 1000gp gem to be 2nd in line for any Bavmorda information (1000gp gem)

He sells me a 50gp hat, a long, gaudy, reproachful hat… pretty much a joke and I’m not eal happy about it. There’s a secret compartment that will hold a short sword sized item in the hat.

We continue counter-clockwise going through Veldak’s area. Khelratha picks up a small bellows and a bunch of irritating vegetables and fruits to make a blinding attack for Bavmorda. In hopes of keeping her from shadow stepping away.