Session One Hundred and Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 104, August 31 2022



We continue at 3:30AM on the 19th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) after the party is awakened by a loud boom and the sound of breaking glass. Forcing their way into Captain Hiro's cabin, the group discovers the window blown inward violently, splashes of blood around the disheveled room, and the leader of the imperial convoy missing. A quick search of the area uncovers claw marks in the side of the ship near the broken window, but no one else seems to be missing on any of the ships. However, during their back-and-forth to the other vessels, the sailors learn that Bavmorda has escaped from prison and is being hunted. Will these developments complicate the meetings with the Seer of Lysander and Council of Admirals in the morning? Probably!

Larry's Summary

We go looking for the abducted captain Hiro in the Dead Forest of scrapped ships. We find spots of blood on one ship and go below and find at least 40 skeletons. Lambertus turned them but they did not fall apart. We fled and spiked the doors behind us.

Ajax talked to some birds who informed him that an orc in red and white who flies took the captain and stays on the large ship in the center of the Dead Forest and is making lots of undead.

We tell the other two captains of this when they are letting one orc search each ship for Bavmorda.

We then go with Captain Domelch to see the Seer and are running late.

We get there and the Seer introduces herself as Alys Sharp and she only has one eye. We get in a cage and are lowered into the water each with a piece of water breathing coral to meet Lysander.

We meet Lysander who talks to each of us and asks us three questions:

Question 1: Why should you be the ones who lead the efforts against the dedicated virtual lifeforms?
Question 2: What dealings have with and what do you think of my kin?
Final Question: What do you think of my children the so-called devilfish do you regret your assistance that lead to so much destruction?

Lysander believes that each of us answered truthfully and she has offered us a deal that will get us to the mainland and Gharmarost in two days undetected by the DVLs.

The price is that we hunt down Bavmorda.

We agree.

Velkin Scrolls 68 - Session 104

3:30am, Denrilden 19

00.00000.09.12 Apocalypse Clock

Captain Johann Birklan arrives after Hiro is found gone and

We head to speak to a group of Armada soldiers waiting on the dock. They’re here to search the Imperial ships for Bavmorda. She escaped. We ask about the dead forest, and they pull out charms and kiss them making signs… A superstitious lot, these orc pirates.

Captain Dorf Kortum and a small contingent are going with us into the dead forest.

Outer ships are safest, inner ships are more run down and unstable.

As we travel, we learn more than just Captain Hiro have been disapearing. Recently, Captains more Garank’s than others. Most disappearances are similar to what we saw with Hiro. Captain Kortum is a believer in Lysander. Most ofthe crew we’re with are fingering eyeball symbols of Lysander.

We find little as we go along until Druul spots a few fresh blood splatters, leading generally in the direction of the center of the Dead Forest. I head up to a crow’s nest and see a sizable ship in the center of the area. Dorf identifies it as Davy’s Locker. It’s an old ship of a long dead Admiral.

We come to a ship that’s a charnel house, Captain Dorf and some men go to check the hold, and come back in pieces. Lambertus is able to hold them at bay, however they aren’t destroyed as we expected. More powerful skeletons.

We leave the dead forest while Dorf’s men report. As we’re leaving we hear a bird, animal or a man that is laughing.

Captain Almar is guarding the docks and says that Admiral Veldak’s men brought the ship with skeletons on it in. It was empty at that time, but that was before all the DVL and Lysander stuff.

Captain Joha, the Eclipse’s new captain, says there’s no sign of Bavmorda on the ships.

Captain Dolmelch arrives to escort us and Ajax returns from talking with some of the birds around. He tells us the birds love to gossip and says that the center ship has an orc that can fly that dresses in red and white. He says he carried something back last night. There is a lot of undead that answer to him.

We go quickly to meet with the Seer for our scheduled audience. She’s at the center of the Armada in the giant flagship, formerly Azreal’s of the Imperial Navy. A rather thin woman, blond with a skunk stripe of white hair along the center. They tell me a skunk is a smelly small animal of some kind. Dark blue vestement covered with hundreds of minature golden devilfish appliqueus. Holding an Admantium trident wrapped with sharkskin. A holy symbol with a coral eye. And an Eyepatch.

Alys Sharp is the Seer. She was with the party on Xeno Tel, leaving the party with Nash’s body. She enters a cage to be lowered so we can meet Lysander giving each of us a piece of coral. Forcas goes around twice and picks up an extra.

The coral allows us to breathe underwater. We drop a long way down and Druul’s continual light coin reveals an eyeball larger than the cage we’re in.

Lysander asks 3 questions of each of us individually: 1st question – Why should we be the ones to lead the resistance to the DVL’s. Kauri: The mothers asked us to. Myself: Necessity Druul: Freeedom

2nd question: What dealings have you had and what do you think of my kin (Dragons). Kauri: Poor – Azreal. Myriantaxis – good. Sharp mind, great artis. We should bring her back. Prix – Good. She’s back. She’s not as trustworthy as Myriantaxis but she’s smart. Azreal – started bad, seems to have turned a new leaf. But again, he’s the Emporer, it’s hard to read where his heart lies. But that’s his regular story.

Myself: Azreal – brought low by the DVL’s. Swooing over trying to get Prix. Organized things more positively than our first power encountered Jardin – comaradari, I would be Prix – aloof, but less distrustful than Azreal. Seems to protect us from Azreal’s machinations. Itherialama – good lady Phil – good fellow Myriantaxis – unknown Red dragon – gave his life for us Brastiamachus – honorable fellow

Last question: What do we think of his children, do we regret the aid our group was provided in the past? Kauri – negative Velkin – neutral – won’t judge on hearsay. Khelratha – asks if she’s mom or dad… she says Mom. He says he fights to honor his mom’s memory. Some he would kill, others he would not. Drays – good. Gronsk – bad. Serithoz – bad.

Lysander speaks: We’ve answered honestly and that’s all they can ask for. She offers an alternate route to Gharmorost that will take 2 days without any chance of alerting the DVL’s. For this service, we’re to hunt down and capture Bavmorda.

We agree to the proposal.