Session One Hundred and Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 107, September 21 2022



We continue at 5:00PM on the 19th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having completed their inquiries at the Armadan prison. Suspecting that Bavmorda was aided in her escape by a DVL disguised as an Acolyte of Lysander, the group intends to rush toward the flagship at the center of the city and confirm whether any priests were dispatched to deliver a message to the imprisoned half-orc. Of course, they also need to consider whether the party wants to solve the mystery of Bavmorda's escape given the potential deal on offer from Baalzebul's representative -- free passage into and around Gharmarost in exchange for dropping their investigation. The party has consistently rejected the yellow-hats offers to date ... will that change now?

Larry's Summary

We leave the prison and make our way toward the center with the temple. Along the way we are ambushed by 8 orcs with small crossbows. We kill two, beheaded by Khelratha. We slept one with sleep poison and held another. One, Trum got away. Two of the ones we knocked down had their throats slit, the two prisoners confirmed that one of them got one, and Trum must have gotten the other.

They told us that Krench told them that Admiral Elkior didn't like how we were nosing aroung. Our guide, Becklam, works for Elkior and had no idea who they were and wasn't privy to our questioning of them.

We bound and gagged them and took them to the temple and the Seer lowered them down to Lysander for questioning, and we learned that they were with the Haberdashers. That leads us to wonder if the Haberdashers are working with the DVLs or perhaps a different faction of DVLs or just their own purposes.

We get Alys, AKA The Seer, to send Devilfish to scan all the admirals and seek Bavmorda. We plan to go to Iliasa to question her, since she is one of the Haberdashers. This will help the devilfish with their scanning.

While at the temple, Ajax shows up, who Velkin had follow the orc that got away. He passed Elkior's area and seems to be heading to Iliasa's area. Velkin sent Ajax back to keep following the orc.

We tell Alys to be careful and get guards, and she just goes below decks, trusting in Lysander's protection.

Alys give us Dromelch as a guide, as we had dismissed Backlam back to Elkior. Dromelch tells us that there is a priest named Logi, but he is old, slow, blind, and senile. He hasn't been to the prison in years, and does not wear a hat under his hood.

We then head off towards Iliasa's after disentangling ourselves from a rambling conversation with Logi.

Velkin Scrolls 71 - Session 107

5pm, Denrilden 19

00.00000.09.12 Apocalypse Clock

We’re ambushed on our way to the Flagship with the temple to Lysander by 6 orcs. We pick up 70 poisoned hand crossbow bolts and 7 poisoned short swords. The attackers have tattoos of unknown meaning. They have nothing else other than their weapons. Forcas harvests their fingers.

Another of their group killed two that we dropped before leaving. Questioning one: Says they were sent by Elchior’s man Krensh. They were going to hit us at Garankh’s but Krensh told them where to find us.

Trum was the attacker who escaped.

The prisoners offer to help kill Elchior and the men on his flagship. We decline.

As we walk, Kauri and Jardin talk a bit about Dragons and magic:

Lysander – always was weird. A loner. Went her own way when they arrived in this world. All the old stories about her. She’s an unpredictable ally. He’s worried about what is happening on the mainland.

Kauri – dragons – don’t show up magic unless they’re casting.

We arrive at the Flagship at sundown and the Seer comes to meet us. She shoves coral in the prisoner’s mouth and loads him up into the cage to go visit Lysander.

The Haberdashers appear to be helping Bavmorda. We relay the findings from Elchior’s prison barge mentioning Lagi as the one who visited. They bring Lagi up and he’s an old guy, one eye’d and probably was just the name that was used.

It could be the Haberdashers are the ones contracted to kill our party.

7pm We go to Eliasa’s flagship.