Session One Hundred and Seventy-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 171, February 28 2024



We continue at 7:50PM on the 21st of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party flying away from Feldmark either on or carried by Prixithalma after barely surviving the battle involving the Infected Monstrosity and the Stone God. During that battle, the Stone God melted the Infected Monstrosity with its magma breath weapon and now continues its pursuit of the group. The party, meanwhile, managed to recover the golden tablets of the Oswithan Chosen One and observed where the enchanted armband fell into the Feldrun River (although they did not recover it yet). Can the party elude their stony pursuer? Is Crescent Island now exposed to the DVL invasion? How long can Prix carry everyone? Where did the Gilded Gusset go? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

We evaded the Stone God. Kauri used the god stone to cast haste so Prixithalma could outfly him.

We recovered the bracer. We did not spot the nanocarbon dagger and are not sure if it survived the magma breath of the stone god. Kauri dropped the used god stone in the mud to prevent the stone god from following us.

We went down river and found the Bronze Wizard. It managed to avoid getting caught in the current that took Lambertus, Felix, and others into the sinkhole opened up by the stone god.

We decided to take a look in the sink hole to see if we could quickly and easily find our lost friends.

We have lost sight of the Stone God and our initial plan was to go underground until we find our friends.

Lolth's spider spun a new portal that seems to be resistant to sunlight. We are reluctant to use the portal.

Glompus's Letter

Hey there Spud,

A small update to flying through the sky while hanging off the bottom of our boat. Grandpappy definitely made a mess in his wetsuit. We got to a safe distance and landed to lick our wounds. Snuffles was sad about being caught in the net, and he came over for cuddles, but at least he’s safe.

After we got our feet under us, we got back in the boat and Prix took off with it again. We dropped Velkin off to look for the artifact the Oswithans wanted that fell into the river. It took him a bit, but he eventually found it, and we flew off back to the coast. The artifact ended up being a bracelet for using a magic sword that could send people to other dimensions, or something like that.

Once we got back to the coast, we left a bit of the Stone God’s body to see if we could lure it to its body part and get it to stop following us. I volunteered to stay and watch it to see if the Stone God came, but I sent Snuffles with the others so he’d be safe. He wasn’t happy about it, but Velkin promised him a lot of fingers so he went along.

I watched through the night, but the Stone God never came back to the bit of itself. I was able to talk to a mole (not a mutated one, I’m afraid for all of them because they were in the mountain that blew up). He said he felt a big boom and several little booms the day before. I told him to hide for two days before he rebuilt his home tunnels so they wouldn’t collapse again.

I went back to my friends and told them what the mole said. Snuffles was really happy to see me, and I gave him a bunch of scritches. We decided to go find our friends, and took off in the boat again. Prix turned invisible to carry it so we wouldn’t alarm anyone. We found the Bronze Wizard pretty quickly, and landed on the deck. Nigel was confused at how we were flying, and because your grandpappy is a scamp I told him the holes in the boat were magic runes, and I could say “abra cadabra” to make the boat fly. I waved my hands and made a big show of it when we left to find the Gilded Gusset, and you should have seen the look on his face, it was great.

We headed back to the hole big sink hole near where the Gilded Gusset disappeared. Velkin scouted and didn't find anything, so we're regrouping to decide what to do. I really hope our friends were ok. There were some good folks on that boat, I think you’d like them Spud. I’ll write again when we get another break.

Love, Grandpappy Glompus 22nd of Anurilden