Session One Hundred and Seventy-Six Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 176, April 10 2024



We continue at 12:00PM on the 26th of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party in the main audience hall of Dun’Khel about to address the leaders of the various dwarven clans. The group needs to convince these dwarves to abandon Dun’Khel and pass through a web portal to an unknown refuge from Asmodeus’s forces provided by Lolth. Can the party make a convincing case for this course of action? Will the dwarves (and other refugees in Dun’Khel) be saved? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

The Lord Marshall wraps up his words and glances at us.

Thorfus tries to dissuade Velkin from speaking about the Drow and Lolth's assistance.

Lord Marshall - I've had alarming news come to me from a group of adventurers. Well, they've done a lot of good. I know that rumors have already gone around about their exploits and destruction of the beast there and potential for food for all.

Unfortunately, what they have to say at this moment.

The good that they've done may not be enough to save us.

Thorfus speaks.

Written notes being passed to Lord Thuridan and some larger clans. Smaller clans are mostly listening.

Thorfus lays out his arguments by presenting the facts and that we have paid a price to get us away.

Glompus speaks and thanks the clans for helping the gnomes. with more acclaim than Thorfus received.

The leaders of Clans Thuridan and Morthil move closer to each other and lean in to discuss something.

Velkin decides it is best to maintain silence. He whispers to Thorfus, "The only thing I'd add is not appeal to fear and trepidation but to help with our plans."

Olman Thuridan & Anxo Morthil finish their conversation and step up to the dais, carrying some notes. They turn and make a quick bow to the Lord Marshall, and he isn't looking forward to this.

He says, "Ah, yes, Marshal Morthil, Marshall Thuridan, I imagine you have some questions. "

Olman Thuridan steps forward, these are worrisome tidings. If everything checks out, then these adventurers have done us a great service with the warning and a plan. So is it Chieftan Ironhand? Wasn't there some issue at some time back. Didn't your clan split. Wasn't your branch of the family exiled?

Thorfus says he will not debate the politics of a dead khel, nor dispute the merits of anything you may say.

I believe master gnome, one of the rangers, I don't think anyone would impune the goodwill of his people or anyone here.

Preface my other questions with thank you, to master Glompus for the service to your people.

On behalf of all Dun Khel it has been our great pleasure to help your people.

Leaving aside past issues then, shuffling notes. Anxo Morthil points at one. then Olman Thuridan says so your explanation is that something at this ancient kehl on this very island. Can you explain the location of this khel. It is truly a shame that this place has been destroyed. Though I believe that are had issues.

Glompus says, I can clarify that the issues are what made it blow up.

Velkin and I can both talk to the animals. We talked to some ghosts, read some manuals, figured out it was going to blow up, and high-tailed it out of there. That confirms some of the intelligence I have. I have taken the liberty of talking to some of the sailors on the bronze wizard.

Your group went up the river to explore.

Thorfus says yes, we investigate this place and found monstrosities warped by the overwhelming out of control power by the DVLs.

There has been speculation of why we were safe here in Dun Khel.

Both things shortly after you were in proximity to them were destroyed.

I don't mean to impune your honor in any way. Your explanation was powerful, but do you have proof.

Thorfus reveals the scars of self torture and torture by the ancient dwarves.

Olman is near laughter at Thorfus' tale, and Anxo takes over.

I don't want to see this khel destroyed.

Anxo says that your sacrifice and earnestness is evident.

I'm sure Marshall Thuridan may have more to say in a moment.

I want to pick up on something else clearly important.

You have secured us a way to escape, can you be more specific about what that is.

Simply leaving Dun Khel won't work.

Thorfus says we secured a portal to another world.

Who is this benefactor, it seems pretty important.

Bogdan Siveril says so are you saying that our benefactor is a DVL.

Demons and Devils are all DVLs but demons are free.

That does answer my question.

I assume your companions can vouch that this is a being that we can trust.

Velkin says yest.

Master Glompus? Yes, it isn't my first choice but the best available choice.

Means of escape by a free DVL at odds with the other DVLs.

Anxo continues, since you've been very thorough to know that this isn't a ploy to deliver us to the other DVLs?

Yes, This was a face to face negotiation? Yes.

Quite a few, dwarves and others in Dun Khel. I'm having trouble imagining a place that is safe.

You have no debt, you merely have to accept the gift.

No debt? That seems like a remarkable deal.

We paid the debt for you.

Again, like the Lord Marshall said, this group has been nothing but helpful since you arrived.

Those were my main questions. Marshal Thuridan and other questions.

I think all that we need to know has been said.

I think you Thorfus Ironhand, master Glompus, and others, I suppose then a final summary of the situation as I understand it. A few months ago, something terrible happened. The rest of the world has suffered at the hands of these DVLs and through a miraculous conjunction of events, we were safe so far. Perhaps the only dwarves left in all of Medeia.

So something terrible happened, we were spared, further horrific occurrences with this monstrosity in Feldmark, we opened our doors to refugees, many own their lives to Master Glompus. Perhaps this monstrosity was keeping us safe, but perhaps a misunderstanding due to lack of evidence. The Lord Marshall seeing a capable group sent you out to secure food stores to preserve this khel since the rest of the world have fallen into a bad way.

You left here, investigated this ancient dwarven khel, when this ancient ruin that sat undisturbed since the days of the dwarven empire was about to explode, and defeated the monstrosity and we cold feed ourselves.

In that time, even Thorfus Ironhand referred to this in his explanation that some strangers forced into the khel and connected with a members of this group of adventurers that turned out to be dragons. Their presence here is what exposed us to them along with the other events when the group was away from Dun Khel. Coincidentally, there were two members of Thorfus' group were secretly dragon and they just so happened to visit this khel and it exploded, and they defeated the creature, then the dragons revealed the DVL plot, and they made a deal with a free DVL to go to another place in another dimension.

Is that accurate?

Thorfus says, in broad strokes yes.

Given the imminent attack, we have to make a decision to leave in a matter of hours, basically the entire khel and the refugees we have taken in.


I think this as clear as we can hope for.

The stakes at play here, the evidence is all fairly clear, thank you for entertaining our question.

That covers it for me, Anxo. Nods. He then thanks the Lord Marshall to follow up on these concerns.

Thorfus starts putting his clothes and gear back on.

Lord Marshall Thorvenkhul turns to us and asks if there is anything else?

Thorfus says that this is not the desired outcome, but it the best we can do in the time available.

Toth Tovenkhul moves and bows to Lord Marshall Torvenkhul. Yes Marshall Torvenkhul, you have something to say. Yes, Lord Marshall, having the evidence presented and there are no other questions, I would like to call for a vote to see where we all stand.

Bogdan Siveril seconds the call for a vote and the other clan leaders then speak up.

Poll your clans, then in a few minutes I will call the assembly back to order.

The lord marshall stands and walks to the back of the room and we follow at the motion of Yuri.

Yuri says that we are giving them time to express themselves without the Lord Marshall or others.

The Lord Marshall stops, leans against the wall, and pulls out a pipe.

Guards take up position.

Lord Marshall Torvenkhul says it could have gone better. Glompus says that he thought it started off being in favor of Thorfus, and the Lord Marshall says that no they hated you from the beginning.

Toth will send a message of what they are saying.

1st they will argue there is no real proof of this imminent danger than this proof you brought, and based on your own testimony, the impetus could easily be put to your own actions at the ancient khel and at Feldmark. Not sure how hard they will push that,

Third, that was a pretty underhanded dig mentioning your clans issues. It was probably not best to admit to the name Khelrather.

Finally, save by a DVL who takes us to a different dimension.

When the portal opens up, covered with spider webs. In the abstract, an actual portal opening and spiders?

Hopefully, some of the minor clans were listening, and even the Silverils seemed open to it.

They will ask me to relinquish the Lord Marshalship. Glompus says if you leave with us, it won't be for long, everyone else will just re-elect you again.

Thuridan will let the clans that want to go, especially the Torvenkhul to be the new Lord Marshall.

It will be all formal in court. Does that block us from the people who want to leave? No, it will be predicated on Thorvenkhul leaving.

Velkin asks if it will be helpful at all if he spoke? Lord Marshall looks at Yuri, who shrugs. I don't think we will lose anyone.

Velkin said he will say, we are the Wardens of Medeia to prevent the total scourge of this planet. Our group is all races working together. Nothing against the bravery or determination of the dwarven people, but when faced with overwhelming force, is it wide to fight, other than to give your people time to fight.


Then Velkin says, being the first of all the drow I can guarantee the safety of all your people and their safe return when Asmodeus is defeated.

I think we will stay away form the leader of all the drow.

Whoever we've won over, we've won over, it won't being anyone that we have lost.

Going through the portal is taking the fight to the DVLs rather than tacking it up the ass.

You mean, betraying this DVL. No. but a few thousand dwarves to help fight the DVLs, Lolth might be able to put us in a position to fight.

The messenger comes.

Did Toth bring anyone around.

Toth said that Olman is making a play for the Lord Marshalship, and has denounced Thorfus and companions and blamed it on us, and cast doubt on plan to save us. Far too many coincidences to get us out of the safety of our khel to destroy us.

Silveril still back and forth, tho Toth thinks he can convince Bogdan who needs a little push. The minor clans, we've lost clan Ornthalas but Barta Vargril was moved by Thorfus' words.

It looks like we'd be saving around 2,200 dwarves for the clans that are in. Maybe 1,200 to 1,300 if Silveril falls in, so less than half.

Lord Marshall shakes his head and mutters about less than half.

So Bogdan had impugned and insulted my honor as a clan chief. Yes, the first thing he said was pretty insulting. What did he say? The whole thing about your clan and the drama there.

That was just to stir up mud, it has nothing to do with the issue.

Thorfus says, Lord Marshal as one chief to another, I'd like your permission to challenge the chief who has impugned my honor.

Thorvenkhul is shocked.

You mean if you call him out, if you win, under the old laws, that would make you Marshall of Thuridan.

You can't challenge them all.

Yuri says, Morthil is off the table. If Olman loses it will be Anko who wants the Lord Marshalshp and Thorfus as Lord Marshall could bring his clan along.

I don't know what that will do to Silveril.

It could be a wash it could work out.

Anko, run back in, go to Toth directly, alone and run this by him, and see how this would sway Bogdan Silveril. If we gain one clan and lose another, it won't do any good.

Also mention the Velkin plans on arguing first, then I will stand as if call for the vote but then announce that Thorfus' honor has been impugned.

Maybe the combination we can hang onto the minor houses and gain Thuridan.

Glompus also wants to speak to him being accused of chaos.

Yuri sends a guard to the archives for records in case it does come to trial by combat.

The Lord Marshall says, I'm giving a bit longer than I anticipated to hear what Toth thinks,

Anko comes back, about 12:40 PM and is lead through by the guards.

The guard has returned with scrolls.

What did Toth think? He thinks Bogdan is really on the fence, but he's a fighter, so he might like striking back. Definitely, the others will be out if Thorfus beheads Olman, but they're already out, so Toth says, "Go for it."

Lord marshall turns to Yuri, what do the scrolls say?

Thorfus as a clan leader of his own clan, Thorfus, you definitely want to make it personal so he doesn't stand aside and choose a second.

By the rules, there are two options. You can either be provided armor and weapons by the Lord Marshall for the resolution of the challenge, or you can swap armor and weapons. I do not recommend that one.

Since I'm doing the one doing the challenging, Olman would have the choice, so you might want to divest yourself of anything you don't want used against him.

I think if we can convince him that Thorfus is still holding the ice blade he is much more likely to accept the challenge. Velkin has a Winter King magic sword that is similar to Thorfus's frost brand and Thorfus trades with Velkin. It is not dishonorable to let Olman believe it is the frost brand.

We wipe clean the blade to ensure there is no poison.

We go back in Lord Marshall says, Clans of Dun Khel and marshalls. it is a momentous decision. The members of the Wardens of Medeia would like to say a few words before out final decision.

Master Velkin Herig has a few things to say. You can see that our group is a motley crew has come together to fight the DVLs. We have found that the truth is the best way to handle things.

The determination of your people is legendary. Lend your force of arms to the struggle. By chosing to survive you can carve your names into legends of days to come where your names will live on. Toth gives a thumbs up.

The lord marsall nods and thanks Velkin, then calls forth Master Glompus. Maybe not everything was quite respectful. As the Lord Marshall said. These two dwarves were nice to me, but then it was explained to me was it wasn't nice. The implication they gave you dwarves, is that I moved my people here away from the monster in Feldmark, where my people died. To turn around and accuse me of betraying the place of safety. How much ale have you had?

Come tell me to my face what you have to say, or do you not have the rocks in that little sack of yours?

Marshall Thuridan steps forward. Perhaps the reports that Master Mossrock has been given, at no point have I suggested anything to impugn Glompus Mossrock's honor and in no way, do I believe Master Mossrock, the most recent addition to the Wardens of Medeia, who joined them on their most recent expedition. I apologize for any misunderstanding. Absolutely and disavow any interpretation of your actions that were not favorable.

Master Kauri an expert in mysticism and other dimensions and has a few things to explain.

Kauri steps forward and looks around and says, "I see a dead people. You sit here and squabble like women over vegetables in a market stall. Do you not see what looms before you. On one hand, certain doom. You cannot withstand the onslaught of our enemies. You question our motives based on circumstantial evidence of us travelling with various others, but we are all children of Medeia. We do not want to see this world or this people move to oblivion by crimes of their long gone ancestors. You can stay and die in vain as cannon fodder or come with us to live and fight another day."

Farkas Tolith says Here, here. The first reaction from this clan. Much more cheering.

Lord Marshall glances at Yuri, who spreads his hands.

Lord Marshall says thank you Wardens of Medeia, however we move on to some unpleasant business. Lord Thorfus Ironhand feels his honor has been impugned and wants to take the opportunity of the ancient writes. Nervous glances.

Master Ironhand, would you like to express to the court this slight and expresses his disdain for his actions and is probably of such low stature that he would call on another to fight in his place.

Call out Olman Thuridan for his cowardly words about me and my clan, the smallest of Xenilum Khel, a Khel that fell to the dread infection that created that monstrosity. I've killed thousands of those creatures.

Olman brushes off his aides and steps forward.

The Lord Marshall calls Yuri to step forward and explain it from the scroll. According to the ancient laws of Dun Khel and all Khels, when one leader has insulted another leader whether or not of the same Kehl can call for a trial by combat to resolve it.

Thorfus do you wishi this?


Olman do you accept this challenge? Everyone is urging him not to do it. Secretary, Lord Marshall, I do accept this challenge. In fact, it was my intention with the upcoming vote, to make the motion that if Clan Torvenkhul plans to lead that a new Lord Marshall will be necessary. I intend to put my name up for that honor. so it is not possible to let Master Ironhand's challenge go unanswerwed.

Yuri explains the challenge and Olman is looking over Thorfus' gear. What choice I elect to exchange gear for Master Ironhand.

If master Thuridan is defeated, master Ironhand has the right to take up the mantle of Clan Thuridan.

OK let's decide this now.

Thorfus starts stripping off his sword and armor, and Lord Thuridan sends for his gear.

Lord Marshall appoints Bogdan Silverill as the judge of the challenge.

The gear is passable, there is chainmail and a sword and battle axe. Thorfus chooses the battle axe.

Olman's man picks up Thorfus armor and weapon. Olman checks the sword and checks again when it doesn't quite have the cold. He sneers and still straps it on.

Bogdan goes to the center of the circle marked in chalk and motions Thorfus and Olman to join him.

Bogdan looks pleased by everything.

Bogdan Silverill says I've never seen one of these done, it is simple. You are allowed to use any of the equipment you have from your opponent. It is either to death or surrender. The winner has the choice to accept the surrender. Don't leave the circle and no magic, but seems like the world has taken care or that for us.

Any questions? No.

Man, I almost wish it was me. Thank you Thorfus, it's nice to see the old ways.

Best of luck to you both, leaving us in the circle.

Olman draws the longsword.

Thorfus says, Well, I suppose we better get to it.

Thorfus gets in the first hit. Olman barely fights back a cry. He doesn't fall, he is definitely hurt.

He hits Thorfus, then again, Thorfus misses, then thorfus knocks him down hard.

Olman drops, all are in shock, and Thorfus takes his head.

Thorfus Ironhand has won the challenge, the claim has been settled. He is now Marshall Thuridan and there is much cheering. Bogdan indicates that Thorfus should go stand with Clan Thuridan.

Thorfus says that he should be buried in his own honor. He died

Olman's man helps Thorfus out of

Anxo Morthil is staring daggers at Thorfus, since his ally is dead.

Now that that is settled, a more important issue that will settle things for this entire Khel.

Master Thuridan had an excellent point that I agree. I intend to go with the Wardens and will be stepping down to leave with the clans that are leaving.

First to decide which clans go and which stay, then a vote for Lord Marshall of those who stay.

Lord Marshall calls for vote

Clan Morthil - Anxo staring daggers at Thorfus, Clan Morthil will stay behind and defend against any enemy DVL or otherwise.

Clan Thuridan, Marshall Ironhand -Thuridan how to you vote? There being no objections, we will be going.

Clan Tolith, Farkas Tolith, we have decided we will evacuate.

Clan Silveril, Bogdan Silveril, we elect to evacuate and flashes a smile to Thorfus. I htink they have shown their mettel today, they are honorable and can be trusted.

Caln Torvenkul, Toth Torvenkul - we are evacuating.

Minor Clans: Vulen (Fodor Vulen) - evacuating.

Vargril (Barta Vargril) - evacuating.

Ornthalas (Virag Ornthalas) - They will stay.

4 major clans, and two minor clans, so about 6,000 out of 8,000 or 75% will be evacuating.

Marshall Torvenkul takes off his crown and sets it on the throne.

It is c. 1:30 PM and the portal opens at 11:30 PM, just over 9 hours.

Return to your clan residences, spread the word, gather the essentials, what food you have, weapons, tools for all the artisans, and we will meet in the central well at the docks. Get there as soon as you can.

It has been an honor to serve as Lord Marshall.

Yes, Master Mossrock, I believe you have some business to take care of.

Good luck, I will see you at the docks.

Velkin says, I'm not sure what will be needed, but if you have treasure to be able to trade, I suggest you take as much as you can.

Former Lord Marshall Torvenkul waves us off, yes, some treasure.

The various secretaries and advisors of Clan Thuridan are hesitant. Should they spread the word?

If there are any important records or history of our clan, we will need those, I have a lot to learn.

Leave me a guide to show me where to go, I have to get my pack and coordinate with my companions.

The lead secretary appointed a junior secretary to guide Thorfus.

Thorfus asks if his predecessor has a family? Yes a wife, seven sons, and three daughters. Do the children have families? All but the two youngest, the youngest son and daughter.

Thorfus asks Yuri what the protocol is for what I'm supposed to do now. Short version, you are the Marshall of the Clan. This is weird because there will be a travelling court, and Malthus Torvenkul would be the Marshall of the Torvenkuls. Technically, Thorfus is a candidate for the new Lord Marshall of the traveling court.

Someone could challenge Thorfus, but there is no court because there is no new Lord Marshall.

As far as family things, it is expected to provide for the widow and children.

The most successful speech was Kauri's.

Next Time, gnome stuff, and evacuation.