Session One Hundred and Sixteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 116, November 30 2022

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We continue at 10:40PM on the 20th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party in Cort's hut next to Ragamar's ship after learning that the mad wizard wants to use TikTok to go somewhere unknown using the coordinates he has written all over his residence. Wary of a possible one-way trip to realms unknown, the adventurers denied his request and that sent him into a catatonic state. Of course, the group still has the entirety of the next day to change their mind about that -- as well as resupply for the trip to Gharmarost and negotiate their deal with Beelzebub's envoy. Time is starting to run short to take advantage of all opportunites and some choices will need to be made ...

Larry's Summary

In Cort's hut, apprentice of Ragamar, the orc wizard.

Head back to the Imperial Ships.

The *Eclipse* still has a hole from where captain Hiro taken, other two ships, *Lady of the Fire* Captain Birklen and *The Red Crest*, Captain Elion.

We gather in the captain's cabin to have our meeting to discuss the contract.

What ship are we taking? Khelratha asks? One of the other ships. Jardin suggest one of the other two, I'm not a navy man, so I'll let Druul decide, Druul choses Captain Birklen, 2nd in command of Hiro.

Druul suggests repairs and accommodations for the ship. Jardin thinks room for a change since not taking up on their offer for transport.

Druul suggests a new contract for Neutrality, Jardin, yes, we are certainly overpaying for just repairs.

Jardin - to be honest, permission to keep docking here, there's no where for them to go. At least hear, protection of Armada, if not the storm around the city.

Jardin - I may not join you at the market, I will work out the details.

We agonize over the contract and ask Kauri to have TikTok review our edit and he suggests the associates of the **Wardens of Meidia** is too open ended, so we added this includes those who arrive with us on the Lady of Fire.

We break for the night to sleep.

Early next morning the Yellow Hat arrives and is waiting for us on deck.

Sitting at improvised table waiting for us.

Khelratha asked Yellow Hat about the Ragamar, something is truly wrong with him, madness. Steer clear of him. I was told of his affliction when he arrived. When I saw his ship and the writing he covered it with I realized that one is not well. Indeed I should probably do something about him.

Perhaps I understand his writings better. Oh, you've seen them. Definietly coordinates, and not something a Hedge Wizard should be able to produce, clearly unnatural (DVL), so definitely stay away from him. I have a strong feeling I should stay away from him.

So you're afraid of him?

He has tapped into something that he doesn't understand, and it is dangerous to them.

It is possible my presence will activate something that should be let alone.

What I can see from a distance, the particular way his mind has been touched he has knowledge he shouldn't have.

I wouldn't concern yourselves with him.

So you don't know where these coordinates lead? I would need to see them.

He has no magic, if I were to present myself to him, it might cause issues.

He indicated he will have associates of Krugma deal with him.

If it were to drop Armada on top of the Inquisitorial Citadel, I doubt Geryon would be happy about that. Which is true of other Lieutenants of Asmodeus. Diplomatic headache usually means losing one's head.

So no minor DVL could do this? It is specialized knowledge, so not in my realm of expertise. It is not exclusive to our lords. There are other DVLs I consider my equals could do it.

Ready to sign, do you have alterations.

We give the Yellow Hat the revised contract to read.

He stops holds finger to his lips, in general I think this is acceptable.

We haggle over fine points of his edit.

Khelratha - Well I'm glad my grandfather taught me all this stuff before I took my place at the head of the family.


    • Yellow-Hat Revisions** (Final Signed Version)

Wardens of Meidia identify as all associates, retainers and/or hired persons who arrive on the Lady of Fire (Imperial Ship) along with that same ship itself

Lord Beelzebub identify as Lord Beelzebub, Lieutenant of Asmodeus and Viceroy of the Coastal Provinces of the Former Dragon Empire and all its underlings

We, the undersigned members of the Wardens of Meidia, hereby pledge that during our current business in Gharmarost we will not intentionally disrupt or injure the person or interests of Lord Beelzebub, Lieutenant of Asmodeus and Viceroy of the Coastal Provinces of the Former Dragon Empire. In exchange, Lord Beelzebub and its underlings pledge to not impede, disrupt, injure or undermine the Wardens upon entry, exit, and whilst in domains under Lord Beelzebub’s control. This amnesty also extends to any associate, retainer or hired persons traveling with Wardens of Meidia.

Lord Beelzebub furthermore agrees to an audience with the Wardens to negotiate further aide in their infiltration of the Inquisitorial Citadel. During this audience, Lord Beelzebub will share all intelligence he has regarding Geryon's disposition of forces at the Citadel and timing of sentries in that same location. Furthermore, Lord Beelzebub will share what he knows about Geryon's knowledge of and plans for the Wardens of Meidia.  **Lord Beelzebub** and its underlings will hold silence on all conversations and actions of the **Wardens of Meidia**, excepting as this conflicts with Lord Beelzebub's preexisting duties and obligations. In any event, Lord Beelzebub and its underlings will not voluntarily share information on any conversations or actions by the Warden of Meidia (as per the metatextual conversation that occurred during the drafting of this agreement).

This entire contract becomes null and void and is cancelled 15 days after the undersigned Wardens having physically exited Lord Beelzebub’s domain of the Coastal Provinces and The Inquisitorial Library. Furthermore Lord Beelzebub and its underlings will not track, impede, disrupt, injure or undermine the Wardens of Meidia within those same 15 days if said Wardens continue to uphold their pledges as defined above. ```

Druul signs and Yellow Hat pulls out a rolled up piece of parchment tied with a ribbon and hands it to you. It is for all of you. You will need to sign it also, preferably in my presence.

Druul unrolls and it appears to be some sort of further document, a warrant. Of course that is to show those you encounter when you arrive in the city to know what they can and cannot do to us.

```note Those in possession of this document, known as the Wardens of Meidia and named below, have been granted safe passage into and out of Gharmarost by Lord Beelzebub, Lieutenant of Asmodeus and Viceroy of the Coastal Provinces of the Former Dragon Empire. They should be treated as honored guests and not impeded in any way as they go about their business. Failure to honor this document will be seen as an act of treason against Lord Beelzebub and dealt with accordingly. ```

Definitely have it in hand with the seal clearly visible when you arrive.

We have to sign the writ of safe passage as it applies to us.

Word will travel fast.

Velkin signs and Khelratha signs as Thorfus Ironhand. Alex/Kauri assumed to have signed unless a clause he would have argued for.

We all sign the writ of safe passage.

There is a mark a sigil in the abyssal language in both abyssal and common, on behalf of Lord Beelzebub and his titles.

He will make a copy of the contract and make two more copies of the writ of safe passage that we all sign for the DVL copy.

DVL points to section about the audience and says be cautious. You were an excellent foil to me in this contract negotiation. It will be more intense when you meet my master. I would recommend you avoid signing anything further. Make any agreement by word of mouth and don't promise anything if you can help it.

Just make sure whatever you ask for complements what you're there to do.

It is now about 7:30 AM.

Jardin goes to speak with at least one of the admirals about the 2 ships to be left behind.

Jardin tells the Eclipse sailor that we are moving to the Lady of Fire and to see to it.

We suggest that Jardin add in that Ragamar shall not be harmed.

We let Caspar and family know that they are moving to the other ship.

Head to the slave market on the way to the market to get furniture.

Go through Garank's, Elkior's, then Krugma's to slave market.

Velkin asks Ajax to guide us there.

The oddest thing we encounter is once from Elkior's to Kurgma's we come to a large number of barges, ships leveled off, actually dirt and small plants and trees. *The Great Park*. This is where Ajax tells us we can cut across the park for a shorter route.

Almost the shadow of the old Imperial Flagship at the center of Armada with a gangplank connecting to another ship and is guarded with some beefy looking orcs. Eying us as we come to gangplank.

We're just here to see if there's anyone here we know.

Orc blows whistle and lets us in, salesman waits for you on other side.

A much less beefy looking orc, a bit like Jardin, slicked hair and goatee with lots of beard oil, and dressed fancier than average sailor with a cloak. Big toothy smile.

One looks us over and says, "You have business here?"

Perhaps you seek more indentured servants for your ships, personal assistants.

We need to see the wares, currently a wide selection, recent difficulties have lead many to flee and are not skilled sailors to avoid us.

We have highly educated, scholars, architects, even some shipwrights, soldiers, and others with domestic skills, cooks, blacksmiths. So many choices.

Vellkin asks is any from Curabel? Usually the percentage is much higher, primarily Imperials. There were a few that came in from Western Curmiden, taken prisoner during a squabble between native tribes.

Velkin asks if any engravers or jewelers? No

Metalworkers? Yes. Above average blacksmiths and weapon smiths.

Khelratha asks if there are any dwarves? No.

Velkin asks if there are any elves? We do, will it be a problem. We only have a couple, one is a carpenter, and the other a cook.

Velkin asks who among the highly educated. Imperial Bureaucrats from Imperial Naval College. One of them was a junior shipwright.

Khelratha says, Yes, bring us the native islanders from Western Curmidden. Please make yourself comfortable. Area with a platform.

He comes back with 4 native islanders, 3 women and a man, squinting in the sunlight. with manacles. I asked for skillsets, male is a farmer, two females are warriors and one is a hunter. Standard time is 3 years, the warriors worth a bit more. 50 gold for warriors, 30 for hunter, 20 for farmer. These will be the cheapest prices, this is older stock. Our Imperial Reserves are much better.

Khelratha goes over and asks if they are from Montoa. You may be all that's left, but you're welcome to come with us. I was there when it was attacked, did no one escape. I thought Kalia led away those who couldn't fight.