Session One Hundred and Sixty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 169, February 7 2024



We continue at 5:10AM on the 21st of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party sailing up the Feldrun River and arriving at the abandoned (and partially destroyed) town of Landing. Their initial plan was to commandeer a boat to approach Feldmark itself while leaving their ships at anchor ready to run if things went south with the Infected Monstrosity. Now, though, they are fleeing before a clearly upset God of Stone Elementals that emerged from the ocean after chasing them for weeks across the world. It clearly wants the stones taken from its amputated arm back. Will the party continue to avoid this deity's retribution? Can they still make it to Feldmark and recover the artifacts and foodstores languishing there? Are we leading up to a kaiju battle? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

We come into Landing hugging the North shore. We see a bunch of wrecked ships. We are still faster than the stone god. We have lost sight of the stone god.

There are barges and smaller vessels, some wrecked and some still tied up at dock.

Kauri wraps up the dimension detecting orb in the leg of an environmental suit, twisted it, folded it over and put it in the chest with TikTok since the chest hides TikTok from the outside.

We discuss having Kauri and Felix learn spells from the god stones to get one last use out of them. Then use them to lure the stone god towards Feldmark and a possible Kaiju fight. Velkin and Prix made invisible with blood magic invisibility.

Nigel called over to ask if we are going to tie up. Yes.

Thorfus suggests that the crew search undamaged ships for food and other useful supplies.

We transfer all food and anything useful from the Gilded Gusset to the Bronze Wizard.

Kauri re-learns his spells from the god stone (MM & Haste) -OR- he casts from his spellbook or Edan's spellbook, or one of his scrolls -OR- we use it to cast a spell from the full volume of spells back at Dun Khel.

Velkin and Prix make preparations to lead the stone god towards Feldmark.

Thorfus scans the horizon with his blessed spyglass.

Glompus searched for signs of life/activity and detected none.

Druul checks on his new healing plants from the buds. Druul gets three buds to bloom.

Felix is doing a teaching seminar with Lambertus about the infected. They are infected, not undead.

Peronelle is antsy waiting at the dock at the abandoned town.

Renthark keeps checking the staff to ensure it is strapped to his back. We aren't sure which of the undead monstrosity and the stone god he would take on one on one.

We empty out the Gilded Gusset of food stores and anything useful is loaded to the Bronze Wizard.

Nigel puts together scouting parties made of 3-4 sailors to go to the nearest ships on the docks looking for anything useful, and a potential backup ship.

After moving supplies and putting together his teams of scavengers, Nigel comes over to consult with us.

Just to clear up, you are taking the Gilded Gusset up to Feldmark, and I'm staying here.

Four Oswithans - Aeda & Derile, Gertnaith, & Eoganan.

Velkin and Prix are turned invisible by blood magic from Kauri using Velkin's blood. Velkin eats two healing buds to heal up.

Velkin and Prix go into town looking for an open area for her to transform to take flight with Velkin.

They fly up and circle to see where the Stone God and undead monstrosity are. All they see is the sea off the coast.

We wait expectantly for the Stone God and after several minutes after the two hours we expected him to show up, he does not. So we head up river towards Feldmark and the supply ship.

Velkin and Prixithalma stay near the docks of Landing. Back near the Bronze Wizard, Velkin notices that the water is more choppy. The sailors of the Bronze Wizard also notice.

Suddenly the dock is collapsing or sinking rapidly and goes beneath the water almost immediately. It keeps going. The other abandoned ships get pulled in that direction and the Bronze Wizard lists in a scary way.

Velkin asks Prix to fly by and slash the lines holding it to the dock. Some sailors trying to cut the lines have gone overboard. Nigel is holding the wheel and yelling, "Cut the lines!"

Prix swoops in and there is a twang in the air and the Bronze Wizard rights itself as the line is suddenly cut. More sailors end up in the water. The water is a madhouse.

There is empty space and other ships are being drawn into the center. A couple clip off the side of the Bronze Wizard. Nigel seems to be getting it a bit more under control and moving away from the dock.

Velkin flies by the Bronze Wizard and yells for them to head out to sea, but they are already moving that way. More docks are sinking in the direction of the docks near the Bronze Wizard, taking more ships with it. As Nigel points more out to sea, the Bronze Wizard seems to be able to sail away.

Velkin has Prix circle over the maelstrom in the river and shouts down in deep common and deep gnome.

Velkin and Prix head towards the Gilded Gusset to fill us in on what happened.

About an hour out from Feldmark, both Glompus and Thorfus catch sight of a flock of birds coming down river. Maybe a few dozen birds.

The movements of the birds through the air is very odd, zig-zagging all over the place. Then it seems they've notices us and then settle in on a track that is an intercept course with us.

Thorfus puts on his environmental suit, Glompus comes down from the crow's nest, and Kauri prepares to cast blood magic fireball.

Druul hits and drops a bird with his crossbow. Kauri's fireball takes out the rest of the flock.

The one that hit the water launches out of the water and circles and is coming up behind us. The crossbow bolt still stuck in it.

We coat all the arrows in 1 flask of oil.

It goes for Kauri and misses. Thorfus hits it solidly and it falls to the deck. We then stab it with our flaming arrows. It sizzles, cooks and burns and goes still on the deck.

We light it up and hang it off the back of the ship.

We coat arrows with pitch to shoot at future infected creatures.

In about an hour we see the rooftops of Feldmark, we make for the North short well before we reach Feldmark.

There are not very many ships here. The docks are mostly empty.

Velkin reaches us and fills us in on the happenings with the Bronze Wizard.

We decide to circle in the middle of the river instead of dropping anchor to be out of reach of the Stone God. We do not see the infected monstrosity.

Velkin and Prix circle in the sky.

Aeda points to the area where she believes their ship went down.

We take the longboat from the Gilded Gusset to go over the sunken ship to retrieve the tablets. Thorfus and Glompus in the environmental suits. Aeda will go with us on the longboat, but doesn't understand the suits and the tanks. She will wait in the boat while those with suits go to the bottom of the river. Renthark, Kauri, Druul, and Snuffles are on the longboat.

Peronelle, Felix, and Lambertus help the male Oswithans sail the Gilded Gusset in circles.

Druul stays on the Gilded Gusset.

Glompus's Letter

Hey there Spud,

The first thing we hit on our run upriver was the town of Landing. We got out to see what we could find, but it was abandoned and mostly run down, and we didn’t see anyone there. We discussed with Nigel, and decided we’d take the Gilded Gusset upriver while he took the Bronze Wizard back out to sea to wait for us. We had a nice lunch while we planned, and Snuffles ate a few more fingers from Velkin’s bag. (No idea where he gets them all. Enchanted item maybe? Bag of Infinite Fingers?)

Velkin and Prixithalma stayed behind to look for the Stone God while the rest of us headed upriver on the Gilded Gusset. We had a mostly uneventful trip until they got back and told us the Stone God was following them, and had almost sunk the Bronze Wizard to boot. Thankfully they made it out, but we kept going double time.

Me and Thorfus were keeping watch as we headed upriver, and spotted a flock of birds coming at us really weird. We raised the alarm, but it ended up being ok, Kauri roasted most of them with a fireball. We managed to dispatch one that he didn’t hit, which ended up being infected, and we hung it off the back of the boat as a warning to the others. No one messes with your grandpappy or his friends! (Mostly his friends!)

We made it to Feldmark a little while after that. I can see the monster, and I feel sick. Hate to think of you somewhere in there Spud. But don’t worry, if this plan works you’ll be free really soon. I’m writing this as I head over on the longboat with some of the others to try to find the tablets the Oswithans are looking for from a sunken ship. I’m going to get to run around under water, which is a whole new place to explore! Miss you Spud.

Love, Grandpappy Glompus 21st of Anurildin