Session One Hundred and Thirty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 134, April 18 2023



We continue at 9:20PM on the 25th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party considering their options for traversing the ancient tomb infested by some weird, snot-like plant growth that has coopted the reanimated dead. So far, it is not entirely clear whether the growth is inherently hostile or simply reacting to the group's intrusions and attacks. At the very least, most of it only seems aware of the party when someone touches the goo that covers the walls, floors, etc. of the tomb. There is the huge tendon of growth with an eye in the altar room, though, and its disposition towards the party is unknown. Can the group pass through without conflict? Is there a convenient means to reach the surface from the tomb exit? Tune in to find out ...

Larry's Summary

Remaining directions:

  • down shaft into tomb; [180 feet to an open area - we keep this in mind as an alternative]
  • north from there

We discuss how best to deal with the snot monster and the skeletons it controls.

Velkin asks Prix how many times a day they can change forms? Prix says perhaps a couple of times a day, so they are deliberate about when they do it.

Plan is for Kauri to cast blood magic fly and port Lambertus to the other side of the eye to see if the cavern is past the snot. Lambertus can turn the skeletons to determine if they are undead or just skeletons animated by snot.

Felix can be ready to turn any near the bottom of the shaft, if Druul can attract them. Maybe touching the floor.

Velkin asks if Prix and Ithirialma can cast blood magic? Ithirialma says, I don't think so. Prix doesn't think it would work. What about Alician? Before everything fell apart, I could cast. I suppose I could.

Velkin suggests Alician cast blood magic fly. Perhaps she can cast fly on Kauri.

Velkin explains the plan to Renthark and asks if he will give his blood for the spell. Renthark agrees.

Can Kauri be backup to cast fly if Alician can't? (Yes.)

Alician tries to cast fly on Kauri. Lambertus holds the book open and Alician studies the runes and begins cutting and casting.

Kauri is then able to fly. He grabs Lambertus.

While that is going on Druul lowers down to try and attract undead. The half zombie is thrashing in the intersection. He doesn't see the others but hears sounds down the stairs.

Druul takes a dagger and drops it in the pile of goo underneath. Immediately the torso of the zombie thing turns its head in the opposite direction and squelching sounds approach from downstairs. One the legs are on backwards. Maybe another around the corner heading towards the intersection.

Druul plays a quick riff to see if they react to it. There is an immediate reaction and they approach.

Druul gets pulled back up by Thorfus.

Druul tells Kauri and Lambertus if they are silent, they can get through.

If the skeletons try to go after them, Druul will drop down and play again.

Velkin offers to give blood to cast another fly spell. Prix steps forward to go with Kauri, I'd hate to lose him, he's been a useful assistant.

Prix will grab Thorfus to go with Kauri and Lambertus.

Kauri and Lambertus lead and Prix collects Thorfus and we fly towards the area with the eye that Velkin described.

The two shamblers are not impeding the path to the North, and one upright shambler comes around the corner and comes straight ahead.

Druul ties a dagger to the rope that Thorfus had and dances it around in the goo. It gets the shamblers attention and the pass where Kauri is hovering and two from the South also head towards it. When they get close, Druul yanks it out of the way.

We carefully fly around the strands of mucus across rooms and passageways.

Then in entrance to the chamber.

Large shield gives off a white glow and gleaming gems. 30 shamblers.

The eyeball staring at where the stairs come out and sees us as we enter the room.

It gives a blink and moves.

Lambertus turns and 4 skeletons fall apart and are very disjointed. The goo more or less maintains the shape, the others stand much quicker.

The skeletons seem confused, but don't seem to have any particular target in mind, even though the eye is staring at us. The four turned head towards Kauri hesitantly reaching out with random swatting.

The eye itself seems to be getting very agitated. It is made out of the same mucusy substance for the socket it is in. It is looking between Kauri and Prix and is more agitated and is almost spinning.

Lambertus turns 4 more. The original 4 can make swings towards Kauri/Lambertus.

The eye is thrashing so hard it sounds like a suction sound and the eye disconnects and comes out of the column of mucus with 7 eyestalks trailing mucus.

4 more are turned.

11 skeletons are utterly destroyed by ice storm 19 are left, 12 of which are turned and the snot eye is reduced in size by abrading of mucus from it.

Prix casts magic missile on the snot eye. It staggers it a bit.

Thorfus charges and it barely dodges the blow.

The 12 going towards Lambertus. They all miss.

One eye stalk has a puff of spores towards Thorfus (save vs. spells) It affects Thorfus who coughs and things are blurry and feels OK.

Another eye sends a spray of goo at Lambertus. (save vs death) Ted gives Lambertus his re-roll.

Another puff cloud of spores heads towards Kauri (save vs. spell) It affects Kauri who coughs and looks around a bit dazed as the cloud dissipates.

Another spray of spore towards Prixithalma (save vs. spell) She resists the spores.

The turned skeletons miss Lambertus.

The snot eye does not like Lambertus and sprays more mucus and Lambertus and we decide to use the party re-roll to save Lambertus.

The last attack is on Prixithalma - a puff of spores - she saves.

Kauri screams and starts running away and runs for the stairs going back. He avoids the snot strands on the stairs.

Lambertus turns the last 7 skeletons and now kind of know where Lambertus is.

Thorfus is made at Lambertus for attacking his friends and he shouldn't be attacking anyone here. Thorfus runs up and pushes him over, but misses.

Prix casts magic missile at the eye.

Kauri keeps running into the room with the other creatures, flying past them and makes it back to Druul.

Kauri comes tearing in screaming and shoots up the shaft.

Velkin sees Kauri blasting out tearing down the way we came. Velkin attempts to shoot him with a sleep bolt. Kauri resists the sleep poison. Renthark tries to grab him and succeeds. Kauri starts to clip away and Sorel aids Renthark, Roheis then tries, and Philomanthraxus overbear Kauri and take him out of the air.

Thorfus fails to stop Lambertus, and Lambertus misses on his charge.

Prixithalma charges with her spear and misses.

The snot skeletons shamble after Lambertus. One actually manages to hit him. He feels a flush of heat and wooziness and shakes it off.

The eye really doesn't like Lambertus and decides to go after Prixithalma. We used Kauri's re-roll and she dissolves into goo.

Lambertus is affected by a puff of spores and fails and goes running.

Thorfus is pretty happy that Lambertus has left and the creatures are not hostile to him either.

Lambertus is stuck in a snot strand on the stairs and he is screaming and the turned skeletons curl up back at the base of the altar.

Felix gets hauled up top and gives Kauri a draft from the Montoan Jar. Kauri gets some healing and calms down immediately. We have to get back and help them, the eye on the stalk pulled itself free and has stalks like a beholder. We have to help them.

Renthark looks around and asks Velkin, "Let go of him?"

Velkin goes with Kauri. Alician casts a fly on, Felix gives up some blood. Renthark flies and carries Druul.

Renthark flies like a natural and picks up Druul on the way.

They come upon Lambertus caught in the mucusy tendons screaming and they pass him by.

They come out in the altar room.

The floating eye is facing away trying to get back in the snot pillar. It looks bad, lopsided, singed, crusty.

The other shamblers are curled up at the base.

Thorfus shouts, "Get out of here!"

The shamblers start rising.

The stalks on the eye rotate. It sprays spores at Velkin, he is affected. Spray of spores at Druul, who resists it. Renthark gets spores, he is affected. A burst of spores at Kauri and he resists.

Velkin runs down and gets tangles with Lambertus.

Renthark is coughing like crazy and is slowed, but completes his charge and with Velkin's magic sword, he punctures the eye, which bursts and the mucus pillar falls from the ceiling and the shamblers all keel over.

Thorfus is oh, too bad, that was a really nice eyeball. Velkin and Lambertus are still feared and close to running away.


  • Silver Broach with gemstones like a wolf, gems are eyes.
  • Chatelaine with 3 amethysts and 4 keys.
  • Platinum amulet with jade stone with inscription on the rim in a form of ancient elvish. "Lord High Marshal of Malus Agrim."
  • Silver anklet with red stone.
  • Gold prayer beads with pinkish beads and tokens with writing. "Praise the wolf mother and the winter father. " In ancient elven.
  • Wrought gold armlet.
  • Wrought gold headband
  • Shield with a glow of white and feel a chill in the air emanating from it.

Druul recalls something about Malgim and its original name was Malus Agrim and was an ancient Drow settlement. They are sore about it, so like to talk about it.

As sitting around looking at stuff, Thorfus comes around and yells, "No!" as he scoops up the goo where Prixithalma fell.

Lambertus and Velkin manage to free themselves and try to climb up the shaft.

Velkin manages to climb up the shaft.

By the time Velkin reaches the top of the shaft and realizes he is not being chased by horrible nightmares.

The snot does not extend very far into the cavern, which is a snot free place we can rest.

NOTE: Everything Prixithalma was carrying was disintegrated: Shard, Probability Sword, Her Diaries, and the actual Nanocarbon Book.

REMINDER: We used up all of our remaining re-rolls.