Session One Hundred and Thirty-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 131, March 29 2023



We continue at 7:50AM on the 25th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party reunited at the embassy in Malgrim after Jax's successfuly casting of wish. Now the group must distract the archimages long enough to raise Khelratha from the dead in case the next wish destroys the field encompassing the building that allows transpatial magic to work. Meanwhile, someone who is very obviously a DVL has shown up outside the embassy warning that his "brother" will arrive soon to destroy the party and that only a deal with him can save the group. Who are this mysterious visitor and his brother? Can Jax be distracted long enough for the clerics to memorize their spells? Tune in the find out...

Larry's Summary

The Red Hat continues to try to convince us to sign a contract and mentioned a fortress on the Astral Plane. He said he is going to the Tavern below and to come see him when ready to sign.

Jax argues to cast the wish now. Velkin suggests time to study on how to best word the wish. The Jaxes agree that Velkin has a point.

Jax suggested wishing to have magic and know all the spells. Velkin asks that the dragons work with Jax to have a workable wish to help us all, not just him, like ending Asmodeus' machinations.

Kauri runs down to ask Tik Tok what the heck is going on.

Velkin - It feels like double vision. Memories as the last daughter of his tribe, but also remembering that's not right. It's kind of weird.

Velkin asks Peronelle if she has any recollection of Kauri with double memories. She gets a troubled look on his face? He's human, but isn't he an elf who likes to wear hats, no, that's not right, he's human.

Velkin then asks Alician about Kauri's history. I haven't really talked to him that much. She gives you a weird look. "How did we meet again?" It was at Jager's tower. "It wasn't in the Underdark?" So where did you think we met in the Underdark? In Vilgram. Velkin wasn't at Jagers.

Velkin asks Kauri to consult Tik Tok and Sorel accompanies. Kauri talks to a box with the date in Ancient Dwarven. So um, what is it you wanted to know? Velkin - Did he notice anything interesting? He says he felt a thinning in reality, but it was muted. He's not sure how close it was to here. He could definitely feel it. It was like someone jammed a spike through reality.

Can you elaborate? What could a thinning of reality mean? Kauri - I know you can hear them. He says he's been near portals before. It felt like someone violently ripped a portal open, but maybe like a dozen different ones at once. He doesn't think they are still open. It's like something was obscuring it. If it hadn't been so violent, he might not have noticed. It's not really related to time, so he's not too concerned about it.

Druul goes to talk to Lungmold. Lungmold, this has happened to me a few times, when I got brought back, it was a flash of light, and I was quite certain I wasn't going to be brought back. I want to ensure that our mission wasn't compromised. After some buzzing in his head. Very strange. I see you, well I see two things. You died, yes? I don't have a recollection of it, but I am certain I ought not have survived. But also you didn't die and teleported with Kauri. They're both in there.

Druul then goes to look for Velkin.

Velkin looks at TikTok and asks if he knows of anything that can mute those portals? Kauri shakes his head no, it is well beyond his knowledge. Would it cross into the City of Brass? He's not sure. It's possible, but it might be even louder somewhere else. He figured it was us doing our normal thing.

Druul gets to the top of the stairs and Cas is standing there, looking down the stairs at everyone gathered around the clock. "Hey Cas, whatcha doing?" He looks down at the group talking to the clock and says, "I see dead people." Druul only sees our companions. He's a drow, I know they're very dark. He died before the man in the mask saved me, the squids got him. What did you mean, did you have a bad dream? Let's go find your mom.

Druul takes Cas back to his mom, and Holmeda looks like she is on her last never, but thanks Druul. Why don't we set up dinner. I'll ask auntie to watch the kids as she slams the door shut and latches it. I'll have her pour a glass of wine. That would be nice.

Druul finds Cybil, Azra, and Billi making a feast. We're going to clear off that table and have a feast, yeah? It'll be a while until then, maybe your dead friend will join us? What dead guy, oh, the dwarf!

Sorel asks if TikTok has felt that kind of disturbance before. Yes, way back at Jager's tower in the woods. He felt it there? There was an open portal to another dimension there. It was like being near that. TikTok will keep watch as best he can under the flagstone over the stair.

We were waiting for Kauri to get us back.

Druul suggest that we are copies of ourselves from another prime. Velkin waiting may not be dead.

There are raised voices from inside the embassy, two are the same person.

Inside Jax is standing up, yelling at Cybil who is cleaning the table and is threatening to wish her out of existence if he messes up any of his research. Prix puts her hands up and Ithirialma has her head in her hands.

Velkin runs in, hey, Cybil give us a few minutes then we'll talk about dinner. Cybil says, "OK, I'm going to put these papers away, and there'll be no more talk about wishing people out of existence or no more soup for you."

Felix and Lambertus come in and ask about raising Khelratha. Velkin explains what TikTok felt, etc. and Jax is listening very intently now. Jax says, well that sound like a cheat, I thought I was re-making reality, that doesn't sound like that at all.

Jax says that we should cast another wish then. We can wish for the other version of you. Velkin - Yes, but that won't help us get out of our current predicament.

Jax 2 whispers in Jax 1's ear and Jax 1 has an evil look on his face.

Velkin tries to listen in, but can't hear it.

Lambertus and Felix shake their heads and walk towards Khelratha's room.

Jax says he is going to go lay down. Druul asks if Jax has heard him play. Jax - but we're very sleepy.

Druul starts playing to try and keep him busy. Velkin tries to stop him.

Druul is tuning it. Jax starts to shuffle away, Velkin says, Hey Jax. Each Jax gave an exaggerated yawn. Velkin asks what his thoughts are about the wish. I think a nap and some food I can come up with a better wish. Velkin asks if they are thinking of casting the wish. What? In an exaggerated tone.

Khelratha sits up and there is a rumbling says, oh my head, that beetle hit hard did we get enough eggs? Where's Nash? Where's Edan? Wait, where are we? He looks up and says, "Nice try I'm not falling for it this time. I'm not going to break." Felix went to tell the others that Khelratha is broken. Also, who's Nash, do you know Nash. Lambertus said Nash was on the bridge. Prix is with him. Felix doesn't remember Bavmorda but Prix does.

Thorfus recants torture after being raised then killed. He recalls a gnome (Jager) and his machine and the Dark King

Druul goes to get the kids to go talk to Jax and keep him busy. Caspar starts to object and Holmeda says don't you dare say no. Druul takes Cas and Kalla to see Jax. He says do you remember back in Armada when we celebrated the New Year we'd get really loud. It's been a long time, would you celebrate with me. We have a friend here who's kind of grumpy, we're going to go celebrate with him. Sorel accompanies. They reach Jax's door and hear talking within.

Druul opens the door. They are standing over a table with their spell books, it seems like the queue and Kalla comes running in screaming, Cas is slower and then starts screaming. Druul joins in like the kids running around the table. Sorel tries to "save the day" and tries to hustle everyone out. "I don't know what is going on, but you seem to be the most level headed person here, can you explain to me what is going on here?" They are covering one ear. I appreciate the vote of confidence, I don't know what's going on either. We were going to summon others of us with the spellbooks, perhaps about 100? so times two, 200 of us?

I don't know, the clock under the stairs said it was pretty loud for just 12 of you. So more? Jax said, I could have the machines crush the kids, then we could bring them back after. No, don't crush the kids. It wouldn't be permanent though.

What if the Jax's in their dimensions need to be where they're at? Who cares about their dimensions? Sorel looks at Druul, "We need some backup."

Lambertus just finished explaining to Thorfus what's going on. Thorfus realizes that the name "Khelratha (Khel Killer)" is accurate.

Velkin gives Thorfus the frost brand.

Thorfus leads the way, to the sound of the yelling. He rummages for his circlet and detects the automatons and is relieved that they are not killing them.

Druul is trying to get Jax to join in the celebration. Jax says to take care of the kids or I'll crush them. Then Jax is gone, spellbooks and automatons still there. Kalla runs out yelling, Cas quiets down and leaves.

We surmise that another dimension Jax did the wish that he was contemplating.

Two warrior automatons in Jax's room. Thorfus has them come with us, using his Gold Circlet (both Velkin and Druul each have platinum.).

Go to Conference Room.

    • Velkin lists our options:**

1. Sign a contract/make a deal 2. Run (where?/how?) 3. Relay to Winter King about Jaeger's portal. 4. Lolth? 5. Portal to time realm near the city of the Silence, Zarvon 6. Cast Limited Wish from the spell book.... 7. Leave to the Surface 8. Find Followers of the Matriarchs

Prixithalma suggests convening everyone to discuss over dinner.

Thorfus has the two warrior automata set up in the room outside the conference room.

Occasional screaming as Kalla runs screaming around the balcony.

Caspar and Holmeda are enjoying a glass of wine.

It is a veritable feast. Velkin thanks Cybil as it might be our last meal.

Lungmold tries to say something to Thorfus, but Thorfus successfully resists. Velkin asks about Jaeger. Velkin explains that Jaegar had research into a portal.

Thorfus asks how the Winter Elves are planning on getting out of here? They came from Vilgram through the tunnels. The Winter King still holds Vilgram. So if he can get his people back he's running away? Or if he can't, he still running away? The plan is to leave Malgrim as it is not strategically important.

Able Brix scratches his head, and says, "What are you all talking about, are we doing to rest here, it's a safe place."

Prix pauses, and says lay out our options.

Velkin asks in spider if it is still here.

Thorfus says ask who that red hat represents. Velkin feels something crawl down his leg and to a corner and starts spinning a web.

Prix doesn't like any of the options.

Druul whispers into Thorfus' ear: "What about the book on time, travel?"

Prix shrugs, it seems they can summon each other, so only one needs to be here to start with.

Ithirialma speaks up, I have maybe something. I'm going to wait a minute until the Winter Elves are gone. I may have determined more specifically a location that is relevant to one of the things we could do and resumes eating.

The elves notice and one stands up and says I think we have had our fill. We have a meeting with some Sizek Ygnas in a few meetings and it promises to be a trying meeting. Lungmold says he will ensure they are all comfortable.

Ithirialma says, OK I was looking back through and cross referencing the Jaeger book with the forbidden dimensions, the Crack of the Slave Lords is somewhere near the city of Zarvon of the Silence. Velkin has heard of Zarvon.

Myrzantum says, well, if you're looking for a place down here, I used to know a really great tracker. You're from Vilgram? So you might've known him. His name was Jarlixus. He ran off after he became a Drider. He had a reputation as the best Underdark ranger.

"MEP" in the web the spider is writing. Velkin says in Spider, "Mephisopholes?" The spider appears to have some relief at not having to finish the long name.

David Bogar says, "What about just heading up to the surface?"

Lungmold will go to Vilgrim with Rotbreath and Dampfoot and looks at Cybil and Billi. Cybil says I suppose I can just go home? Billi is unsure of going home, but leans towards that. Aunt Cybil maybe we can stay with your sister for a bit. It might be good to be out of the way.

Aunt Primilla knows all the ways in and out of the city. Billi goes to find her.

Myrzanthum whispers, "You guys know Lolth, on speaking terms?" Yes.

Druul will play to get a map of where the Southern followers of the Matriarchs are now.