Session One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 128, March 1 2023



We continue at 1:30PM on the 24th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having crafted travois, packed their backpacks, and made hard decisions about what to leave behind in the web nexus. With that preparation done, they now head towards the double doors leading into the Drow city of Travilg as they begin their journey through the Underdark to the embassy at Malgrim where they hope to raise their dead companions ...

Larry's Summary

We head towards the double doors. Velkin suggests passing as his retinue. Prix shrugs at the idea.

Directly across from where the Winter Elf portal was. Slightly wider web tunnel, instead of a wall of web, it is a pair of double doors about twice human height and lots of fancy silver work. Lucky no one wondered in.

Velkin has an adamantine holy symbol of Lolth. (Velkin knows that the center of the city was the same as Vilsnarg with the stalactite/stalagmite and area around it much bigger with mushroom fields and suburbs. Beyond the doors is probably the main temple of Lolth.)

We open the doors and two almost double life-size statues of spider women flank the doors. Very impressive work of maybe a silversmith. We think they are representations of Lolth.

It is dark, no listen checks needed, hear echoing voices ahead of us.

Passage out directly across from double doors and where voices are echoing from.

Velkin listens to the voices and picks out some of the conversation. It sounds like drow, but that particular accent of Winter Elves. At least two maybe more discussing a strategy session with choke points and holding people off, and what exactly are the exit strategies available.

Velkin swears they just heard someone mention the "mushroom man." The response to that is, "Yes, that is one possible strategy."

Velkin leads the train with he and Druul in front.

At the top of the stairs see flickering light ahead. Stairs extend and descend perhaps 20 feet and light source is obscured and voices much louder.

Currently it looks like they are going through losses, and one listed is House Herig. A more commanding voice, and "What, all that's left if here?"

Velkin reaches the bottom of the stairs with the rest of us up top. Velkin makes his approach clear, and says, "Hello, Winter Elves, I am friend of Lungmold, ambassador to Malgrim. "

The voice taking charge says, "Yes, please, you may approach." Velkin and Druul approach.

They think they must be on the raised Dais of a raised worship chamber and an altar used as a table with a map with religious icons of Lolth as map holders.

There are 6 Winter Elves standing around the table. He is kind of typical of Winter Elves. Ramrod straight, everything is polished to a blinding brightness on his armor.

He motions Velkin forward. "You're the group of special operators, working for our King, with Sir Lungmold was it?"

"We knew you were up there, but hadn't had time to introduce ourselves."

Druul, no we are transporting the Champion of the Winter King's body. Is that Sir Lungmold? No, we had a champion of the court who won over. Oh, I heard that story. You remember the wolf jousting?

Sir Emory Gorleb Warden of the Inner Wastes and Seneschal of the Ice Fang.

Emory and his chief lieutenants got even paler.

I understood that you had been gifted a means of transport. Velkin explained that it is no more.

One lieutenant crosses off one item from a list labeled "Exit Strategies."

We've had a bit of a setback with The Silence. The front as it were, well, you're at it, more or less. At this point, we can say that the Temple of Lolth is completely under control of the Winter King. He is not here, like you we have had loss and our own transportation destroyed by The Silence in one of their pushes. We planned to come see you to evacuate the remaining forces in Tralvig. He turns to a lieutenant, I think healthy about 70, total 120 ish. We'd have to check and see if they survived.

We'll get the Cryomancers and begin the ritual. Hopefully, it is not too late. We'll have them try to open a portal in the lair back there. Unfortunately, it takes many lanterns to open it.

Velkin - It will be a portal to the Winter King's Realm, the Storm?

With complications from The Silence, I don't know if we can hold them off long enough.

Unfortunately, it is not quite 20 lanterns (80 Hours) to accomplish. Are you sure their are not any other portals?

Velkin - yes, we explored them all.

You say that there are more of you? Enough to contribute to our last stand? There is plenty of glory and death for all?

Are there any original inhabitants of Tralvig? Unfortunately, we've learned the hard way that anyone off on their own cannot be trusted. There are some of your people, loyalists though. Turns to a lieutenant. No, I don't think there are any recidivists who worship that Lolth creature. (Not totally honestly.)

I don't know what to tell you, I wouldn't recommend heading out beyond the temple. You're welcome to share in the glory here.

With your special status, I can't prevent you from leaving but don't recommend it.

Our understanding that the ruling houses of Malgrim are no longer interested in server our good king. It was not a priority the last time we heard from the Winter King or his advisors. I wouldn't speak against my betters, but I would think holding Tralvig was important.

Velkin - So where is the Winter King? Have you not been in contact with him? No.

We stopped receiving any reserve troops after a tragedy in Malgrim.

Lambertus asked about the disposition of The Silence and those between here and Malgrim? Perhaps the Necropolis is untouched. Definitely don't go West towards the territory of The Silence.

I suppose you could talk to Myrzanthum, he lived here, a citizen of Tralvig before liberation by the Winter King. He's been essential getting supplies and sorties in hidden tunnels.

Velkin suggested that they could come with us.

Myrzanthum is probably near the South Barricade. Sir Emory designates a guide to take us to Myrzanthum. If he knows a way to get us all out of here without getting us all killed.

One comes back with six Cryomancers, all Winter Elves, and some do a double-take as they pass.

Velkin asked about House Herig. Myrzanthum is House Herig and Herig is the lower city and it has fallen.

We are lead through doors by Marthus and guards outside the doors.

Ornately decorated tunnels with more Lolth Statues and silver work done like webbing and more stairs with voices. A checkpoint choked off with random items and a lot of Winter Elves and Drow looking in our direction. They relax when they see Marthus. He says, "Agents of the Winter King." They all perked up and he shakes his head "No."

Marthus points out Myrzanthum Herig this group needs some help leaving Talvig. Anything else you need now? No, hopefully we can do more, said Velkin.

Marthus bows and heads back the way we came.

Myrzanthum asked if VElkin studied with Ilrilden? Yes, Master Ilrilden. This is a pleasant surprise.

Let's find a quiet place to talk, we don't want to distract these guards from protecting us from The Silence. Down a couple hallways to a smaller chapel, still quite large. A niche at the front with a representation of Lolth - a lady without any spider form.

Myrzanthum does a quick genuflection and catches Velkin doing the same then looks over the group. The first thing in my mind is refugees fleeing destruction? Is that right? You don't have a magical portal. We

Does he have a fondness for horns? Yes. I belive he is our new arrival. I assume that is not a coincidence? No, we just made him look really bad. Let me guess, and he knows you are here? Yes.

So we need another plan? Velkin - I was hoping you knew some alternate ways out. We're surrounded. The temple is in the upper city and just about everything has been taken by The Silence, and they do not have the forces to watch everything.

The horns are helpful. When our new arrival came, it all seemed to be happening to the West of here at the Magister's College and the Great Hall below is probably where the next attack will come. Opposite the Magister's College is where the Handmaidens had their Abbey, the Abbey of the Silken Mistresses. This is not a well thought out plan. My hunch is to head East towards the Abbey and if feeling really brave, there is always The Trials. Oh, yes, the Abbey, it is where the special servants are, where the Trials are for them. They would be safer than any other direction. I'm sorry, maybe Sir Emory oversold my abilities.

Velkin asked about smuggler tunnels or alternate procurement passages? Well, I know come back passages to the temple. Quite a few lead to the bridge that lead to the handmaids of the abbey. There is a dearth of passages to the home and throne of Lolth, gesturing towards the statue. When she was here, there was never an invasion of her temple.

Velkin flashes the holy symbol. Myrzanthum goes over to the door and closes it. I don't want to presume anything, but I don't see your Myselian friend. Is that a sign you have doubts about our new overlord? Yes. He thinks for a moment. Well, we're all going to die anyway.... He reveals that he is undercover for Lolth. I really wish I hadn't burned that portal now.

Velkin pulls out a potion of cure poison to Druul and asks the spider friend if it knows a way out of here to get us out of Tralvig. He is not bit.

Myrzanthum said he was thinking of all the ways out, not child friendly, I'm afraid. Velkin says in Drow, "Yes, unfortunately sometimes sacrifices must be made." Druul nudges Velkin.

Myrzanthum says, given that our horn blowing friend is out to get you, I gather we don't have time to consider our options. I can lead you through the passages towards the Abbey. If you have no objections I think this is time for me to exit also.

Sir Emory has quite a bit of trust in my ability to sneak around and I could convince him to send a sizeable portion of his forces the opposite direction. Maybe convince him is he can fight across the bridge to the Magister's College that there is a way out to the surface.

Looking at the bodies, it looks like it has been a rough time. Why don't you rest here while I go convince Sir Emory to throw his life away. I need to sell it, and don't want him to suspect anything.

Lambertus suggested directing him to the truth and sending Sir Emory to the Magister's College and we need to go to "The Necropolis."

Velkin asks about a secret location. Myrzanthum says that the handmaidens liked to pop out and scare people. Are there any Handmaidens or Drider? Unlikely, we are most likely to encounter The Silence.

Myrzanthum is gone for a good bit. About an hour later there is a quick knock on the door. Velkin opens it.

Myrzanthum says, well, Sir Emory will leave shortly for his glory and death or whatever order it happens. I think leaving now is a very good choice, there are reports of The Silence probing our last defenses.

Myrzanthum heads the opposite way than to the checkpoint. It will be tight passages. Then of course, the bridge is the place we are most likely to die. I think we should time our trip with Sir Emory's "blaze of glory."

It isn't that far as best we can tell, lots of twists and turns and pulls aside a tapestry with Handmaidens. It is tight, but the travois fit. They make a lot of noise. There will be one last checkpoint when we get to the bridge. So it is unlikely it will be unguarded. Myrzanthum makes a slitting motion, "Yes?"

When it opens up the Travois stop bumping along the walls. Myrzanthum says, "This is about as close to the checkpoint as we want to get."

Velkin - How many will there be? I imagine he'll recall most forces, but probably 5 or 6. Wait til charge time, and only those cleaning up the checkpoint should move ahead, then the other should move up.

Hopefully eyes will be on Sir Emory.

Lambertus looks at Felix and suggest that they have Hold Person so we might take them out quietly.

Myrzanthum, Velkin, Druul, Renthark, Peronelle, Lambertus, and Felix prepare to deal with the Winter Elf guards with Kauri in reserve.

Velkin asks if Prix can make him invisible. She will need to rest after this.

Myrzanthum meditates a bit and after a half hour says, "Let's Go.""

A bunch of twists and turns and on the backside of a covered doorway. Myrzanthum chosing where he steps very carefully. At the door he looks back and motions for silence and we hear voices beyond the tapestry. He makes a motion like shrugging and motions forward and Lambertus and Felix make ready to cast. Grabs a bunch of the tapestry in his hands and makes a little tug to make clear what he is ready to do.

Myrzanthum gives a big pull on the tapestry and hear rings popping revealing chamber beyond with ten Winter Elves looking in the opposite direction.

Lambertus holds 3 and Felix holds 1. 6 not held. The rest charge in. Renthark dropped one. Velkin tries to backstab one and drops him, becoming visible. Myrzanthum hits one with a poison dagger but it resisted the poison.

Lambertus charges in and hurts one. Felix charges in and swaps places with Kauri and misses. Peronelle drops on with Poison. Myrzanthum hits 1 left with 1 injured.

Lambertus thumps his opponent, but doesn't drop him. Renthark nearly kills the uninjured one. Felix, Peronelle, and Velkin miss. Myrzanthum drops the one on Lambertus. Lambetus is hit before his opponent falls. Renthark is hit by the other.

Renthark strikes down the final one who strikes back and misses as he falls.

Myrzanthum goes to get the others while we figure out what blood magic to do on the held ones.

Discussion of Kauri using blood magic teleport with the body of Khelratha and the 3 dragons who transform into smaller creatures. Dragons can carry the books to ensure that all the books could go. DM rules that they can polymorph their equipment since what they are wearing within reason, but not a whole other person. Shard, engraving tools. Perhaps Caspar instead of Khelratha. Prix suggest Caspar doesn't get a vote.

    • Kauri leaves the following with us:**

2 cure serious 2 cure light ingredients for 3 more regular healing Velkin slips a pouch in Kauri's robe with the gems Velkin has.

Kauri kills 3 and bleeds the last and teleports away with the dragons, ajax, and the body of Khelratha. He disappears and unknown to us they made it safely.

All have chainmail (10), shields (10), longswords (10), all finely made with detail work, but not magical. Toss the 10 shields and longswords onto the travois that held Khelratha.

Myrzanthum doesn't see anything across the bridge. Whenever you're ready, we can make a run for it no railing. Just don't fall no matter what gets thrown at us.

Focus continual light coins to our feet only.

Myrzanthum looks back and says, "See you on the other side."

Velkin sees the looming shape of the other stalactite we are running for, the Abbey of the mistresses and sees movement on three balconies with wiggly things on their faces. There are 5 of them, 2 on one balcony, 2 on another, and one alone (lowest down). This is ten feet onto the bridge. The closes one is about 150 feet away.

Lambertus, Felix, Renthark, Druul, Peronelle, Myrzanthum, Abel, Roheis, and David follow behind the others who easily cross the bridge before The Silence can act.

Velkin shadow steps to the balcony with the solo squid face with sleep poison on the frost blade, the poison has no effect, but the frost slows it. It tries to attack Velkin. A loud buzzing starts in Velkin's head, he uses his re-roll from an MVP award and rolls a 20 and shakes off a mind control attempt.

The others are too far away to affect us.

3 of the others jump off their balconies and start levitating by the bridge, after the Dealbators have passed. One stays on his balcony.