Session Seventy-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 74, December 8 2021



We continue at 8:00PM on the 29th of Laurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having finished various tasks while at rest in the Dragon Emperor's hideout beneath Xen'Khel. Mistrust is brewing after the Winter King's servants meet with him privately, though, especially after Ranarth's inept lying. Still, the group is almost ready for their assault on Hdrasta ...

Larry's Summary

Alician shows up with whiskey and the party passes around a few bottles and enjoys Druul's playing and Alician is amazed at the growth of the flowers. Watches? Ceres & Ajax in the hallway. Brendil asks Terathial when is her watch and if she's interested in continuing her watch. Lungmold has the orc prisoner Druug join the drinking and we get information on siege engines, timing, etc. Elevator goes down to where the bones start. (Bones of dragons.) Elevator is loud, can't sneak in using it. It was broken down when we got there, we fixed it up a bit. We've only had a few orcs die on it. One time a dozen were killed. Elevator means outside duty. We drove off the eagle lions. The ballista was pretty good about driving them off. Ask Druug to draw a map, and looks around and makes hand motions in the air. Velkin gives him pen & paper. Down elevator one level with weapons, next level no watch, then bones, then giants building a dragon out of bones. Druug talks about things while drawing a very crude map, and mentions area with cells, rooms w/ writing on the wall, some they vandalized, stairs, throne and statues, pool that is fresh water, dug a tunnel, door he can't open. Lungmold tries reading his mind. Writing resembles that in the secret room under Montoa and flashes of the door. Lungmold asks Druug if he knows any other way into this place? There are smaller tunnels of the kobolds, a deep pit that the giants say doesn't go anywhere, and the pool. So he says, "No?" It's so dumb as we were fine before One Horn, and he's building a dragon and it's just bones, but he says it'll do something. "We never went anywhere before One Horn came. We fought the kobolds and the kobolds fought us and we were happy, goddammit! Now they're gone and we've gotta do watches...."" Tyrial is overseeing Druug, and realizes he is more valuable, but don't speak the language to know what he's saying. Raynarth excuses himself after Alician and goes to his room. Ronan sleeps next to the door. First thing in the morning, Lungmold has a knock at his door. It is a couple of dervishes with a cloak of fresh dirt. We go looking for Azrael to chat and find Jardin who takes us to the dining hall for food and to meet with Azrael. Jardin leads us through the throne room to table with all the papers, the re-purposed dining room. I'll get Azrael and get some rations. Jardin asks not to touch the papers, as Azrael has some sort of system. It looks like the different research he is following up. We're not sure, but annotations on drawings have to do with making the DVLs sick, with a virus to attack them, and drawings to re-open tunnels to the pathogen lab. Top paper - "How many infected = Prixithalma?" Map of world covering Curabel to coast of mainland, with lines and possible routes to Gharmarost and a ? out in ocean "Armada?" Maybe a schematic for Inquisitorial Library. Azrael comes in. "There's an order to that...." He takes a seat. Jardin mentioned breakfast and you wanted to talk about something. Velkin mentions Jax and is researching. Jax, they were geniuses, obviously not good team players, they were their own team. If can help, that will be great. Lungmold mentions he's not coming here, you have to go to him. Azrael doesn't plan to leave Xen Khel. "I can send someone to him, where is he?" Malgim - Underground. It's under control of the Winter King. "Is that so, it's good thing we have an in with him." Azrael will determine which of his kin is the best one to send. Velkin says, that the embassy is a working DVL trap. Maybe Itherrialma who's researching ways to seal off transdimensional spaces, may be best to go. DE - "I don't know where that is."" Lungmold asks, "Do you plan on them going back and forth, or just leave them there?"" DE - "I don't know, are we talking a week or a month." "How far of a distance and how long it takes to get there." Velkin mentions transporting. and that it is a portal of the workings of Lolth's web, and we will have to coordinate it. This works out, as Itherrialma's work involves the Inquisitorial Library, so she can be working with Jax, you do Hdrasta, then she can accompany you with Jardin to the Inquisitorial Library. Kauri asks if the dragons flew in invisibly, how did they detect you? - Their mages. They kept is warded and guarded. We mention the dragon made of bone and it disturbs Azrael who assumed that dragons were immune to being undead, but the ancient humans did something so they can't be resurrected, so perhaps there is something to it. Dragons didn't take Hdrasta by force, but starved them out. They could not open the vault either. Jardin comes in with 6 dervishes, 4 male, 2 female, light skinned with armor with dragon emblem and red cloaks. Azrael stands up, these are children in the general sense: Maerthrumax, Prystilia - female, Brastimachus, Kharatilia - female, Jargathus, & Philomanthraxus. We plan to use one pot of Borthan's tea for 3 of us to scout the place.

Velkin will gather images of locations from Druug

It is decided that Velkin, Kauri, and Philomanthraxus

1. Locked Door - Kauri (Mask) 2. Throne Room (One Horn) - Kauri (Mask) 3. Dragon Bones - Philomanthraxus 4. Level Above - Central Areas Find way around to throne room/vault - Philomanthraxus 5. Layout around top - Velkin 6. First Level Down - Velkin (Druug's memory?) 7. Pool - (Properties of the lake? Druug says it's just water.) - Philomanthraxus 8. Pit with wooden ladders of the giants then busted and fall and die if go too far. - Velkin (underdark??) Potential exit? 9. Kobold Area (goes around the pit) - Kauri

c. 3 or 4 days from Malgim to Hdrasta.

Borthan gets tea ready. Azrael and Jardin watch in fascination, sniffing the tea.

"And this allows you to travel through a medial dimension?"

Lungmold, "It only comes from Borthan's world."

Azrael, "And this is all you have?" Yes

    • Kauri:**

1. **Throne Room** - Physical location

   Large Hall. Not always a throneroom. A T-shape slmost like a church of Baldric Evenkeel (anchor). A Large throne of bone (dragons) is only furniture. Sits to one side, N. Wall. Large Mural of 4 women the matriarchs, but defaced. South door is used more often. Path through the dust. 2 doors to North, and 1 set of double doors to South.
   Kauri peeks through Western door on the North wall. Wide room, very spartan. on North end, had been an altar of 4 statues, maybe the matriarchs, smashed to pieces. Above doorway ledge 15 feet up on wall, one horn is there crouched down, sleeping like a gargoyle. Glowing brightly. Stone on necklace is exact shape and size of one on gauntlet. NOT the same color as the one on Brendil's gauntlet.
   Kauri runs around room with head in walls and all solid stone.
   Through South door, 30 foot space to another door, with 6 statues, NOT the matriarchs. Not smashed and not seen before. 
   Left side they look like warriors, all with similar clothing, insignias maybe siege engines. Something like devices in Xeno Tel (laser rifles). With nameplates: Abigail Pritchard, Thomas Cromwell, Jonathan Turner
   Right side, long coats with various instruments, like stuff in Xeno Tel and Edan's notes and technomagical equipment, with nameplates: General Dorn, Corporal Tanner, General Fields

2. **Vault** - In front of a large door with double doors behind and tools to try to pick away. Large double door panel chest high. Three depressions the size of the gem One Horn is wearing. No handle or obvious way to open it.

   Entire door is glowing with Transpatial Energy. Where the walls are excavated also shows Transpatial Energy. Kauri tries pushing his hand through, it is solid. He tries from underneath but can't pass through. The only thing he finds is about 40 feet in, there is a bulge in the floor kind of bowl shaped. 
   Kauri gets rough dimensions of area, room beyond is about 80 x 80 N, S, E, W diamond shapes with points on cardinal points. Door on West, depression in exact center. About 30 feet tall. No bulge in the top.
    • Ran out of time here. End of Session will resume in two weeks on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at normal time.**


We will finish Kauri's 3rd item and then the three items for Velkin and Philomanthraxus.

3. x

    • Velkin:**

1. x 2. x 3. x

    • Philomanthraxus:**

1. x 2. x 3. x

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 41 - Session 74

Laurilden 29, 8pm

Apocalypse Countdown

Raynarth is a terrible liar. No secrets revealed yet, but his ineptitude at dissembling is disheartening. The less he knows of anything is a plus.

Alisceon arrives with Brendil’s request for a case of whiskey. We invite her to hang out and she leaves again, returning with some small bottles and cups.

We generally chat and hang out a while in relative peace for a precious few hours.

Khelratha’s generous use of Jardin’s beard oil and his more presentable personage is much more pleasant than his previous visage. However there’s a perturbed Jardin after Alisceon’s pilferage of his personal pot of bear oil. …. Whatever… I amused myself with that.

Druul begins to play after vying for a tip from Velkin… ok, I’ll stop now… still amused though. His music brings flowers that appear randomly. How interesting. I’m not sure whether that’s a nod to the Summer Lord, or more likely, Oswitha’s blessing on him or his lute. Sortof akin to this new ability of mine to speak with animals.

Alisceon turns in after a while and requests we check in before we leave for Hdrasta. She unsteadily makes her way back to her room down the hall.

We pick Droog’s brain, I suppose more literally with Lungmold’s abilities, less literally in actually cracking his skull…. I wonder if orc brain is any good… things to ponder. Droog is quite sloshed as we’re gleaning him for more details on Hdrasta. Other than leaving his tribe in charge if we attack… The high points: Siege engines, 2 Ballista on the surface, 2 on Level 1, 1 on level 2. About 100 troops on the surface with watchtowers up the hill from the entrance hole. An Elevator used to get troops and materials up and down the hole. One Horn killed/chased away the Griffons that had nested above Hdrasta using the Ballista. He draws a crude drunken orc map… yay. There’s secret passages vertically among the main chambers. There’s a bone dragon being constructed at the bottom. There’s rooms with strange writing on the walls, similar to the runes under Montoa. (runes? Ancient Common?) One Horn is usually in his throne room, with statues.(East) A door that can’t be opened (The Vault). A pool of Fresh water that keeps filling up from somewhere. (south) A Deep pit near the giants (Excavation to try to penetrate the vault likely.) The kobold tunnels have a lot of little tunnels. (West) Store rooms and Smiths (East) Ogres and Hillgiants (Southeast ish) Orcs - Kobold caves (West)

We eventually all get tired. Ajax and Ceres sleep in the hallway to keep watch. I put a perch, of sorts, out for Ajax to get up off the floor. We pass the night in peace. Brendil hangs withTyrithial on her watch and they swap more language lessons.

Laurilden 30 AM

We head upwards and as we pass Jardin’s well appointed rooms, he joins us to head up for breakfast and speak with Azreal.

We scan Azreal’s notes on the dining table and: He’s considering reopening the tunnels to the Laboratory where the research was done creating the undying virus to use against the DVL’s. There’s a map of the surface world with a note NE between Curabel and the mainland along a path towards Gharmarost that says “Armada?”.

I ask Azreal of his home plane and how he came here: Azreal has always been interested in the building blocks of reality and had a school of like minded individuals and he built a device that was supposed to help them study those building blocks and there was a miscalculation on his part and he and all the school researchers were tossed through a tear in reality to this world. It was surprising, he thought it was a major breakthrough at the time… then they realized they couldn’t find their way back. It was a nicer place than here, more fully civilized. All dragons, they had their servants, but it was well ordered and settled. This world by contrast is of constant battles.

We discuss Jax’s work and his offer to collaborate under his conditions on the Pylons and portable DVL Trap ideas. He’ll send Itherialma. The other notes for that aspect of ridding Meidia of DVL’s is in the Inquisitorial Library on the mainland.

The ancient people who built Hdrasta could ward it against invisibility, One Horn likely doesn’t have that capability.

He gives us a … more detailed and coherent map of Hdrasta than that of the drunken orc.

One Horn’s visage: Scaled, with leathery wings, a prehensile tail with a barb on the end. His tusks and one of two horns are present. Not particularly large, a little bigger than a human, but not giant sized. Not that remarkable, typical devil with a necklace with a gemstone in it.

Itherialma is going to research with Jax.

We’re to keep them safe and hopefully undetected. If Asmodeous gets wind of Dragons working against him, he’ll spare nothing to hunt them down. There’s only 12 left in the world now.

Jardin comes back with 6 dervishes. Armor with Dragon emblem with red cloaks. Azreal, these are his children. “Nephews and nieces” 3 males: Maerthrumax(Male), Prystilia(Female), Brastimachus(Male), Kharatilia(Female), Jargathus(Male), Philomanthraxus(Male)

I’m one for languages and such… but for ease of communication, here’s my nicknames:

Phil Marty Pris Brast Khar Jarga

Our job is – smash and assassinate. Shadowstepping isn’t going to work, DVL’s are sensitive.

Droog recommends the Left side where it’s been cleaned of spiders and kobolds. It’s pretty clear and isn’t used as much as the right side. Hillgiants for main construction of the bones, they’re strong. Ogres - lieutenants One Horn is going to activate the bone dragon in Denrilden. Asmodeous will be there for it’s… raising?

Azreal will give us ¼ the potions he has available.

We discuss scouting with the Astral Tea of Borthan’s. Azreal is very interested in the tea and how it works. He’d love to study it. Thinks it could be tied to the timetravel means of taking on Azmodeous.

We’ll get together a shopping list for Malgrim. Healing potions Astral Tea? Longshot, but gotta try. Poisons Drow sleep, other Neutralize poison

We begin scouting with the 2nd to last dose of Borthan’s Tea using Droog’s memory and Lungmold’s Telepathy to get us the picture of where we’re going to scout.

We split out what we’re going to scout.


Locked Door-vault

Throne Room

Locate 1 horn/Kobold area



Path from left side to Throne Room



Top for entry

First level

Lower level - pit going down?

Kauri Goes to the Throne Room first In a large hall looking around, you’re not sure it was a throne room always. It has one of the Churches of Baldric Evenkeel with an Anchor T Shape. Throne of Bone in the room, Dragonbones. Wall decorations: North Wall, Giant Mural – 4 women depicted, the Matriarchs. Cerida with her many eyes, gouged out. Scales are X’d out. Brita with Rising Sun turned into a skull, wings of birds. Feldma’s candle chiseled out. Oswitha’s hands chipped off as they’re exiting the wall, would have been reaching to the south, but can’t be sure if there was any pointing. South door used more often. Left door behind throne: single room not quite squared off, large. Opens into a large room where both doors from the throneroom enter into. Shorter on either side than the throneroom. An Alter with statues, 4 statues smashed. Room is trashed and spartan. Alter smashed. Above the doorway there’s a little ledge about 15’ up on the wall and 1 Horn is on there, crouched down and sleeping like a gargoyle. His stone is the exact shape and size as the stone on Brendil’s gauntlet. No secret doors into the throneroom.

T shaped room with Doors on either side of the throne. 1 door to the south.

Either side to the south, 3 statues, not the matriarchs. Rt side going north. Look like warriors with similar clothing with insignias maybe Seige engines depicted. The look like devices like the ones in XenoTel. Other side 3 statues, wearing 3 long coats, various instruments in their hands. Dwarven runes, stuff from Xenotel? All the statues are humans Right: General Dorn, Corporal Tanner, General Fields robed ones on Lt Side Abigail Prichard, Thomas Cromwell, Jonathan Turner


Large Door, double doors behind Kauri as he’s facing the Vault Double Door. A panel chest high with 3 depressions about the same size as the gem 1 horn is wearing. No handle or doorknob. It’s got some transpatial energy going on. Anywhere the vault is has transpatial energy associated with it. He can’t put his hand through into the vault from any walls.

About 40’ in, there’s a bulge in the floor, bowl shaped down into the floor. He uses the rest of his time to map out the edges of the room. The Vault. 80X80x 30’ tall, diamond shaped with points NSEW and W is the door. The depression is in the exact center.