Session Seventy-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 79, January 26 2022



We continue at 10:10AM on the 1st of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having arrived back at Xen'Khel after the dragons decide to ignore the group's request to visit Montoa for healing; we will also be resolving the actions of Lungmold and the others who took the opportunity during the flight to visit the embassy in Malgrim. Based on their deal with the Dragon Emperor, the party should be leaving quickly for a raid on the Inquisitorial Library in hopes of finding more information on medial dimensions where time flows differently ...

Larry's Summary

While Velkin flies back on the dragon to Xen Khel Lungmold and company go to Malgrim & the embassy. Ithirialma and Jax have a plan and need nanocarbon to build a shield to keep DVLs away. Lungmold gathers plans for DVL repulsor. Lungmold gets back about the time we get back to Xen Khel. We brief Azrael and Jardin on Hdrasta. We rest up for two days to heal up. Khelratha asks Jardin if the dragons know of any other dwarves and grows even more morose after Jardin mentions infected from Xen Khel went to Xenilum Khel and they know of no survivors. Khelratha walks away muttering, "I am Khelratha." Khelratha carves Brendil's name among the other names carved into his body. We discuss the plans to get to Gharmarost & elect to fly to Serpent's Tooth which has ruins and a settlement for scavengers/adventurers that is also frequented by pirates as a stopover on the way to Watcher's Island, the Easternmost island in the Curabel Archipelago. Azrael mentions it was once called Curabel. There are supposed to be 3 ships of the Dragon Empire there waiting. It should take 18 days for a dragon to fly to Gharmarost, but about a week by ship. We plan to get near the coast then fly to scout and work out way to the Inquisitorial Citadel to retrieve the needed information. Ranarth has a private meeting with Lungmold and seems nervous. Gharmarost is where he is from and is the city granted him by the Winter King. Khelratha spend a lot of time alone in his cell muttering in dwarven, and "Khelratha" is heard over and over. Velkin asks Azrael about his loss of vigor and Azrael will research it while we are gone. Velkin takes a draft of the healing waters from the lake that Felix carries and it restores his vigor. Druul tells Terathiel about Brendil. She wants to know who to kill. She helps Brendil craft the story of Brendil that Druul will use to compose a song. Druul uses the scepter to heal Borthan. We rest another day. We gather our items from the vault and load into the portal to take back to Malgrim. Velkin asks to see Jardin transform before he goes invisible and leaves the portal open for us to watch. Khelratha seethes and flexes his grip on his frostbrand while muttering, "I am Khelratha." Velkin then folds the portal and leaves it open a bit so Lungmold can use telepathy, then puts the portal in the scrollcase. Azrael turns Velkin invisible, and Jardin makes himself invisible, then takes to the sky towards Serpent's Tooth.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 46 - Session 79

10:10am, Denrilden 1

00.00000.09.30 Apocalypse Clock

Lungmold went back to Malgrim, he was none too happy the dragons didn’t listen to our plan of going to Montoa for healing. Meh, they’re our ride and hopefully all this running around will eventually get some good things going for Meidia. Azmodeous is down one animated set of dragonbones. That’s gotta be a good thing right?

At the embassy, Lucifer is hanging out watching with Bili outside and the cat saunters back in when they arrive.

Lungmold finds Jax and Itherialma up in another excavated pylon hole. Jax 1’s pretty keen on her, Jax 2’s not so much… the Pylons, they’ve figured out, create a barrier, one that could be extended and enlarged, maybe indefinitely. They think they’ve everything they need knowledge wise: the runes/symbols of draconic/demonic script. Access to dragonblood. Access to dragonfire. All they need now are at least 5, 6’x1’ pylons of nanocarbon to take their next step in their experimentation. After that, it’s possible, a smaller, portable version might be created with finer tools, but they feel there’s a minimum mass that would be necessary to trap or repel the DVL’s.

Itherilama helps Bili make a copy of the resesarch, plans and runes and he takes it with him.

Lungmold and Ferthold make some arrangements and produce writs for Bili’s aunt to go harvesting for the alchemical ingredients she needs for brewing our list of recipes. Focusing on healing and souped up healing potions. He also gives him some pointers on who they might try to get them to help quell the rebellious nature of the gnomes. He also creates a writ giving bili permission to form a work crew with guards and equipment to gather nanocarbon rails or enough nanocarbon to make the pylons needed.

Passes a large sum of money to Bili to get the nanocarbon that Jax and Itherialma need for their task. He tells him a strong acid, like we saw from the black pudding, may be helpful in gathering the nanocarbon.

All that happens while Brast and I navigate back to the waterfall entrance to the Dragon Safehouse at Xen Khel. I’ve had another few hours of chatting with a dragon. Amiable fellow, he didn’t threaten to drop me once. And I learned a bit more of dragon lore, such that he knows at his ‘young’ age. Never did get a firm answer on that…

We enter and find Jardin and Azreal in the common room discussing things and we tell him of the events just after opening the portal for the party to engage the situation at Hdrasta. The loss of Brendil and pretty much the details of what went on.

Phil backs us up, and brings up the difference of opinion on traveling to Montoa. Azreal points out, rightly, that it’s a known place that we’ve frequented and is most likely monitored. So maybe we dodged a bullet there. Still. We discuss we all should know what their intentions and followup plans are so that there aren’t misunderstandings in the next trip we take together.

We take some time to heal, and get refreshed then we make our way back to the common room to discuss the journey to Gharamost. The Inquisitorial Library is our target there. To infiltrate and retrieve Jardin’s research on medial dimensions. Hoping to find a way to cut off, or control those dimensions to stop Azmodeous’ plans.

Azreal produces a general map of he world. We debate, rather quickly for us, and decide on heading to Serpent Tooth as a halfway point before going to a group of 3 Imperial ships on the eastern side of Watcher’s Isle that Azreal and Jardin think should be there. Last contact was a couple months ago. From there by ship to Gharamost is 18 days with fair winds and full sails.

We intend on gathering information on the Pirate Armada, Gharamost, and DVL’s while at the settlement at Serpent’s Tooth. Maybe hire more ships to head to Gharamost.

On Gharamost: It was built over the ruins of an Elven city that was destroyed and settled by the Dwarven invaders, that were vanquished by the Dragon Emperor. It’s a many layered city with deep roots. Peronel had talked about dwarven airships raiding her people, taking slaves.

The location of the Imperial Shipyards. Mainly seagoing, but they have also an airship yard there. One was made, and destroyed, another was partially finished.

We discuss the vision of galleons covered with bones being built by slaves, overseen by DVL’s.

Steam Powered cable cars connect areas of the city and the Inquisitorial Library layout and entrance. There’s a steam elevator that goes down into the vaults with the information we’re looking for and other treasures. The city and it’s surrounds, we have no current news on, so it could be covered with DVL’s, might have a number of more powerful DVL’s there as it’s a population center.

We will keep open communication by using the spider portals. Once weekly, Azreal will open the portal in his hideout for communication.

We retire for the evening to rest and recuperate. We’ll take a day for rest and restocking, Kauri agrees to show me how to do brewing of potions and such. I’ll be concocting the rest of my sleep poison ingredients. I’m looking forward to doing some non violent brewing for a little breather.

Khelratha asks about any dwarves known to the dragons, and they don’t know of any. He gets morose and goes to talk to Ronin…. Strange chap that.

Druul and Trathiel hole up in a room for a few minutes, it seems they’re remembering Brendil.

Raynart holes up with Lungmold, he’s looking pretty nervous. Not sure about that…

I ask Azreal about restoring my lost stamina/life force that was stolen at the animation ritual we interrupted in Hdrasta. At this time, he’s unable to do anything. But he’ll think about whether it’s possible without transpatial energy.

At the end of the day, Felix offers me one of the healing water pots from Montoa. It restores my health. I’m very happy!

Denrilden 3, AM. Jardin comes to gather up our party for the start of travel toward Gharamost. We get all our things from the vaults below to be transported to Malgrim while he and I fly to Serpent’s Tooth today. I give Forcas some instructions, I haven’t been to Malgrim in a bit.

I ask to watch Jardin’s transformation before being turned invisible, and he humors me, I’m impressed. He’s a black dragon and impressive, very impressive. I’m a little awed at what we’re doing here. Fighting DVL’s, Riding Dragons, interrupting necromantic rituals. I think I read a book like this once.

Azreal sees us off and Alisceon heads into the portal for the trip as well.

I climb aboard Jardin and look forward to another day of conversation with a dragon. This one, ancient. No telling what stories and bits of information I might learn… How cool is that, flying on a Dragon!!!