Session Seventy-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 72, November 24 2021

Dragon Emperors Throne.jpg


We continue at 10:50AM on the 29th of Laurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party standing before the Dragon Emperor in a hidden sanctuary behind the giant waterfall near Xen'Khel. Various iterations of the group have worked tirelessly to thwart this outsider's plans to conquer Curabel, but now the party is here at Azrael's invitation and seeks to recruit him in their fight against the DVLs. Will they be able to forge an alliance?

We shared almost all of our information with Azrael, the Dragon Emperor, after he laid out all his cards on the table.

He has 5 avenues of research to deal with the DVLs:

  1. Controlled Eruption: Heliocharnaxus (Place of Medeia erupt into the Dragon Home World to negate magic.)
  2. Time Travel: Jardin (Imperial Inquisitor that the party as the Starcy Boyz dealt with. He impersonated Lord Thornton for a while. Lungmold piped up on the time travel bit.)
  3. Sealing/Destroying Medial Dimensions: Itherrialma (Seal off all connections to the City of Brass to cut off the DVLs from their home.)
  4. Virology: Niximanthus (Combine the Ancient Dwarven undead contagion with Prixithalma's DVL virus.)
  5. Soul Harvesting: Azrael (A way to collect the Transpatial Energy from the dead and store it. Allow the dragons to return home.)

We revealed the following information:

  • That we had a vision from the Matriarchs about the plans of Asmodeus & the DVLs to build a tower and destroy all life on Medeia.
  • That we have Suttung's Notes on the DVL trap based off Azrael's research. (We did NOT mention that the Silverthrone Embassy in _ is functional, nor that that is where Jax is.)
  • That we are working with Jax. (We learn that he was once an Imperial Inquisitory, like Jardin, but retired a long time ago. Sort of like Jager.)
  • That we have a vial of what we believe to be Prixithalma's blood and the scales and blood of the dragon that we met with the Dervishes when we checked out Jager's place. This cemented the deal to help us deal with One Horn.
  • That we have invited the Winter King, Summer Lord, Verdant Fellowship, Parliament of Birds, Lord Thornton, Southern Tribes, and Armada.
  • That Hdrasta is occupied by One Horn and has some sort of vault from the Matriarchs that he cannot open. This greatly interested Azrael.
  • Khelrathat mentioned that time was funny at the Winter King's place.
  • [Edit: Did I miss anything that we revealed?]

I believe the only thing we withheld is that Jax is in the embassy and that the embassy is a functional DVL trap.

Examples of Medial Dimensions are:

  • The Shadow Realm (allows shadow stepping)
  • The City of Brass
  • Winter King's realm

Various uses of Medial Dimensions would allow traveling through them similar to Shadow Stepping. These involve the first Three of the five areas of research directed by Azrael.

Khelratha was agitated and more talkative and revealing about his origins/memories/who he may actually be.

He held up the Starchy Badge he took from Rallion's gear and said "This is all that remains of the Starchy Boyz." He ended up taking off his armor and revealing scars on his arms and front of his torso, many in common and some in dwarven.

Khelratha talked like he knew Jardin and Prixithalma and many of the Starchy Boyz.

Khelratha explained that he fell from the sky and remembered hanging around some gnomes, then a big fight, then waking up someplace else, then falling from the sky, wandering in the jungle until being found by the Montoan Warriors and joining the Wardens of Medeia.

The plan of action we settle on is:

  1. Azrael and Kauri will search the archives for information on the Matriarchs. (Azrael mentioned that he didn't think they were from Medeia. But we argued they were.)
  2. We will talk with Jax and work out what he is OK for us to reveal to the Dragon Emperor.
  3. Azrael will send 6 junior members of his family, AKA dragons, to go with us to Hdrasta to deal with One Horn and try to access the vault. Hdrasta was the last stronghold of the Matriarchs and was a dragon killing funnel. Azrael lost a lot of family there. Azrael feels that this might aid Heliocharnaxus with his research into Controlled Eruption.
  4. Go with Jardin and a small force to Gharmarost to the Inquisitorial Library to retrieve information about the details of all the Medial Realms to help with Research.

Names Khelratha has carved into himself in Common:

  1. Baldirc's Boys
  2. Starchy Boyz
  3. Guardians of the Council
  4. Ir’Alle
  5. Edan
  6. Sturloc
  7. Kottar
  8. Bellisente
  9. Talon
  10. Chuq
  11. Starchie
  12. Elspeth
  13. Shiggareth and the merfolk
  14. Myrientaxus

Names Khelratha has carved into himself in Dwarven:

  1. "Mother" [over his heart]
  2. Dolman
  3. Dardanna
  4. Desric Three-Horn
  5. Axle Rhomkul
  6. Xenilum Khel
  7. Clan Ironhand

Fresh Names in Common:

  1. Montoa
  2. Rallion
  3. Gath

Names He Carved during the meeting when he heard that they were dead:

  1. Prixithalma
  2. Marchmain Sivis
  3. Serithaz

Incomplete Name:

  1. Ro...

Kehlratha revealed his friend whom he keeps talking to in his pack. Wrapped in a tattered cloak is a stone, about the size of a head, that Khelratha introduced as Ronan.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 39 - Session 72

Laurilden 29, 10:50am

We’re in the throneroom of the Dragon Emperor Azreal and Jardin, another Dragon for an audience.

We speak with Azreal and Jardin on the current and recent states of affairs. We relay what we know of the fall of Xenotel, and the fate of Prixithalma along with what we know of Azmodeous. We tell him of the Winter King and the various goings on between the Parliment of Birds, Temorere and their point of view after the leadership change.

Khelratha is fairly confrontational with Jardin and Azreal’s past deeds. He reveals that the scars he has are all the names of fallen… comrades and his rock is named Ronan… I dunno. Still haven’t been able to follow completely his ramblings… That’s likely a sane thing to have said I think…

Azreal is a realist. Now that the Control device of Xeno Tel has been destroyed. The Magic of the Dwarves is no more. Mostly for the worse since putting that back in the bottle won’t be easy… maybe not even possible.

The Matriachs and he encountered each other. And they’re still around. Asmodeus is up to something and Kauri describes the vision. He has an artifact to place in a tower exactly where his palace used to be. The vision intones it’s bad for this world. Contacting his other selves, Gathering a massive amount of transpatial energy for something really big.

Jardin looks at Azreal and shakes his head. Azreal can follow asmodeus’ thought process thus far. Azreal’s spend a good bit of time on how to get back to their home dimension. Part of that research involved the possibility of harvesting massive amounts of transpatial energy. He put that aside as it was too heinous. Maybe it would have been a better idea given where we are now. But that’s behind us now.

1 thought, at some point the artifact will be brought here (the shard to Meidia). it’d be cutting it close though. We need intelligence.

Winter king and Summer lord are rapacious conquerors. He’s familiar with them.

Jax he knows.

We’ve a vial of Myriantaxis’ blood and scales and blood from Narthox.

We go over those we’ve invited to the Meidian conclave.

There’s a barrier around Azreal’s area. Keeps the DVL’s from seeing into this area. They pass over it. This research goes back for as long as the matriach’s have been gone. The first invasion of the ancient dwarves. it’s kept us safe so far. It’s built into the structure of this laboratory. Not portable. He can share some of the design notes from when it was created. Not sure it could scale up to save the world though.

We discuss the Embassy’s functional DVL trap. And show him the notes from Edan and Setung of the trap. He thinks a portable version could be done.

His people are working on some things… He wants to talk about some potential solutions with what ‘s left of his scholars, family. 4 maybe 5 options for potential solutions to the DVL problem.

Controlled Eruption: Heliocharnaxus Time Travel: Jardin Sealing/Destroying Medial Dimensions: Itherrialma Virology: Niximanthus Soul Harvesting: Azrael

1) Heliocharnaxus: Controlled eruption of mediean geography into the dragon homeworld. Based on the principle that low energy worlds can be thrust into higher magic worlds if an area can be stripped of magic. Stripped of inherent energy signature of this world can force an intrusion of a higher energy world. Jager had researched it. An artifact like the theoretical orb of antimagic would be needed. Something that would negate or counter magic. (the Shard?)

2) Time Travel. Jardin: Mostly theoretical. Medial dimensions, between the prime dimensions, like the city of brass. there’s a multitude of them and some don’t follow time like other planes where time could flow backwards. For years, inquisitors collected information on dimensional anomalies. He dismissed most of them. Focused on travelling between prime dimensions. That information was held in the inquisitor’s stronghold on the mainland. Jardin and an inquisitor are working on a raid on the library.

3) Itherrialma: Time travel on a different end. Sealing off/destroying inter dimensional dimensions. (Medial Dimensions such as The City of Brass. Figure out how they’re connected. Use the dimensional understanding to cut the links to the medial dimensions from. Figure out connections between the dimensions.

4) Virology and DVL’s. Niximanthus. Alterations to the infectious diseases under xhen khel. Modify it to attack the DVL’s. Rely’s on some of Prix’s work on antimagic viruses. Combine that with pathogen tech to target DVL’s. Also anything recovered from the pathogen lab. A bit of luck and better safety protocols.

A 5th option: Azrael: Large scale soul harvesting to power a return portal. Based on azreal’s theory of death relating to release of transpatial energy. His problem, there was no way to store the energy from a mass killing… he’s dismissed it.

Azreal believes DVL’s can’t be destroyed, they return to their medial dimensional home: The city of brass.

Kauri asks about original Median magic of the matriarchs? Azreal always thought the matriarch’s weren’t from ‘round here. They used to take prisoners and experimented on them. He’ll look for his notes. He believes, these matriarchs were from somewhere else as well. They don’t emit transpatial energy at all. He sends Alician to get those notes. The old records regarding the original empire. The elves were from elsewhere, abandoned here by those who brought them. The winter king and summer lord.

Khelratha knew Prix. He didn’t know where she was. He pulls out a rock wrapped up in his cloak, a stone. He says it’s his friend Ronin….. All the names carved into Khelratha, are people that have been in this group, present and past. Jardin comes closer to khelratha and looks into his face. Then holds his had up to see how tall he is. Unhunched. He says that Khelratha is the last descendent of the dark king, Thorfus Ironhand. Khelratha insists he’s Khelratha. Elspeth was the innkeeper in Midmark where the starchy boys had their first Headquarters.

Azreal thinks something may be wrong with Khelratha’s mind. The last thing he remembers before he was in the sky: He was running, left myriantaxis behind with prixithalma. He just described the fight where thorfus was killed. Khelratha is Thorfus. Just before Thorfus quizinarts ronin.

Azreal proposes coming into the meeting with a plan to save the world instead of meeting to plan a plan.

Gharmarost, the main port of the empire. Firmly in the hands of the DVL’s. They’re building seagoing ships intended to collect tributes from various DVL’s across the globe. Enslaved people.

Less than 60 dragons left worldwide, a handful of inquisitors, one a dragon. 12 dragons are with him. There aren’t a lot of bodies to go around to assault One Horn. Heliokarnaxis may go with a contingent of troops.

Some things: We’ll search his old archives for records regarding the Matriarchs. We’ll talk with Jax about a cooperative operation with the Dwarven battery and DVL trap options, he thinks a portable option may be possible. Azreal will help us with taking Hdrasta. Hoping an antimagic item is there. We’ll go with Jardin to extract the notes he needs from the Inquisitorial Library on the Mainland.