Session Sixty-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 68, October 27 2021



We continue at some unknown hour on the 26th of Laurilden ( on Apocalypse Clock) with the party leaving the embassy in Malgrim via web portal with the intention of resting beside the Winter Realm's portal at the nexus of Llolth's web before heading to the web entrance that Ajax should be opening in about ten to twelve hours. Hopefully nothing terrible has happened on the surface while the group has been away ...

Larry's Summary

Lungmold makes arrangements to secure the Embassy and its inhabitants who nominally agree to declare allegiance/fealty to Lungmold.

We show Bili how to use the web portal and we enter the webs. Bili is to store the web in one of the hidden rooms behind the desk in the office.

We get near the portal and rest and the clerics, Lambertus and Felix relearn spells. We then visit the Winter King and those who swore fealty to him receive new titles.

  • Sir Lungmold of the Mycelium, Lord of the Lower Halls of Malgrim and the Surrounds
  • Sir Brendil of the Cloask, Lord of the Upper Halls of Malgrim
  • Sir Raynarth of Gharmarost to receive the first lands conquered on the surface of the Contested Lands.

We learn that the Winter King and Summer Lord are "brothers" and that they had a falling out. When they first came to Medeia there were no people, only the birds. (Maybe they just didn't find the people, since the Matriarchs were here.)

We then return shortly after we left and go down the strand of the web to wait for Ajax to open the portal.

Ajax opens the portal and we survey the area and fill the vessels and read the four scrolls that messengers have returned.


SUMMER KING: Wassail, Ye Wardens of the Contested Lands! The King of Summer hopes that this letter finds you in good health and warm weather. His august self has heard your plea for succor and is moved by the travails you recount. He would bring peace and order to your world, defying all Outsiders who would do its people – and beloved birds – harm. Since his birds speak so highly of your merit and honor, The Summer King will send a herald to attend this conclave and offer protection in exchange for allegiance to his banner. He looks forward to serving as your benevolent lord and bulwark against DVLs or any other enemy that would threaten the warmth of our good fellowship. With all due respect, Sir Isthamere of the Great Dunes, Marshal of the First Army

DRAGON EMPEROR: To the Wardens of Meidia: My Lord, Emperor Azrael of the One True Dragon Empire, has received your missive as delivered by representatives of the Parlement of Birds along with a report of the aide you rendered his servant during the battle at former Lord Inquisitor Jaeger’s tower. He has decided to look favorably upon your request and will have a representative present at his brother’s lair on the first of Faurilden to help lead the resistance against the DVL invaders. The Immortal Dragon Emperor would ask, though, that you make every effort to seek an audience in the place that Inquisitor Alisceon Hayne mentioned during your time together (please excuse our discretion in not naming this place; the Outsiders fear my master and seek him constantly). It may be that a smaller meeting to share ideas ahead of this congregation of potential allies could prove extremely useful to both our groups. At a minimum, it would allow Emperor Azrael to help you best prepare for what is likely to be a contentious meeting of semi-hostile actors. With the blessings of Lord Azrael, Brood Father Jardin

VERDANT FELLOWSHIP: Dearest Rallion: It is so heartening to hear from a fellow brother from beyond the shores of Curanost. Since the troubles began last month, there has been no word from any of the other groves throughout the isles and we feared no one else had survived. Tempering our joy, though, is the grave news you share about our enemies plans. We will of course send an emissary to your meeting on the first of Faurilden – as will our newest ally, the King of Summer. We wish to impress upon you the regal and generous nature of the Summer King, whose angelic forces have met with great success in their efforts to drive the DVLs from the shores of Curanost alongside the elves. While we may not be able to offer much in the way of aide, he is certainly capable of making a decisive difference in the coming battle. Until we meet, then, Brother Rallion, may the ever verdant peace of nature be with you. Brother Hart

P.S. Rallion – just prior to this message leaving alongside the Summer Lord’s missive a great Roc, named Temeraire, appeared and went to speak with the elven king. Temeraire seems to be no friend of yours, though, so I thought you might want to know. Fare thee well! I hope to see you in person at the upcoming summit.

LORD THORNTON: To the self-styled Wardens of Meidia, previously known in Midmark as the Guardians of the Council and Starchy’s Boyz, I sent my greetings and sincere relief that you have survived the recent upheavals. My scouts who headed up the Vargwater mentioned meeting with you near the old illusionist’s castle, so your letter was not completely unexpected. However, the means of its delivery, the proposed alliance, and identities of who else might be receiving summons are both surprises and mysteries. Having seen firsthand the destruction these otherworldly intruders can cause in Midmark, though, I will put aside the (usually warranted) caution I learned when leading the Grey Cloaks. I will be at this one-time dragon’s lair on the first of Faurilden to offer my assistance in driving these Devils from this world and preventing their genocidal plans. All of us who have been driven from our homes in Midmark and Vargen look forward to a chance to avenge our losses. Until the meeting, then, good luck! Lord Ardwine Thornton of Midmark.

After reading the letters Ajax gives us the bad news that the village of Montoa is destroyed. WE go look and find Rallion the golden unicorn, Guardian of the lake dead with his horn missing, with Gath the troglodyte near him. All we find are dead. The chieftain, Kahlia and one of the four shape shifters are not among the dead. The vessels of the village are smashed, and all the buildings are leveled. The stuff we left behind in the basement of the shaman's hut is untouched. The wall hiding the shrine to blood magic is sealed up.

We gather the bodies and Lungmold goes back for an audience with the Winter King to see if he can take us back in time. Not in the Contested Lands. He give Lungmold a quest to bring back any information he might find about doing so. He plans to use it to win his war, and promised to help save Montoa.

Lungmold returns and we burn the bodies.

We decide to go to Xen Khel and get in the portal so Ajax could carry us. AFter several hours the portal opens a bit and feathers fly and we see the sky and ground spinning. We land hard and Khelratha runs out yelling for Ajax. Ceres has his scent and finds him. Ajax is alive and tells us thorugh Lungmold that the Roc Temeraire has killed the golden eagle and taken his place as King of the Parliament of Birds. Ajax says Temeraire wants us dead.

Khelratha shouts so that it echoes inviting Temeraire to come face him.

Druul uses the scepter to heal Ajax a bit.

Ajax tells us that we are in the mountains just West of Xen Khel.