Session Sixty-Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 65, October 6 2021



We continue at some unknown hour on the 25th of Laurilden ( on Apocalypse Clock) with the party having made their way to the Silver Throne Embassy in Malgrim to consult with Jax. Upon arrival, the archmagi present the group with their findings and hypotheses about the DVL binding pylons that surround the location. Jax indicates that further progress will require a dragon to forge nanocarbon, dragon blood to write the runes, and a lexicon to determine what additional runes are needed to extend the protective fields dimensions. Easy peasy.

Larry's Summary

Lungmold explains the status of the embassy and that it is under him. Jax is OK with that if nothing changes.

We talk to Azra who has taken a vow of silence and has set up a shrine to the Matriarchs in the Ambassador's office. The black cat stays with Azra.

Druul goes to check on gnomes trying to get through the gate and plays a song and charms the leader and sends them away.

The cat sees Tik Tok and hisses and seems to see Tik Tok. Druul uses the scepter and speaks to the cat and learns its name is Lucifer. We are not sure why the cat can see and touch Tik Tok. Tik Tok charmed the cat to stop the attack.

Kauri observed the cat and can't see anything unusual.

We then go get Bili and his aunt, Sybille Nanchak, to bring back to the embassy. She packs up some things like food and blankets to take with them. Before they finish packing 4 mycelian gang members show up asking for Velkin's ring. Lungmold says no. They charge, but we win initiative and slay them. We find a few coins, a gem, and a ring.

We take Bili and his aunt back to the embassy and see more Higeki guards trying to take down the gate, but they see us and ask us to go speak to the Council of the three prime Sizek Ygnas: Khulka of clan Kharst, Marbel Nanchak (the one who worked with the cloakers), and Themalla Regathe (mother of the boy who fell off the terrace). Hithems is the Sizek Jagartha of the priests, and advisor.

We argue that they should surrender.

Our information about the power of the Winter King sways the decision and they decide to surrender. Lungmold, Brendil, and Ranarth feel huge relief at the vote.

Khargrim is angry and says, "'Great', I'm soo happy I brought you into this."