Session Sixty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 69, November 3 2021



We continue at 9:30PM on the 27th of Laurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party in the Mikhel Peaks somewhere west of Xen'Khel shortly after Ajax was attacked by Temeraire the Roc while carrying the web portal. After the portal plummeted to the ground, the group was able to extricate themselves and recover the seriously injured raven. Now, the party waits for dawn, anxious about both a potential attack from their formidable avian foe and how far they still have left to travel to find the Dragon Emperor ...

Larry's Summary

While looking for firewood to make a fire to attract the roc Timorere, the King of the Parlement of Birds by usurpation, Khelratha, Lungmold, Druul, Ceres, and two winter elves are attacked by a large lizard called a bone smasher, but quickly kill it. We had just acquired 6 small scragly shrubs. Before dragging the wood and dead lizard back, Druul played to make some flowers grow where we had taken 6 of 7 shrubs.

On the way back to camp, we saw a light in the sky. Upon reaching camp, we find that Timorer had attacked and Lambertus cast continual light, but missed his eyes. Velkin attempted negotiation, the winter elves fired their bows and missed. Timorer attacked Oskar and started to fly off with him when Kauri cast charm monster and successfully charmed the roc. The roc said that we were upsetting the right order of things as the time of the humans was coming to an end. While he would morn the death of Kauri, he would keep him safe. He grabbed Kauri and flew off. There was nothing else we could do to stop this. We speculated that it might be Old Greybeard and the nest of the mated pair who once dwelt there.

Khelratha was greatly dejected that Kauri was now gone.

We moved camp and just after dawn on Lungmold's watch, he spotted 5 giants trying to sneak up and surround us. We acted and several set for charge, the winter elves fired their bows, and Khelratha charged.

Lungmold and 3 of the winter elves were dropped. Velkin poisoned one giant, and slowly the other giants were dealt with. Khelratha was not connecting as well as he has recently, so it was not until Lungmold was back in the fight that Kehlratha finally dropped his opponent. We found 100 gp.

We looked to get our bearings and saw that we were a day's journey from the base of Xen Khel. Between us and Xen Khel is a giant automaton about 100 feet tall carrying what looks like a bridge. Khelratha gave a shudder and spat with a dwarven curse. The others asked about the giant, and Khelratha gave obscure answers. The giant appeared to smash something beneath it and then resumed its pose. Khelratha shook his head and said, "It's a dangerous place, we should get walking."

The others pointed out that we have 3 unconscious and need healing and the clerics need to re-charge their spells. (Only Lambertus case spells in the fight with the roc.)

We decided to use the web portal and get healing. We gathered the 5 giant heads and the head of the lizard and entered. The web looks frayed. We then realize it is drow make and sensitive to the light. WE rush in and Velking closes it up. Ajax is in the web. VElkin then shadow stepped into the shadow of the peaks, past the giant automaton.

Those of us in the web seek healing from the Winter Elves. Brendil trades a handaxe that he claimed was used to kill 5 giants and the bone snapper to Sir Gharmold, the Keeper of the Citadel of Ice. This was more valued than the gems we were prepared to trade. This gets 12 cures and gets all on their feet, and makes some of us feel better.

We then plan to seek a guide, either Sir Gharmold or Sir Firthold, to take us to present trophies to the Winter King, then bring us back a few minutes after we left.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 36 - Session 69

Laruilden 27, 9:30pm Somewhere West of Xhen Khel

Ajax was just attacked by Temarere, the Roc who killed the Golden Eagle and is now King of the Parliment of Birds.

Parliament of Birds, only inhabitant of Meidia when the Summer Lord and Winter King arrived to fight over it.

The Roc returns and says he’s spoke to a Yellow Hat and was led to believe that the DVL’s want nothing to do with the Parliment so he challenged and won the Kingship from the Golden Eagle, they just have to stay out of the DVL’s way and the birds can have Meidia back without the pesky humanoids. Temerere then attacks and is wiping the floor with us until Kauri charms him…. Then he flies away with Kauri, to keep him safe, leaving the rest of us dumbfounded but alive. Osker is beside himself.

We move camps, thinking that Temerir may have taken Kauri to Old Greybeard.

Tyrathiel and Brendil have a tutoring session, Brindle learning some Ancient Elven.

Khelratha talks to his pack.

I chat with Borthan about his homeland/plane where the one fixed point is the fortress of his people floating in the void. He’s going to see what happens here in Meidiea. He’s here to the end, whatever that may be, even literally.

I also chat with Forcas… I do think the little pech is growing on me. I’m not sure what that means just yet.

In the last watch, it’s noticed that 5 giants are ‘sneaking’ up on us. We prepare and they charge. We finally drop them after taking a beating and collect 160gp.

We take our bearing and we’re about a days journey from Xhen Khel. There is a giant automaton guarding the plateau where Xhen Khel is located: Eastern slope of a mountain, looking to the lower lands to the east. We’re up a couple hours up the mountain. To the NE, there are several mesa looking areas, smaller peaks at the bottom of the range, there’s structures on them. Winding up the side to the lowest Mesa there’s a path going up. Crossing the land it’ll take most of the day to get to the incline. Has fortifications unknown if they’re manned. There is a very very large man shaped something not made of flesh about 100’ tall standing between Xhen Khel and where we are.

Giant is made by the ancients, used to be powered by DVL’s it’s holding a piece of the bridge it’s using as a club…. It smacks something, WITH A BRIDGE, then goes back being still.

We decide to split the party. I’ll stay out here and wait while the rest of the party goes and visits the Winter King’s outpost for healing taking the giant heads along for tribute. Our portal is becoming frayed, we figure it’s exposure to the light causing it’s degradation.

In Lloth’s web: The winter elves are impressed by weapons with a history. Sir Gharmold, Keeper of the Citadel of Ice. Lungmold and Brendil traded a hand axe and 6 priests arrive to heal the party and the retainers.