Session Sixty-Six Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 66, October 13 2021

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We continue at some unknown hour on the 25th of Laurilden ( on Apocalypse Clock) with the party having convinced the Czizek-Ygna's of Malgrim to surrender to the Winter King's forces. The group is now headed back to the embassy to regroup in preparation for their return to the surface (and their quest to destroy One Horn).

Larry's Summary

The party left the Clan Kharst compound and decided to do a bit of shopping before dealing with the Mycelian gang, since they seem intent on bothering us.

We acquired more healing herbs so Kauri can make more healing potions.

Lungmold acquired a metal box to put his snowflake medallion in from the Winter King. It re-appeared on his neck. He bent the lid so that he could close it around the snowflake while still wearing it.

Along the way, the ground opens up in front of us and a large Earth Elemental comes out. Lungmold asks if it looking for Rallion and it says, "No, I'm seeking my master's arm."

Lambertus used the god stone that Felix gave him, that was cracked to cast Dispel Evil. The stone exploded with a flash of light and the elemental crumbled. Lambertus brushed off the crumbs of the stone on the remains of the elemental. Several gnomes saw and gasped.

We quickly hurried to the lower market and Billi led us to his other aunt. After enjoying strong tea with her, se directs us to the clubhouse of the mycelian gang. Billis directs us. We meet a mycelian who realizes who we are. Lungmold punches him and kills him.

We keep going until we come to two mycelians with crossbows outside a heavy door. They order us to stop. Lungmold kneels to fire his crossbow. Khelratha, Brendil, Oskar and others charge. Khelratha nearly drops one. Lungmold finishes it off with his crossbow. The other is badly hurt.

Lambertus casts Prayer.

Brendil is pacified by spores. Khelratha drops the other and Kauri gives Brendil a cure poison brew.

Khelratha takes a couple tries to kick in the door. The second attempt is after he used his recently purchased acid to melt the lock.

Kauri casts haste.

We rush into a room with 8 mycelians, quickly dropping 6, but not before they can shoot at us. Lungmold sacrifices his shield as most of the poisoned bolts come at him. Khelrathat is his and falls foaming at the mouth. Lambertus rushes in and gives him a cure poison elixir.

Lungmold scanned the door to the left and nothing. The invisible Velkin (he let Kauri cut him to cast the spell) listens at the door and hears something.

The remaining two mycelians are slain. Khelratha again fails to kick in the door. Others join in and the door is forced open.

We come to a hallway of 4 doors. Velkin uses his spear on the ground in front of him and finds no traps. Lunmold scans at each door, finding nothing.

We knock open the door and there is a massive explosion. Lunmold falls unconscious. Lambertus and Felix act quickly to use healing elixirs from the Montoan vessels and casting of healing spells to almost completely heal the party.

We await finishing our search, perhaps a bit more cautiously, to find and deal with the gang leader Bogfunk.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 35 – Session 66

Laurilden 25, hour unknown

After convincing the powers of Malgrim to peacefully acquiesce to the tender ministrations of the Winter King, those three sworn to him feel a relief and a presence release them.

We plan on cleaning out the Mycelian gang and head to do a little shopping before doing so.

We buy more herbs for potions and as we’re moving through the marketplace, an earth elemental appears in front of us. He isn’t looking for Rallion, he’s looking for his Master’s Arm. Lambertus obliges and uses Dispel Evil to destroy the elemental, along with the stone. Much to the chagrin of the gnomes of the marketplace. We make haste out of there to the lower marketplace and Bili’s aunt’s place. We partake of Permilla’s hospitality and get directions to BogThunk’s lair. We also learn of Drow hiding out in the city after the Winter King took over.

We head to bogthunk’s, kill a scout, gather a bunch of poisoned weapons and take out the ones guarding the forward area. And set off an explosive at the end of a long hallway, taking a toll on the party and we spend a lot of resources healing up before proceeding.