Session Thirty-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 38, March 31 2021



We continue at 11:50AM on the 24th of Tenrilden with the party having killed an aboleth that was terrorizing the waters downriver from Malgrim. The group now plans to continue along the waterway to check on Lungmold's village for any survivors ...

Larry's Summary

We continue to the mycelian village and it is flooded. A gnome pops up gasping for air and asking for help. Lungmold jumps in and is charmed and swims back and blasts Velkin with spores.

Rallion shoots Lungmold with an arrow with one of the mushrooms Lungmold grew, but it has no effect. Oskar grapples Lungmold and knocks him overboard. Lambertus attempted to cast hold person on Lungmold, but it had no effect. Eventually, Oskar subdues Lungmold and they put him in the boat.

Gath is charmed and jumps in the water. Rallion lassos him and pulls him back and ties the rope to the boat.

Druul jumps in playing his instrument and momentarily brings Velkin back towards the boat, but Druul is affected and sinks below the water. Rallion lassos Valkin and pulls him towards his boat and ties him off. Kauri jumps in and saves Druul from drowning.

The gnome in Rallion's boat attacks Lambertus, but Lambertus subdues the gnome.

The back boat is attacked and Borthan jumps overboard to flee and Azra lays down in defeat. One of the 3 mycelians kills Azra. Lambertus casts hold person and manages to hold 2 of the 3 mycelians. Felix coup de gras the two held ones. Brendil and the cat try to kill the other one, but it knocks the cat unconscious.

A mental blast spoils Kauri's attempt to cast lightning bolt.

Dirtcrust attempts to grapple Rallion, and Rallion and Lambertus fail to grapple Dirtcrust.

Suddenly, the female aboleth swims up and smashes the middle boat and grabs Lungmold who gets infected and starts to turn transparent. Kauri is missed and manages to charm the creature, ending the fight.

It releases all of our party. It tells us we killed its mate, a male, and they are spawning and they raised the water level. In two weeks their spawn will emerge from the bodies used as hosts and the strongest will survive to leave with the mother. The aboleth says that all of Lungmold's and Dirtcrust's neighbors are "gone" mentally and can't be saved. We learn that cure serious wounds will cure Lungmold, so once those from the destroyed boat and formerly charmed are back in a boat, Rallion takes the unconscious Lunmold and uses the Sceptre to heal him, which restores his body and he returns to consciousness.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls

Tenrilden 24


We head downriver, hauling the dead aboleth along for proof and parts, toward Lungmold an Dirtcrust’s settlement with 3 boats.

As we near the site of the mycelian village, lungmold tells us that there’s a psychic presence here trying to reach out to his mind. The water here is deeper than it was submerging the village up to the tops of the tallest mushroom caps and the current is slowed with many eddies. We suspect that there is a dam ahead creating the pool over the village. Based on the trees, the water is probably around 10-12’ high.

We catch up to the 4th boat we’d lost during the encounter with the aboleth upriver. There’s a splashing behind us and a gnome comes up sputtering and coughing asking for help, there are others trapped… Lungmold goes over the side after I tie him off… The rope goes slack… and then when I see Lungmold next, he hits me with some spores and…..

HOLY MOTHER OF LLOTH!!!!!! I’ve got to get outta here! There’s a light that’s burning my eyes out of my head with a Squidface in the middle of it. I think it’s trying to eat my brain!!! Must get away, must get away, must get away…..

What’s that music? Bah, that damn thing’s still after me! I’m outta here!!!

Oh! The music, it really is nice… Druul’s got it going on… I’ll swim back to him…

Wait! The Music Died!!! Bye Bye Miss Mindflayer’s eye!

The Squiddy’s tentacles have gotten me! They’re pulling me back in! I’m gonna die!!! I can’t get away! Why is Rallion pulling the tentacles! I don’t get it, I thought he was beginning to tolerate me! He’s roped me to the creature! I gotta fleeeee!!!!

I think I just pee’d….

Whoa….. That was unsettling. I don’t believe that I’ll be hunting aboleth’s again... ever... That was terrifying.

Evidently Kauri was able to charm the creature. Thank Lloth for the bit of magic he was able to capture. Once it was charmed, it released all of us that were affected. Lungmold’s spores finally wore off. The Aboleth tells us that all of the village’s tenants are ‘gone’ mentally and have her offspring living inside them. They’ll fight each other until only one is left, which she’ll raise. Rallion uses his scepter to cure lungmold and his flesh returns to normal from translucent. Cure Serious Wounds is powerful enough to cure the infection.

Now we’re deciding what to do next, I’m gonna swim around a little before I climb back into the boat…. Rinse the warm spot out….

Azra is dead, a number of the party were mentally damaged and most of us had some sort of not so fun experience whether due to the dominated mycelians or directly from the creature.

I think maybe talk the aboleth into removing the dam, then go from there…. The carrion crawler ointment may work, I’ve got 2 human sized doses and the recipe. Something to try anyways. We’ve to kill that thing…

The divination said there is ‘great treasure’ here, so we may as well figure out how to make things positive after all this.

I guess before we kill the thing, we could have it haul us back upriver… maybe…