Session Thirty-Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 37, March 24 2021



We continue at 5:00AM on the 24th of Tenrilden with the party having rested a second time in Malgrim's Silver Throne Embassy; the group still needs to wait until approximately 6PM to collect their "sunglasses" for Underdark party members and begin the journey to the surface. Then, using information from Jax and the stash of secret papers in the embassy, the party intends to pursue once again a solution to the magic crisis ...

Larry's Summary

Before leaving the /Silverthrone embassy Jax identifies the spider box and tells us that there is a portal at the mouth of the box. The box constrains the lid. If the box were to be desroyed, the portal would grow. There is space below the portal so something might be in there.

Lambertus casts Commune and asks 3 questions:

1.) Is Xen Khel the location of the Dragon Emperor's Secret Lab on this map we now have? - YES

2.) Did Jager the gnome illusionist leave anything at his tower that would help us figure out magic? - YES

3.) Is there something in the spider box below the portal that isn't spiders? - YES

Felix casts Commune and asks 3 questions:

1.) Can we use spiders from spider box to power magic? - YES

2.) Is the spider box portal connected to the portal in Velkin's pocket? - NO

3.) If we get the item out of there can we control what is under the spiders in the spider box? - YES

Lambertus casts Divination on the Mycelian village. We get indications that the relative strength of the creatures are weak, there is a rich treasure and no supernatural entities would be upset.

Felix casts Divination on Jager's Tower. Indications that the relative strength is very powerful, rich treasure, and a good change of some kind of powerful being being upset

Lambertus casts Continual Light on two coins for Kauri and Brendil.

Borthan tastes a bit of one of the mushrooms Lungmold grew on the bodies of Jax's hirelings. He has a ten minute psychedelic trip.

Kauri reads the two information cubes from the piece of the wrecked space station.

1.) List of animals augmented somehow, bestiary of the normal animals - comprehensive.

2.) Schedule - shipping schedule/manifest with incoming shipments, wish list of desired animals in order of priority (Dragon, Sahuagin, Devil Fish), Error message that delivery services interrupted indefinitely on this date of the Ancient Dwarven calendar: and the earliest date is 6.033.xx.xx on the list of augmented animals.

Finally, Bili leads us down to the docks. On the way we overhear talk about the drow embassy from Vilgram is closed and the drow left.

On the way down the stairs a trio of gnomes try to interest us in investigating an old elvish tomb that is icy. We just keep walking.

We finally find the docks and meet up with Maggot.

Lungmold notices a black cat following us and we bring it along. The gnomes say that the cat is good luck. Odd to see a cat down here.

He tells us that the drow paid him a bunch of money to put the person with a chest (the spider box) in a boat with a grey piece of cloth that is unfolded. Velkin took that cloth from Maggot.

We rent four boats and occupy three and send the fourth with a lone gnome up ahead.

As the river narrows the gnome gets up and walks off the boat and disappears in the water.

Druul jumps over with a rope and sees the Aboleth eating the gnome.

Druul tries to flee but is hit by all its tentacles and knocked unconscious with a fish with one of Lungmold's mushrooms in the fish.

We toss nets and all miss.

Suddenly the aboleth pops up our of the water and is limp.

Rallion uses his spear to kill it.

We tie it to a boat and rescue Druul from its maw.

Druul is becoming transluscent.

Lambertus uses a Cure Disease potion and Druul returns to a normal appearance.

We also give Druul one of the extra healing positions and he feels much better.

We plan to head to the mycelian village to check things out.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls

Tenrilden 24


Our sunglasses will be ready around 6pm, so we’ve got some time to do a few things:

Lungmold learns from Jax that the fall of his settlement may be due to a creature that left Lonely Isle after the party launched the ship to reach Xeno’Tel. He says it’s an Aboleth. He gives Jax a couple of his crystal necklaces and Jax states, he’s ‘family’ until the restoration of Magic and gives us the location of some routes to the surface toward Xen’Khel and Jager’s tower.

Jax identifies the spiderbox, it’s a contained portal opening to another dimension full of spiders in a 2 dimensional area over the contents of the box. If the box is destroyed, the portal will grow and open to the spider dimension.

We ask a series of questions of our cleric’s powers and learn: The location of Azreal, the Dragon Emperor’s secret lab is on the map that we have of Xen Khel. Jager’s tower has something that will aid in our quest to reactivate magic. There is something below the portal in the spiderbox. We can use the spiders from the spiderbox’s portal to power magic. (Blood magic?) DVL Style? The spiderbox is not connected to the spidersilk portal from Jherlanna. We can control the item under the portal in the spiderbox.

The mycelian village has weak creatures and great treasures, and no supernatural powers will be offended.

Jager’s tower: Very powerful creatures/defenses, rich treasures, and a good chance a powerful being will be upset with our actions there.

Kauri and Brendil get a continual light coin from Lambertus.

Lungmold’s fungal gardens produce 3 doses of a psychedelic mushroom that incapacitates on ingestion. Borthan trips for about 10minutes….

Kauri checks a couple informational cubes he picked up from a piece of the fallen Xeno’Tel and finds a list of animals, and a shipping schedule dated a while back.

Bili leads us to the docks to fulfill our agreement with Lungmold to explore his and Dirtcrust’s village and figure out what the creature is that has terrorized the fishermen along the river.

We head down: We overhear gossip that the Vilgram Drow embassy has closed and the drow have left Malgrim. A fellow drow was going off about it.

There’s a group of toughs… well as tough as a trio of teenage gnomes can be… That want us to check out an old elven burial ground that’s opened up. It’s icy now after the quake.

We pass a tea house discussing the appearance of a Nightmare ridden by an outsider that came to collect the Yellow Hat at the Undermarket to go fight with Belial against an invading force of Elves.

A boat got chewed (large bite out if it) toward the Mycelian village.

We find Maggot and he relays an encounter with the Drow a couple days ago, he was directed to separate Gath onto a boat by himself and have his boatman open a cloth. They’d take it from there.

There’s a small black cat following us, good luck according to Maggot. Lungmold reads his mind and finds that he associates us with food because of an experience with a group of gnomes sitting around a campfire…. Maybe another party of adventuring types nearby?

We take 3 boats toward the Mycelian village. The gnome in the front boat, stands up, and walks overboard. Druul takes that as a sign that he should do the same. He doctors a fish with one of Lungmold’s trippy mushrooms and heads down to see what’s what. Lungmold relays to us that he’s being attacked by a being he can’t detect with his telepathy and we ready nets and spears. A minute later, a giant glistening thing pops to the surface with tentacles flailing slowly and dilated eyes. Rallion stabs it, killing it. A couple of us snag the creature, Lambertus and Felix pull Druul out of the thing’s gullet and pour a cure disease potion down him before he slimes over like the fallen Mycelian we found on our way to Malgrim.

We pull up toward the mycelian village next hauling the Aboleth along as proof of our success at opening Malgrim’s fishing grounds.

Exploring the village is next...