Session Thirty-Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 33, February 24 2021



We continue at 1:30PM on the 22nd of Tenrilden with the party split between the Undermarket and Clan Nachak's household. In the latter, the party faces an ambush by cloakers who used the group's interest in reward and magic to bait a trap ...

Larry's Summary

After a hard fought battle with the ten cloakers, the party emerged victorious. Three were knocked down - Druul, Felix, and Azra. We used the last of our healing elixirs to get everyone on their feet.

Kauri hasted the party, Lambertus cast Continual Light on the eyes of one, Kauri used magic missile, and web to great effect.

After the fight, Lambertus gathered the eyes of the one with Continual Light and put it in the lantern.

The party killed one guard and captured another and went for the treasure vault and came upon the Cizyk Ygna and two guards and Lambertus cast Hold Person and got the Cyzek Ygna and one guard and the other was felled by sleep poison.

Gnome guards ran in and we made a deal to let the Cizyk Ygna go once we were safely away.

The Cizyk Ygna made a deal with Vorhak the Shroud a well-known cloaker. Since the deal with the cloakers were to lock us in with them, they gnomes of the Natchak clan upheld their end and feel that they will not face repercussions.

The head guard lead the party through a secret passage down to the lower level.

Rallion waited impatiently and had the earth elemental carry Gath with him underground and follow Rallion.

Rallion sought out a new shield and learned where the Black Rock Inn is and saw Jax the conjoined twin archmage arguing with his guards about going into the dwarven/Silverthrone embassy. He had something under canvas on a pallet.

Rallion got a new shield and followed Jax and saw him head for stairs that spiraled up.

Meanwhile the rest of the party ended up on the opposite side of the market from Rallion and the yellow hat guy #2 who works for Belial told them where to find Rallion and about the creature that wiped out Lungmold & Dirtcrust's village and that all are undead and gestating the second generation. A former neighbor of Jax is the cause of the issue.

The party is seeking a safe place to rest up and sent Billy the gnome to find a place and Kauri to find all the healing elixirs possible to get the party healed up ASAP before we rest.

The party is considering going after the information in the Silverthrone embassy.

Velkin's Scrolls

Session 33

Tenrilden 22


10 Cloakers ambush us in the audience hall of Clan Nachak as we await the opportunity to receive a fat reward for our information on the fall of magic.

Druul, Brendil, Oskar, Azra, Felix and myself are all encased by a Cloaker. I was able to escape with judicious use of sleep poison and proceeded to dispatch those that were disabled, sleep poisoned, or paralyzed by other party members as Borthan, Oskar and others beat down a few. With Kauri’s Haste and Web, we dispatched every attacker.

Vorhok the Shroud King had taken our contract from the Drow in Vilgram. I’d wager House Thule. We collect the stingers from the attackers. He’d planted the reward story… we were reeled in handily.

The group has blood on their brains and we make our way hastily in hopes of finding the Cizk Ygna. We do, and Lambertus magically holds them and her other guard is dispatched. Almost as soon as we start to negotiate violently with the Cizak through Lungmold’s telepathy, many gnome guards approach. We assume elementals are to follow.

We hold violence and negotiate our way out using the Cizik as a hostage until we’re away into the Undermarket where we find Rallion and his charmed friends.

When we arrive to the Undermarket, a Yellow Hat chats with us. He is full of information, some of which I wonder how he knows. He informs Lungmold that his village is lost, points us toward the alley where Rallion is passing the time with his charmed friends and urges us to take up the task Rallion has been offered.

Kauri and I move into the market to buy up healing potions and other sundries while Billi finds us a place to stay, hopefully away from prying eyes. We plan to rest and decide our next move. Which looks like it’s changed from the original plan, there’s this Jax guy again headed to the Silver Throne Embassy, or so we think.

(Off screen from Velkin) Rallion makes his way to the Undermarket using the earth elemental. He replaces his shield and notices Jax and a group of 5 others discussing something at the Blackrock Inn. They agree to escort him and a palette with a covered box on it to the “entrance”. To where we’re note sure, but believe it to be the Silver Throne Embassy.