Session Twenty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 24, December 16 2020



We continue at 2PM on the 17th of Tenrilden with the party descending the stairs into the old catacombs deep beneath the Drow city of Vilgrim. They are seeking a secret exit from the city inside the tomb of the Winter King's Seneschal ...

Session Summary

Rallion's Recollection:

The party moved into the fog and a blast of icy wind struck Lungmold. Lambertus healed him.

Velkin found that Lungmold stepped on a pressure trap. Later we found 3 statues of elves on horseback with hunting horns and bows. Velkin believes this to be a representation of the Winter King, who was known for hunting.

The party moves around to the walls and finds a door then a hallway, then another hallway. Both hallways went north and met in another room with stairs leading down. We looted electrum from several niches and also found a necklace. There were two doors going north.

We returned to the first foggy room and went to another door on the west. We opened it and there were drow on the other side with green, but not of House Herig, but House VEros, who died out a few drow generations ago. They once ruled the city. We let them pass and Velkin advised them to seek his old master and tell him Velkin sent them.

The drow told a tale of a wintry forest and a blizzard in which they spent a night. Lungmold developed a time travel theory from this. there was also the sound of a wolf.

We went through the other door and it appeared to go a long was to the west after turning south, but we went back north past the door and found the halls lines with burial niches angled back to the two doors on the lower room we looted. We found a large door labeled: The Long Hall. We opened this door and found ice covered skeletons who had a chill touch and broke the shield of Lungmold and Rallion, and then gave frostbite to Rallion. We struck at them, and Lambertus came up and turned them and they shattered. A second round of turning left one, whom Gath struck and shattered.

We found other bodies that all had arrows in their backs. We heard the sound of a galloping horse and dove out of the way and arrows flew at all our backs. We found one body with its back to the wall and arrows in its back. the next time we heard the galloping, Rallion and several others set spears to receive a charge and others dove out of the way. Only those who sought cover had arrows fly at them from behind. We then all stood our ground and were safe.

We found shields and armor on some of the bodies and Lungmold and Rallion replaced their shields.

We moved to the West, since it appeared we had more room to travel and found a large double door labeled in Drow: Temple of the Winter King.

242 Electrum Pieces with a motif of the Winter King.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin’s Scrolls

Tenrilden 17 2pm

We explore the catacomb section we’ve entered. Visibility is limited to around 10’ with the mists. We make our way into what appears to be a larger room and the Fungus man, Lungmold he is called, strides right into the room and is promptly wounded by what is determined to be a pressure plate at the vertex of 3 statue’s spaced out wielding horns that send a frozen blast to that point.

Druul points out that the statues appear to depict the Winter King on horseback, a shaggy haired beast, in the midst of a hunt. His knowledge may prove useful as we continue our travels. The catacomb residents all have coins on their eyes and a cache of electrum in each burial niche. The party spends some time looting, leaving the coins over the eyes of the dead.

We continue to explore the tomb and open a door revealing a Drow patrol. The party restrains themselves and do not immediately attack. They saw at least Rallion, myself, Druul and Lungmold in the poor visibility. Handy that telepathy Lungmold has, I ask him to tell the rest of the party to stay quiet and out of sight. I tell the Drow party that we’re in search of a crazed Fungus man that attacked some guards at the entrance to Vilgram. The one we have with us was chasing it and we’re continuing that search. Their House color is green, which I incorrectly associated with Herig. Surprisingly, they say they are of a House Veros, an ancient House that once ruled Vilgrim. The patrol is quite agitated and tells a tale of a wintry forest and a blizzard in which they spent the night listening to the sound of wolves. They’re bedraggled and aren’t in the best of spirits. Their patrol was a routine check of the catacombs that turned into more than they bargained for.

Feros, their leader, believes the date is about 500yrs in the past, I tell him the current date, which he doesn’t believe entirely. I attempt to have them accompany us, but from what they say they’ve been through, they’re morale is shattered and the patrol starts breaking up with Feros’ men heading out toward the exit without his consent. I tell him to seek out Master Erilden a Magister of House Herig, and tell him that I have sent them to him. House Thule now rules Vilgram, to be careful, strange things are happening there now and keep a low profile until you get your bearings. I certainly would have liked to have had a real conversation with them. Unfortunately none wanted to hang around. With luck, they’ll make it to Master Erilden and I’ll be able to read of his findings later, or encounter them in the future on my return with my own news.

I suspect that the fall of magic initiated whatever set of circumstances brought them to this age. Some thoughts would be: time travel, collapsing of a stasis effect of some sort, shifting back to the present time from another plane/dimension or a spell trap.

--Inscriptions in the tomb are written in Drow

We come to a door with the inscription: The Long Hall. On entering we find a number of elven remains which have been dead a very long time. Some skeletal, some mummified, adhered/frozen to the floor. The weapons suggest Drow with adamantine weapons and hand crossbows. There are those with a green gem and those with red among the dead. Veros and whatever house red denoted back then. No papers or anything on any of them that we found.

We recover a number of valuables, intact armor, weapons and shields. But nothing indicating why or who any of the various groups are. There are mostly elves. Many weapons were of Drow origin. There was one gnome.

A horn sounds and we hear approaching sounds of someone on horseback we take cover and are all shot at by arrows…. Hitting from behind no matter our facing.

We find a few other bodies and collect their weapons, armor and a few more coins. Still nothing helpful in determining why they’re here.

Those without armor or weapons equip themselves.

The hunting horn sounds again, Rallion, myself and a few others set to receive a charge. When the arrows come this time, none are fired at those of us who stood fast and didn’t try to hide.

We come to a double door with Temple to the Winter King inscribed over it, it opens away into a hallway.