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  1. Weather generator also very helpful for a regular game. Curious if the source for these generators has been preserved anywhere, GitHub or the like. Seems you blog has been on hold for a bit and would be a shame to see these fade away.

    • I’m still around and running my campaign — 376 four-hour games more-or-less weekly since the beginning. My appetite for posting blog content, though, has not been quite as steady. If I decide to shutter this site, I will find somewhere for the code.

      • I just found your place here. Its grand. I really love that you are still running a solid campaign. We have a small group that has been at it since 7th grade, on and off, but pretty steady all things considered. Keep on enjoying!

        • While I don’t update the blog often, we’re still going on the campaign every week. We just had the 163rd session of the second part (the first part ended after two hundred odd sessions). We must be closing in on 1500 hours at this point — which is just over a year in-game.

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