4 comments on “Creating the Curabel Setting, Part 2: Campaign Design Goals

  1. Excellent write up! I enjoy seeing a bit behind the curtain to explain how you reached your design decisions. I have enjoyed playing in this weekly campaign since it started.
    We have narrowly avoided several TPKs and only had one character die. Your level of preparation shows as you make it all seem very seamless and manage to have things planned out for us when we take the bait for something that wasn’t bait.
    Now that I have this site to point to, I will give a mention on my blog.
    Good luck!
    I can’t wait to see more of your ideas.
    Your random generators intrigue me. You explained a bit about the level of detail you have allowed yourself in one of our recent sessions. I had the impression you had these cities mapped out and NPCs detailed down to the last beggar, but you fooled us all. Well done!

  2. Thank you for the compliments, Larry. I will try to get at least some of those random generators up on the site ASAP (most likely the weather generator will be first since it presents the fewest intellectual property issues).

    Regarding preparation versus improvisation, it varies depending on a whole slew of factors; generally, though, adventure sites (dungeons, lairs, important buildings) are minutely mapped and detailed while in-between locations (cities, towns, wilderness hexes) tend to be handled with pre-planned high-level information about layout, important NPCs/factions, and recent events supported by masses of randomly generated content (taverns, shops, minor NPCs, monsters, etc.).

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