One comment on “Creating the Curabel Setting, Part 3: Key Campaign Locations Overview

  1. As a player in this campaign, I find it very interesting to read this. No secrets revealed that affect play, but a way of tying it all together.
    As a DM of my own campaign, I enjoy seeing how others go about the creative process of designing a world and zeroing in on the area where the players start.
    You mention the dwarven empire, but not what was before them. I would not be surprised if we eventually discover a native islander ruins of empire, or even a secret remnant of one or more ancient empires.
    You have left room for such things to happen. I don’t think I’m giving you any ideas here, as you have been very thorough in much of your planning.
    Some of your ideas give me some ideas for my own campaign.
    I look forward to more!

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